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Royal Park Condominium celebrates 25 years of luxury living



Sri Lanka’s first luxury condominium complex, Royal Park condominium recently marked 25 years, a momentous milestone in providing luxury accommodation to a generation that grew up in sprawling multi-bedroom homes.

Built and developed by Keangnam Enterprises (previously Keangnam Korea) in 1997, the property consists of 248 luxury apartments housed within the condominium’s two towers, each comprising of 24 floors, complete with two penthouses in each tower. Approximately 1,500 workers were involved in the construction of the condominium, a news release from the developer said.

“Despite being one of Sri Lanka’s first true luxury, condominium developments, Royal Park’s construction proceeded at record pace for its time, having handed over its units to the community’s first residents just over three and a half years from commencement of construction.”

Sharing his experiences on the continuing legacy of Royal Park 25 years on, Keangnam (Ceylon), General Manager overlooking Royal Park at its inception, and a resident of the complex for almost 20 years, Major General (Rtd) Tilak Paranagama, emphasized the importance of mutual respect and camaraderie displayed by residents of Royal Park over the years.

“It’s been an absolute pleasure to live at Royal Park, as the common value system here is based on decency and respectfulness of each other. It is an extremely homely atmosphere, and the design and layout of the premises too lends itself to ensuring that residents have ample space for daily fellowship,” he said.

He also noted that with condominiums being a new concept to Sri Lankans in the mid-1990’s, the development of the complex also came with its share of novel challenges.

“As it was the first of its kind, we had to make sure that each unit was constructed perfectly. My team and I would personally look into every aspect from planning the construction, including preparation and initiation of survey plans, electrical and water meters for each individual apartment.

“I was also part of establishing Royal Park’s first ever Management Committee and together, we formulated a comprehensive constitution for it. 25 years later. I am incidentally the only surviving member of the original Management Council, but I’m happy to see that the systems, and most importantly the culture that we created back then still continues to thrive to this day,” he reminisced. Over time, Royal Park has been home to almost three generations, with children who moved in with their parents during the last 25 years, now residing with their own young families, contributing to the strong sense of family and community.

“I first moved into Royal Park when I was around nine years old, and I have since met people of all ages, races and nationalities – everywhere from Azerbaijan to Zimbabwe. Royal Park is definitely a paradise for any child growing up, as there is always a friend around to keep you company, and some of my closest friends are people I met here. Royal Park has always had a beautiful community – they are always down to have a good time, but most importantly they will always be there for you in your time of need,” added Tashiya Ekanayake (29), a current resident of the Condominium.

The complex is especially ideal for children of all ages who are presented with a very different experience from a typical high-rise, most often creating lifelong friendships with each other. The children’s play area comes alive every evening, kids riding bicycles on the path surrounding the beautiful gardens, teenagers playing basketball and residents joining each other for fellowship in the vast common areas, are all familiar sights at Royal Park.

Royal Park Condominium provides a truly holistic living experience, achieving that perfect balance in offering its residents a modern living space while retaining an extremely homely atmosphere. Spread across a sprawling four acres in the heart of Colombo, Royal Park boasts of beautiful manicured gardens; its tending being overlooked by a devoted resident.

Two large Ehela trees greet you at the entrance of the premises, with its long winding driveway leading to a large spacious sunlit lobby. Just beyond is a large ground floor pool and kiddies pool, bordered by a children’s play area, restaurant and sitting area, tennis court and jogging/ walking tracks.

The facility is also complete with all modern amenities, a well-equipped gym, sauna, squash court, table tennis court, a Cargills Express mini supermarket, salon, laundry, and an ATM just adjacent to the main entrance. In addition, the spacious apartments offer spectacular views of the Royal Colombo Golf club, the Kinda Canal Wetland which is home to remarkable birdlife, the Colombo skyline, the port and the ocean beyond, giving Royal Park a truly unique appeal. A competent resident-run Management Council overlooks all aspects of the management and maintenance of the premises, complete with monthly meetings and Annual General Meetings carried out with the participation of the Condominium Management Authority.

As such, regular maintenance upgrades, daily maintenance and attention to detail ensures that the complex remains pristine, safe and comfortable to all its residents. In maintaining these high standards of safety and quality of the common facilities, upgrades in the Service Elevators, Main Control Panels, fuel storage, submersible pumps, lobby and restaurant areas to name a few, were carried out during the last financial year only.

The management, safety and maintenance of the premises is handled by competent staff members consisting of the Condominium Manager Ms.Christine Hassim, Command Center Coordinator Mr. W A C Wanasinghe and Engineering and Maintenance Head, Mr. Indika Deshapriya, and their respective teams.The permanent staff at the complex consists of 29 dedicated team members, whilst 29 sub contractors’ staff diligently handle areas such as security, janitorial and accounts, many of whom have been employed at Royal Park for over a decade, adding familiarity and a sense of safety and comfort to the residents.Royal Park Condominium has truly stood the test of time, weathered many a storm, and celebrates this significant milestone triumphant in its ability to remain a home to many more generations to come. (Royal Park news release)

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HSBC appoints new Country Head of Wholesale Banking for Sri Lanka and Maldives



HSBC Sri Lanka has appointed Kevin Green as the new Country Head of Wholesale Banking for Sri Lanka and Maldives with effect from 1 November 2022.Kevin has been with the HSBC Group for over 24 years and has held several senior positions in commercial banking, retail banking and risk management.

Prior to taking on his new role, Kevin was the Country Head of Wholesale Banking in HSBC Bangladesh, and prior to that he was the Chief Risk Officer for HSBC Vietnam.Kevin will lead the bank’s Wholesale Banking business in Sri Lanka and the Maldives, supporting corporate banking clients. He will lead a dynamic team of professionals to provide tailored solutions and services to customers and ensure the continued growth of the business.

Kevin holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics from the University of Warwick and a Bachelor’s Degree in Financial Services from the University of Manchester. He is also an Associate of the Chartered Institute of Bankers.

Commenting on the appointment, Mark Surgenor, Chief Executive Officer for HSBC Sri Lanka and Maldives, said “As the leading international bank in Sri Lanka and with a presence in 63 markets globally, we want to open up a world of opportunity for our internationally minded clients. Therefore, I am pleased to bring in an experienced leader like Kevin to lead our Wholesale Banking operations in Sri Lanka and the Maldives. This is further evidence of our commitment to invest in the country and to support our clients. I am confident that Kevin’s extensive experience with HSBC Group will be an advantage to both our clients and colleagues, and further support the banks efforts towards economic growth of the country.”

HSBC, as the leading international bank has enjoyed a longstanding presence in Sri Lanka having completed 130 years of operations this year. The bank will continue to support Sri Lankan clients to connect globally and will continue to play a key role in supporting local businesses looking to expand across international markets by leveraging its global footprint and expertise in international trade, global payment services, sustainable finance and other financial services, whilst supporting its people and communities.

HSBC was recognised with the Sri Lanka International Initiative of the Year, won by Wholesale Banking for the dynamism, uniqueness, effectiveness & impact in green financing, for its first corporate ‘Green Loan’ for USD 6.3mn to Eco Spindles that was awarded by Asian Banking & Finance, this year. The bank was also named Best International Bank in Sri Lanka by Asiamoney, International Retail Bank of the Year by Asian Banking and Finance and Best Consumer Digital Bank in Sri Lanka by Global Finance for 2022.

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Sri Lanka Red Cross Society launches ‘Elixir’ to match donation in aid of medical requirements



The Sri Lanka Red Cross Society launched Sri Lanka’s first-ever medical-supply-to-donation matching platform on October 19, 2022, called the Elixir Platform. The initiative is a volunteer-run, private-public-private partnership under the aegis of the Sri Lanka Red Cross Society, and allows hospitals and treatment centres from across Sri Lanka to register their requirements for lifesaving medicines and medical supplies that may be in short supply, due to the country’s ongoing economic and foreign exchange crises. ‘Elixir’ also provides a single streamlined interface for donors who would like to support Sri Lanka at this time. By having all requirements and donations coming in via a unified and seamless platform, ‘Elixir’ can then match requirements and donations for efficient use of funds and time, while also reducing the total turnaround time for assistance and increasing transparency.

Designed and operated by the Sri Lanka Red Cross Society, together with its global network of volunteers and professionals, and in partnership with the Sri Lanka Medical Supplies Division of the Ministry of Health, the Elixir Platform is a huge collaborative undertaking to help Sri Lanka overcome the shortage of lifesaving medicines due to the present economic crisis.

Discussing the initiative, Dr Mahesh Gunasekara, Director General of the Sri Lanka Red Cross Society said, “First, we must express our sincere gratitude to all the donors, including individuals, corporations and governments, who have come to Sri Lanka’s aid at this time of need. With a large number of donations, we found that it was becoming challenging to track and fulfil medical needs across the system and prioritize based on urgency. Other challenges including oversupply due to duplicative efforts, high costs due to not utilizing economies of scale, internal competition for donations and other issues have arisen, along with a lack of transparency. Thus, ‘Elixir’ is our answer to these problems, and will facilitate transparency and accountability throughout the entire supply chain for the benefit of all stakeholders. On behalf of the Sri Lanka Red Cross Society, I take this opportunity to thank all volunteers and partners in this endeavour. Elixir is truly a landmark achievement and we look forward to supporting Sri Lanka as it overcomes its present challenges.”

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Seylan World Mastercard cardholder offers



Marking its most recent effort to reward its loyal customers, Seylan Cards recently announced the launch of an exclusive promotion for the benefit of all Seylan World Mastercard cardholders.

One lucky Seylan World Mastercard cardholder will receive an Omega timepiece worth over Rs. 2 million at the end of the promotion period. Founded in 1848, Omega is a Swiss watch brand synonymous with excellence, innovation and precision. Given that the brand’s history has been dedicated to a quest for perfection, such a prize is expected to appeal to the elite Seylan World Mastercard cardholders. In order to stand a chance to win, cardholders must spend a cumulative total of Rs. 1 million during the promotion period until the 15th of December 2022.

As the festive season approaches, Seylan Cards has aptly timed this promotion in an effort to reward cardholders as they complete their Christmas shopping lists. Since both local and international spends are valid for the draw, cardholders travelling overseas could purchase their air tickets and shop overseas to benefit from current exchange rates.

Cardholders are also encouraged to utilise their Seylan World Mastercard card for high value spends on items such as jewellery or even solar power installations to reach the Rs. 1 million threshold to enter the draw.

As Seylan World Mastercard cards are limited to an exclusive number of members, the chances of winning the luxury timepiece are much higher, and is a unique opportunity that should not be missed.As the essential card for essential needs, several merchants offer Seylan Cardholders special discounts and easy payment facilities with 0% interest. Anyone interested in obtaining a Seylan Card is encouraged to call the hotline on 011 2008 888.

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