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One Country one Law/one joke!



A man in a yellow robe who is out of jail on a presidential pardon (contempt of court is what he is convicted of) oversees drafting a new set of laws for governing our beloved “EX- Pearl” of the Indian Ocean. This entire action can only be interpreted as a collective slap in the face for not only the judiciary, the lawmakers of the land (parliament) but the whole NATION. This slap in the face is exacerbated into a kick in the proverbials by the fact that only certain laws (mainly governing the Muslim community) are going to be looked at. Meanwhile certain archaic and outdated laws governing the Kandyians (of whom I am a proud and pure-bred member) are not going to be addressed. I hasten to add my lineage only to dispel any thoughts from my readers that I have any bias towards or jealousy of any community.

A lawbreaker sentenced by a court of law is in charge of making new laws. Surely, no self-respecting judge or even lawyer can tolerate this? The parliament we know is nothing but a joke, but even those “earthworms” have a modicum or a miniscule shred of self-respect? Is there nothing that is going to be done? Simply the usual empty meaningless rhetoric followed by a deafening silence. Surely not this time? Isn’t this the final straw that broke the camel’s back, if it isn’t it D…. well should be!

There is a lot that can be done. Lawyers and the judiciary can deploy their many talents to convey the message to the nation in the different languages that they are fluent in. Unfortunately, their services will have to be “pro bono” and this may prove to be a decisive factor in negating matters. The “earthworms” can ensure that the budget does not pass. For once they can acknowledge that the litany of lies (as I have described it before) that is tabled every year in November does not pass, thereby denying this government of relatives the opportunity to continue robbing and raping our country and keeping an inept president in power.

Is it that hard? Indeed, it isn’t. It is simply the will that is lacking. The lawyers are too busy making packets of money by drawing out cases for years and years and charging for every time a case is postponed. They don’t really care if an unqualified misanthrope wearing any sort of robe or even a king without clothes makes the laws. All they need is to find ways of ensuring that cases do not come to speedy conclusions. As for the judiciary, I cannot say what I wish to say on that subject for contempt of court charges happen with alacrity in the Pearl and in spite of an alleged hot line being available to request for presidential pardons (watch Asikland a circle of strife) it is only those with “connections” and having the title of “apey man” who are bestowed such pardons.

I know reason and logic do not exist in the decision-making process of the Pearl, but one has to try to work out why such decisions are taken. Beside the obvious fact that the collective kick is also aimed at the Cardinal (who seems to have grown a prominent pair over the last few months) and the insult, a controversial Buddhist monk given the reins will cause, and aiming the kick at the Muslim community which has been a favourite target since the Tamils are now decimated, I fear the agenda is greater. Why there are no members of other communities and religions on this committee. Why no members of the fair sex? I know this will only serve as a rubber-stamping process for what the ruling family wishes to try and impose on the masses, working of course on the premise that “the masses are Asses” but still, isn’t some sort of credibility required. This is nothing but another clear display of the utter contempt that the ruling family has for the Asses who voted them in. However, I fear another agenda…. More on that later.

The newspapers are full of statements from various people about how they are going to protest against the blatant corruption in the country. The handing over of the LPG facility without due process to at least a dozen other items in the front page of just one newspaper. We all know this is a simple waste of newsprint, maybe they should limit the import of newsprint to save precious foreign currency! Nothing is going to be done even to the person who has pocketed a fat commission from selling the TV rights to our cricket when he was piloting the nosedive that the sport has taken. On that subject I watched the exponents of that game who represent our country, in their recent misadventure against Australia. I will reserve my comments and limit myself to an incident I witnessed in another game. Afridi (of boom boom fame) who has retired from playing cricket for Pakistan was shown briefly watching a game and the cheer he got from the Pakistan fans (obviously fond memories for services rendered) left me wondering if any of our ex-players would get such a rousing acknowledgement from our fans. I doubt it because we all know that each and every one of them was only playing to their own agendas and not one of them had the greater good of the game at heart when they did or indeed continue to do what they do TO cricket in the Pearl.

Back to the long-term agenda of governance in the Pearl as I see it. Divide and rule was the motto of the British Raj. They succeeded and the untold damage they have caused to the very fabric of the society, in countries such as ours has never been acknowledged and indeed not even addressed by anyone, including ourselves. The present agenda seems to be divide and instigate violence among communities, to rule. When things get out of hand and the rulers have nothing but searing contempt for those they rule, Martial law is a real option. If violence erupts among the communities when barbaric laws are imposed due to unqualified idiots framing such laws, it can be justified that the military is required to control the situation. An inept and useless parliament and civil society that has only empty rhetoric to offer has their days numbered in single digits, if you ask me!


ICC arrest warrant; a setback for authoritarian rule



‘All-weather allies’: President Xi Jinping meets President Vladimir Putin.

As should be expected, the arrest warrant issued by the International Criminal Court (ICC) on Russian President Vladimir Putin on war crimes allegations has given rise to a widespread debate on how effective it would be as an instrument of justice. What compounds the issue is the fact that Russia is not obliged to cooperate with the ICC, given that it is not a signatory to the Rome Statute which outlaws the crimes in question and envisages punitive action for signatory state representatives who act in violation of its provisions.

Predictably, the Russian side has rubbished the ICC allegations and its arrest warrant on the basis that they are totally irrelevant to Russia, considering that it does not recognize the ICC or its rulings. However, the fact remains that important sections of the international community would be viewing Putin and his regime as war criminals who should be shunned and outlawed.

The possibility is great of the Putin regime steadily alienating itself from enlightened opinion the world over from now on. In other words, Putin and his cohorts have incurred a heavy moral defeat as a consequence of the ICC’s arrest warrant and its strictures.

Morality may not count much for the Putin regime and its supporters, locally and internationally, but the long term consequences growing out of this dismissive stance on moral standards could be grave. They would need to take their minds back to the white supremacist regimes of South Africa of decades past which were relentlessly outlawed by the world community, incurring in the process wide-ranging sanctions that steadily weakened apartheid South Africa and forced it to negotiate with its opponents. Moreover, the ICC measures against Putin are bound to strengthen his opponents and critics at home, thereby boosting Russia’s pro-democracy movement.

However, the Putin administration could earn for itself some ‘breathing space’ at present by proving the ICC’s allegations wrong. That is, it would need to establish beyond doubt that it is not guilty of the crime of deporting Ukrainian children to Russia and other war-linked offences. It could liaise with UNICEF and other relevant UN agencies for this purpose since it does not recognize the ICC.

A wise course of action for President Putin would be to pick up this gauntlet rather than ignore the grave allegations levelled against him, in view of the long term consequences of such evasive behavior.

Besides, the Russian President would need to restrict his movements from now on. For, he is liable to be arrested and produced before the ICC by those governmental authorities who are signatories to the Rome Statute in the event of Putin entering their countries. That is, Putin’s head is likely to be increasingly restless as time goes by.

However, the gravest consequence flowing from Putin and his regime ignoring the ICC and its strictures is that later, if not sooner, they could find themselves being hauled up before the ICC. There is ample evidence from recent history that this could be so. All the alleged offenders need to do is take their minds back to the convulsive and bloody Balkan wars of the nineties to see for themselves how the ICC process, though slow and laborious, finally delivered justice to the victims of war crimes in that tempestuous theatre.

All those war criminals who have lulled themselves into believing that it is possible to escape being brought to justice before the world’s tribunals, need to recollect how former Serbian President Slobodan Milosevik and his partners in crime Rodovan Karadzic and Ratko Mladic were brought before the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY) in the early years of this century and required to pay the price for their criminality. So confident were they initially that they would never be brought to justice that they agreed, tongue-in-cheek, to fully cooperate with the ICTY.

It is pertinent to also remember that the criminals mentioned were notorious for their ‘ethnic cleansing’ operations and other war-time excesses. Accordingly, those accused of war crimes the world over would be only indulging in wishful thinking if they consider themselves above the law and safe from being held accountable for their offences. Justice would catch-up with them; if not sooner, then later. This is the singular lesson from Bosnia.

Meanwhile, Chinese President Xi Jinping has considered it timely to call on President Putin in Russia. He did so close on the heels of being elected President for a third straight term recently. This is a clear message to the world that Russia could always depend on China to be a close and trusted ally. It is a question of two of the biggest authoritarian states uniting. And the world they see as big enough for both of them.

Interestingly, China is having the world believe that it has a peace plan for Ukraine. While in Russia, though, XI did not spell out in any detail how the crisis in Ukraine would be resolved with China’s assistance. However, China has drafted what is termed its ‘Position on the Ukraine Crisis’. It contains 12 points which are more in the nature of a set of principles.

Seen against the backdrop of the developments in Ukraine, some of these principles merit close scrutiny. For instance, the first principle lays out that the sovereignty of all countries must be respected. Besides, International Law must be universally recognized, including the ‘purposes and principles of the UN Charter’. However, ‘double standards’ must be rejected. Hopefully, the West got the hint.

Principle 4 has it that ‘Dialogue and negotiations are the only viable solution to the Ukraine crisis.’ Principle 8 points out that, ‘Nuclear weapons must not be used and nuclear wars must not be fought’.

Needless to say, all the above principles are acceptable to the international community. What is required of China is to evolve a peace plan for Ukraine, based on these principles, if it is in earnest when it speaks of being a peace maker. The onus is on China to prove its credibility.

However, China could be said to be characteristically pragmatic in making these moves. While further cementing its alliance with Russia, China is placing the latter on notice, though in a subtle way, that its war in Ukraine is proving highly counter-productive and costly, both for the states concerned and the world. The costly economic consequences for the world from the war speak for themselves. Accordingly, nudging Russia in the direction of a negotiated settlement is the wisest course in the circumstances.

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In the limelight again…Miss Super Model Globe 2020



Those who are familiar with the fashion and beauty pageant setup, in Sri Lanka, would certainly remember Shashi Kaluarachchi.

Three years ago, she was crowned Miss Super Model Globe Sri Lanka 2020 and then represented Sri Lanka at the Miss Super Model Globe International, held in India.

Shashi won two titles at this big event; she was placed second in the finals (1st Runner-up) and took the title of Best National Costume.

Very active in the modelling scene, in the not too distant past, Shashi went silent, after dazzling the audience at the Super Model Globe contest.

Obviously, those who are aware of her talents were kept guessing, and many were wondering whether she had prematurely quit the fashion scene!

Not quite so…and I had a surprise call from Shashi to say that she is ready to do it again.

The silence is due to the fact that she is now employed in Dubai and is concentrating on her office work.

1st Runner-up at Miss Super Model Globe International

“When I came to Dubai, I was new to this scene but now I do have some free time, coming my way, and I want to get back to what I love doing the most – modelling, fashion and beauty pageants,” she said.

Shashi indicated that she plans to participate in an upcoming beauty pageant, to be held in Dubai, and also do some fashion shoots, and modelling assignments.

“Dubai is now buzzing with excitement and I want to be a part of that scene, as well,” said Shashi, who had her early beginnings, as a model, at the Walk with Brian Kerkoven modelling academy.

“I owe my success to Brian. He made me what I’m today – a top model.”

Shashi, who 5’7″ tall, says she loves wearing the sari for all important occasions.

“The sari is so elegant, so graceful, and, I believe, my height, and figure, does justice to a sari,”

Shashi has plans to visit Sri Lanka, in April, for a short vacation, adding that if the opportunity comes her way, she would love to do some photo shoots, and a walk on the ramp, as well.

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Dry Skin



Shorter Showers

If you have dry skin, do not take long showers, or baths. Staying in the water for a longer time can dry it out more. You should also use warm, instead of hot, water, when you wash. Hot water can strip your skin of the fatty substances that give it hydration. As soon as you finish cleansing yourself, apply a body lotion, all over your body, to moisturize. Don’t wash yourself more than once a day


Applying a daily moisturizer can do wonders for dry skin, and there are products in your kitchen you can use which are natural and effective. Try coconut oil, olive oil, almond oil, or sunflower seed oil


Olive oil and brown sugar have amazing properties for the skin. Both of these substances deeply hydrate. Olive oil is also a known wound-healer, while sugar contains glycolic acid, which allows it to have anti-aging. You can make a natural scrub, using these ingredients which can be as good as the best anti-wrinkle creams.

*  Mix one tablespoon of brown sugar with a teaspoon of olive oil.

*  Blend them, and spread the mixture on your face, and neck, using a circular motion, for a few minutes.

*  Then leave it to sit for another couple of minutes, and wash it off with warm water.

You can do this twice a week for amazing results


Taking care of your lips is important. Lips can also get dry and chapped, which is why you need to keep them hydrated, daily. If you’re looking for a natural balm, try sugar and lemon, or honey, sugar, and butter.

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