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Sri Lanka Magic Circle to celebrate its centenary in 2022



The Sri Lanka Magic Circle has rendered a great service over the years by nurturing magicians and improving their skills by conducting training workshops and magic contests, Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa said in a congratulatory message to mark its centenary celebrations on February 18, 2022.

“Magic, as a performing art, provides young kids with entertaining and interactive ways to learn a range of skills such as public speaking, multi-tasking, precision and adaptability”, the premier said.

As one of the oldest preforming art organizations in Sri Lanka, the centenary will mark a remarkable milestone for the organization, he noted.

Under the leadership of the late Mr Gate Mudaliyar ACGS Amarasekara, the Association of Ceylon Magicians (A.C.M.) was inaugurated on February 18, 1922. Since then, the A.C.M (renamed in 1953 as the Sri Lanka Magic Circle) has come a long way in promoting magic as an art and a hobby in Sri Lanka, the Prime Minister noted.

“I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the Sri Lanka Magic Circle on this significant milestone and I wish its current members the courage to inspire young magicians in the years to come”, he added.

The Sri Lanka Magic Circle said it has been recognized as a National Cultural Arts Society by the government.

It referred to the congratulatory message of Prime Minister and Minister of Cultural Affairs, Mahinda Rajapaksa, the patron of the Magic Circle, where he highly appreciated and complimented the efforts of the Sri Lanka Magic Circle, in developing the performing art of magic over the years, and rightly referred to it truly as “one of the oldest cultural performing arts in Sri Lanka”.

The Sri Lanka Magic Circle is gearing itself to celebrate its 100th anniversary on February 18, 2022 with a series of events continuing throughout the centenary year with a “Gala Dazzling Fiesta of Magic’’ with its magicians, including youngsters, amateurs and professional magicians, along with the famous guest artiste “Mr. COOL”, the Swiss magician Hoerbi Kull, a maestro in the field.

A blood donation campaign and a free Eye Clinic for the needy will also be conducted together with a series of free charity magic shows at Homes for Orphans and Children, Elders, Deaf and Dumb, Differently-abled and at Rehabilitation Centres.

While hoping for a Covid-free period in 2022, a three-day Magic Convention has also been planned with local magicians and those joining from the SAARC region. This will give an impetus to boost inter-regional cultural activities and tourism, the Magic Circle said.

The Sri Lanka Magic Circle, website is and the official building, which was given by the government in the Kalapura zone in 2002, is situated at ‘Vishmithapaya’, 156, Templar’s Road, Mt. Lavinia,

Children and adults interested in joining the exclusive and privileged Sri Lanka Magic Circle and enjoy the special centenary facilities offered by it, may contact Lt. Col. (Rtd) Ronald de Alwis, President Emeritus or Chairman, Sri Lanka Magic Circle Centenary Committee on 0723399874. Email for inquiries.

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Central Bank urged to save collapsing local industries



The National Freedom Front (NFF) has requested the immediate intervention of the Governor of the Central Bank Ajith Nivard Cabraal to save micro, small and medium scale industries badly affected by the current economic downturn caused by the Covid-19.

The NFF parliamentary group comprises six members, including one National List.

Industries Minister Wimal Weerawansa, on behalf of the SLPP constituent parties, has warned of steep increase in unemployment, drop in the contribution made by small and medium scale industries to the national economy and the further widening of the gap between the rich and poor.

Party sources told The Island that the NFF had decided to take up the urgent matter because, in spite of repeated promises, those who had been severely affected were yet to receive assistance. Minister Weerawansa has urged the Central Bank to restructure loans obtained by affected industries and also extend the moratorium.

Weerawansa has in a letter dated Oct.18, told Cabraal that according to a survey conducted by the Industrial Development Board, micro, small and medium enterprises suffered serious setbacks. However, of the loans made available through the banking sector, a substantial segment had been disbursed among major players, the Minister said, while pointing out that in other countries in the region more than 50 percent of total loans were made available to micro, small and medium industries.

Unfortunately, here in Sri Lanka they received approximately 15 percent of the total given as loans, the minister said.

Minister Weerawansa said that though industries suffered, almost all state and private banks had recorded much improved performances with significant profits.

The Minister said that following his intervention with the cabinet of ministers, the government agreed on a plan of action to deal with the situation. It would be the responsibility of the Central Bank to implement the agreed proposals, he said.


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So far no side effects among Pfizer vaccinated 15,000 A/L students



By Rathindra Kuruwita

Over 15,000 GCE AL students had been vaccinated with Pfizer and there had not been any side effects, Colombo District Director of Health Dr. Dilip Liyanage told the media yesterday.

He said that the Ministry of Education had given them a list of 20,688 that needed to be vaccinated.

“We would like to assure parents that there is no need to worry. Over 15,000 children have been vaccinated and there have been no problems so far. Trust the health professionals and vaccinate your child at the first opportunity you get,” he said.

Dr. Liyanage added that children who missed their chance to get vaccinated on weekdays, can get vaccinated at the MOH office near their home.

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Govt. approves prohibition of cattle slaughter



The government has approved the prohibition of cattle slaughter. The decision was announced at the weekly Cabinet meeting at the Information Department yesterday (19). The government said the relevant laws and regulations, including those passed by Local Government authorities would be amended for that purpse.

The Legal Draftsman has drafted Bills to amend the following acts and ordinances.

• Authority 272 of the Cattle Slaughter Ordinance No. 9 of 1893

• Act No. 29 of 1958 Concerning Animals

• Municipal Councils Ordinance – Section 252

• Section 255 of the Municipal Councils Ordinance

• Ordinance No. 15 of the Urban Council Act of 1987

The Attorney General has certified that the said Bills do not clash with the provisions of the Constitution.

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