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UNP feels sorry for people undergoing economic hardships



UNP Deputy Leader Ruwan Wijewardene yesterday said the most tragic scene he had witnessed in his political life was people waiting in queues without means to celebrate the New Year.

Addressing the media at his office in Hyde Park Corner in Colombo, the UNP Deputy Leader said people had to waste hours in queues at the time the New Year was dawning because the government had no proper plans to govern the country. “People should have been able to stay at their homes with children to celebrate the dawn of the new year. Instead they had to be in milk powder, kerosene and gas queues. This is the most regrettable scene to be witnessed because they had to pay for the follies of the government. There had been a time when people lined up before cloth stores to buy new clothes for the New Year. This year there are no such queues because people have no money. People have been compelled to mark the New Year with gas explosions. They have  no way of buying milk powder for their children, no money to buy new clothes, prices of potato, onion and rice have skyrocketed.

The vegetable price too is the same.

The Finance Minister went abroad without thinking of people. It is said that he is back.

“The country is going backwards because of the dollar shortage. The Central Bank governor said that forex reserves increased upto USD 3.1 billion. He somehow has failed to state how the increase had been made. We can get required amounts of rice, onion, vegetables and fruits using the Indian Credit Line as pointed out by our leader Ranil Wickremesinghe. If we won’t do so, there would be a famine in the coming weeks,” Wijewardene said.

He said that throughout history people had been better off financially only under UNP governments. He called on people to work for the victory of the UNP if they want to get rid of the financial crisis because only the UNP had sound plans to solve the crisis.

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Train services on coastal line delayed




The Railway Department has announced that train services on the coastal line will be delayed due a derailment between Kollupitiya and Colombo Fort this morning (27).

It also said that trains bound to Colombo will be given priority and requested South bound passengers to make use of alternate modes of transportation until the situation is rectified.


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Chinese ship visit: Sabry contradicts Defence Ministry



India consulted, concerns raised by US

Foreign Minister Ali Sabry, PC, has denied that the government granted permission for Chinese research vessel Shi Yan 6 to visit the Colombo port late next month.

Sabry told the media in New York on Monday (26) that Colombo had not given permission for the Chinese vessel to dock. He said India’s security concerns were important for Sri Lanka.

The Defence Ministry on 27 August announced that approval for the Chinese ship to dock in Colombo had been granted

The media quoted Sabry as having said there was a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) and the government consulted many friends including India.

“That’s a conversation going on for some period of time. India has expressed its concerns over a long time, but we have come out with the SOP. When we were making it, we consulted many of our friends, including India. So, as long as it complies with the SOP, we have no problem. But if it doesn’t comply with the SOP, we have a problem,” Ali Sabry told ANI.

“So, therefore, as far as I know, we have not given permission for the vessel to come to Sri Lanka during October. Negotiations are going on. Indian security concerns, which are legitimate, are very, very important to us. We have always said that because we want to keep our region a zone of peace,” said Ali Sabry.

President Ranil Wickremesinghe, too, has said that an SPO was worked out for foreign vessels.

The Chinese research vessel was expected in Sri Lanka in October to conduct research along with the National Aquatic Resources Research and Development Agency (NARA).

US Under Secretary Victoria Nuland, during her meeting with Sri Lankan Foreign Minister Ali Sabry, had raised concerns regarding Shi Yan 6’s visit.

Taking to X, formerly Twitter, Victoria Nuland stated, “The US supports a strong and prosperous Sri Lanka. Our work together continues at #UNGA. I met with @MFA SriLanka Minister Ali Sabry to discuss U.S. economic assistance, human rights, and our shared vision for a free and open Indo-Pacific.”

Sabry told Nuland that Sri Lanka had worked out the SOP to be followed by foreign ships and aircraft in carrying out any activity in Sri Lankan territory, according to a Daily Mirror report.

Last year, External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar, while commenting on Chinese vessel Yuan Wang-5 which had docked in Sri Lanka, said that any developments that have a bearing on India’s security are “obviously of an interest to us”.

“What happens in our neighbourhood, any developments which have a bearing on our security obviously are of an interest to us,” Mr. Jaishankar said at a joint press conference after the 9th India-Thailand Joint Commission Meeting.

India had expressed its security concerns over the docking of the vessel at the Sri Lankan port as it was shown as a research vessel with the capability of mapping the ocean bed, which is critical to anti-submarine operations of the Chinese Navy. The Chinese research ship had docked at Sri Lanka’s Hambantota Port.

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Court bans Thileepan commemorations in Trinco



The Trincomalee Magistrate’s Court yesterday (26) prohibited the commemoration of LTTE cadre ‘Thileepan’ who died on 26 Sept., 1987, during a fast against the IPKF. The court order came as several events were scheduled to be held in Trincomalee yesterday.

The Trincomalee Court banned any sort of celebrations, demonstrations, parades or protests commemorating Thileepan in the Kulakottan Hall and the Gandhi Roundabout within the Trincomalee Harbour Police division, and within the Trincomalee police division.

The relevant order was issued against several activists, including

President of the Trincomalee District Tamil People’s Forum R. F. Jerome, Ramesh Nicholas, Suhirdha Priya, Krishna Pillai Sri Prasath, Kandaiyya Kandeepan alias ‘Pamaparasan’, Karthik Kalkiriyan and others.

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