Moskva at port of Colombo

Russian guided-missile cruiser Moskva, which prominently figured in the Crimean crisis early this year, arrived at the Colombo Port on Thursday. Commanded by Captain (First Rank) Sergey I. Tronev, the vessel is on a replenishment and goodwill visit.

(pic courtesy navy headquarters)

Foul coal deal costs

CEB Rs. 1.5 billion

by Saman Indrajith

The Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB) had suffered a loss of Rs. 1,507,044,116.25 due to substandard coal imported for the Norochcholai coal-fired power plant in 2012, Power Energy Minister Pavithra Wanniarachchi told Parliament yesterday.

Minister Wanniarachchi said: "This loss was due to a massive fraud which took place before I assumed duties as the Minister of Power and Energy. It happened during the tenure of my predecessor. Investigations are underway and I am ready to take action against anyone irrespective of their positions."



President to present his tenth budget today


President Mahinda Rajapaksa in his capacity as the Minister of Finance will present his tenth consecutive budget today in Parliament. It would be the country’s 69th budget since Independence.

Matara bowlers strangle Kingswood


Experienced Lasith Lakshan, together with Nimantha Kaveesha and Dileesh Tharaka made run getting difficult for the Kingswood batsmen in their match against St. Thomas' Matara at the Police Ground. ...

Killing Machines of Wild Africa
-The African Wild dogs –


The African wild dog, sometimes known as the African Hunting dog or the Painted dog (due to its beautiful coloured skin pattern) in the African continent are today classified as one of the most endangered mammals in the Planet Earth.According to the...

    CoL burning increasingly bigger hole in many a pocket

    The Island Financial Review spoke to several citizens yesterday to learn what they would like to see in Budget 2015, the proposals of which are to be presented in Parliament today.



    What’s Sri Lanka’s best overseas Test win?
    1995 Napier
    1995 Faisalabad
    1998 London Oval
    2011 Durban
    2006 Trent Bridge.
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