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LOVI’S Fashion Story walks the ‘Olympic Ramp’



The sarong is a traditional piece of clothing worn by Sri Lankans young and old. Asanka de Mel CEO of Lovi sarong has turned the sarong into a fashion stayement. This ubiquitous wrap around the hip called the sarong, was associated with India, and South East Asia for cenanturies,, Now it has become a trendy garment won by islanders in a relaxed or stylish ways. Lovi sarongs come in handlooms, cotton with all the trapping of modern tailoring. His label ‘Lovi’ is very popular and he has push the sarong revolution creating a benchmark in the fashion industry

by Zanita Careem

With the onset of the Tokyo Summer Olympics, and all the associated hype of Olympic fever as well as an outpouring of relief that despite the pandemic life is beginning to show signs of some semblance of normalcy, This is a proud moment for Sri Lanka and LOVI our fashion brand is making history !!!

‘With Sri Lanka sending her largest ever delegation to the games, despite the pandemic, we are making history; as for the first time ever, our team will wear our National Dress as they parade the Olympic stadium” said Assanka De Mel. This is due entirely to the brain child of Asanka de Mel, the founder and CEO of LOVI Ceylon whose farsighted thinking and initiative have resulted in our boys and girls proudly marching in our National Dress

“Like many kids, I loved watching the Olympic games on TV and dreamt of somehow representing Sri Lanka one day,” says de Mel. “Even if not as an athlete, I am so thrilled to be part of this global event by supporting these extraordinary players as well as the dedicated coaches and officials leading the effort. The fact that LOVI is responsible for showcasing our National Dress on the Olympic stage is indeed one of the proudest moments of my entire career”.

Inspired by the notion of Olympic harmony, LOVI designed the Team Sri Lanka outfits based on its Unity collection for the global stage. The maroon, orange and green colouSrs of the Sri Lankan flag are reflected with handwoven gold lines signifying diversity and strength. LOVI’s trademarked gold crown represents sovereignty and the ambition of our new generation to be world class. A special label reads “

スリランカ“, meaning Sri Lanka in Japanese in honor of the host country, Japan. “A limited-edition collection will soon be available for LOVI fans, thus enabling them to get into the spirit of the Olympics”.

De Mel went on to say that, “the Olympics represent the best of the human spirit in action. Our athletes are inspiring future athletes to be the best they can be, because we can! It’s our mission to support all Sri Lankans striving for that level of excellence and LOVI wishes all the Olympic athletes the very best at the games this year – we are proud of you and honoured that LOVI can play a part alongside you at the Olympics.he quipped.

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Chef Sanjay Brings the Flavours



Despite Sri Lanka’s proximity to the Indian Sub-Continent and a plethora of similarities between Indian and Sri Lankan culture, there is a distinct difference in the cuisines of the two nations. The vastness of India makes way for cuisines among the nation itself that are unique in its methods of preparations, use of spices and other ingredients, and even the way they are eaten. Culminating years of experience in the culinary world, Chef Sanjay joins Cinnamon Lakeside Colombo to bring the flavours of our neighbours.

Chef Sanjay began his culinary career in Mumbai in 1996 and had his first stint at the Hotel Retreat Bombay. Thereafter, he moved to Sri Lankan to take on the role of Assistant Indian Chef at the Holiday Inn in 1997 and was promoted to Head Indian Chef in 2003. For the next 12 years he continued to function as the Head Indian Chef of key properties in Colombo before moving to Cinnamon Lakeside.

With a rich culinary heritage passed on by his parents and ancestors, Chef Sanjay specializes in a variety of Indian cuisines including North Indian delicacies that are favourites among Sri Lankans. His culinary prowess spans starters, mains and even delectable desserts that will be on display at the Dining Room, Cinnamon Lakeside Colombo for breakfast, lunch, and dinner buffets.

Chef Sanjay also brings in his expertise at a time when the Indian travel market is opening to Sri Lanka and specific dietary requirements like Jain vegetarianism and veganism among others are becoming increasingly popular food choices among international and even local visitors.

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Special Exhibition on India’s rich Buddhist Heritage



Exhibition on India’s Buddhist Heritage during Poson Poya underscores the millennia-old Buddhism connect between India and Sri Lanka

High Commission of India, Colombo organised a special exhibition on India’s rich Buddhist Heritage as a part of the Homagama Poson Zone recently from 3-4 June 2023. The exhibition was inaugurated by Minister of Transport and Highways and Minister of Mass Media, Bandula Gunawardana, in the presence of members of several dignitaries including members of the diplomatic corps.

The Exhibition showcased a series of photographs depicting some of the prominent Buddhist pilgrimage sites in India including Dhamek Stupa in Uttar Pradesh, Mahabodhi Temple and the Ashoka Pillar in Bihar, Sanchi Stupa in Madhya Pradesh. Photographs of over centuries-old sculptures and carvings were also exhibited.

A special attraction of the exhibition is a lantern depicting the arrival of Arahat Mahinda to Sri Lanka on one of its panels. The other panels depict ed the strong linkages between the four virtues of Buddhism i.e Metta, Karuna, Mudita and Upekka and the theme of India’s ongoing Presidency of the G20 i.e. One Earth, One Family, One Future.

The festival markied the arrival of Arahat Mahinda to Sri Lanka with the teachings of Buddhism from India, commemorating the age-old ties between India and Sri Lanka. In order to further this civilisational connect, Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi had announced a special grant of USD 15 million for promotion of Buddhist ties. Work is underway to carry out solar electrification of hundreds of temples across Sri Lanka under this grant. Last month as a part of the sacred Vesak Festival, High Commission of India had organised a Special Exhibition at Seemamalakaya, Gangaramaya Temple in Colombo.

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Nicky makes Sri Lanka Proud in Canada



Nicky Bin Sadoon is a Sri Lankan entrepreneur operating an award  winning bed and  breakfast property overlooking the picturesque Niagara Falls in Canada. She has won many Trip Advisor’s awards for best B&B. Nicky shared her thoughts on how she rose to the top and how she is above others in running this competitive business.

Tell us about how you got into the business of becoming B&B?

We were introduced by a close friend to this concept to utilize our talents, diverse and professional experience in the industry. We were lucky to get this It also gave us the opportunity to operate a business from the confines of our home…

How do you ensure you stand out from the others amongst competition?

The cutting edge is to provide service excellence consistently and deliver our promise above and beyond. We also never say “no” to a customer until we find an alternative. To quote, “in the quest for excellence there is no finishing line”

Since you have been in the hospitality industry do you feel the guests expectations are high in Bread and Breakfasts?

Of course,our guests always want the best and they expect full value for their money. They want to experience the best comfort and Graystone. Guests forget what we have offered but will never forget how we made them feel. So, it takes a major effort to ensure their arrival and departure is a memorable journey. After all at Graystone we live by the adage that hospitality is part of our business.

A little bit background, about Graystone and what made you to run a B and B?

Bin and Nicky

Nicky and Bin have been in the hospitality industry for innumerable years in Sri Lanka, we both worked for international brands in many countries as well. We can proudly boast of over 62 years in the industry. We were inculcated from the very onset that the cornerstone of this industry is “Guest Care” which we closely nurture…

You definitely hit the ground running by winning awards every year. What type of personality would you say it takes to run a successful bed and breakfast?

You need to be intuitive, savvy, transparent, socially and emotionally intelligent,friendly and always anticipate guests needs. We firmly believe our guests are special and make sure we give them a home away from home

Who would you say are your main customers?

We have a mix of baby boomers from the US (we live close to the US border the closest city being Buffalo) our guests are avid fans of the Shaw Theatre and wineries, domestic tourist’s comprising mainly of millennials who are lured by wine tasting, Casino’s, and bike trails. We also have international travellers from UK and other continents.

Nicky’s daughter Aaliah

Give me an example of when you thought outside of the box?

When the pandemic hit us unexpectedly we had to think quick since the business landscape changed overnight. For a couple of months our occupancies took a “nose dive” but domestic tourism started to pick up. However we made ways and means to attract numbers by giving them the much needed confidence to return. We took drastic measures towards their personal health and safety. We promoted Graystone as a safe haven and made it compulsory that all guests complete a COVID questionnaire prior to their arrival in order to protect all of our patrons. All guests were compelled to wear face masks in public areas of the property, hand sanitizers were placed in all rooms, body temperatures were checked upon arrival and social distancing during breakfast etc. These pro- active preventive measures went viral on social media and guests were enticed by rave reviews in social media and newspapers. Personal health and safety of our property went viral and our rooms were full always.

What is the most challenging part of your job?

To maintain consistency, and give our guests the best always and meet thier needs and challenges at all times.

Is owning a bed and breakfast was your dream?

It never was a dream until we migrated to the Great White North 20 years back and then by chance, got this opportunity. We have not looked back since then and we have grown from strength to strength. .

You have a unique style at Graystone. What influenced your design?

Ours was a turnkey operation when we purchased this property. We give credit to the previous operators for maintaining high standards, and of course the architect for his unique ambience. All bedrooms are in the ground floor and there is a large patio for guests to relax and unwind. Weather permitting we serve breakfast in the patio which is well received by our guests against the tranquil and scenic surroundings…

How does the self service work for you. Do you work around the clock to make your guests happy?

Yes ,I enjoy what I do. I love my guests and I am a firm believer of the cliche “do what you do, do well”. It has obviously paid rich dividends and the journey so far is nothing short of being enriching and fulfilling in the lens of an operator.

What is your B&B best known for?

My attention for impeccable cleanliness in all areas especially bedrooms, my home cooked gourmet, the flexibility we exercise to make our guests feel at home. Our ultimate satisfaction is when our guests arrive as strangers and leave as friends. We always create a memorable experiences for our guests to come back.


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