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Global Solutions launches its beverage brand – Dlight, to create unforgettable events



Global Solutions, an event management company based in Akkaraipattu, has launched Dlight – its range of fresh fruit juices, cordials and beverages. What started out as the ultimate service provider for various types of events has now diversified its portfolio of offerings to include a delicious range of food and beverages.

Founder of Global Solutions Uwais Mohamed Thilshan states: “Global Solutions is driven by the motto – ‘Make Your Event Memorable’. We have been offering an array of services ranging from venue management to lights, sounds and logistics, and recently expanded our offerings to include catering services as well – providing snacks and beverages at all our events. However, we wanted to go a step further and offer healthy and fresh products at all our special occasions. This led us to launch our brand called Dlight which has been a stepping stone for all of us and a venture we look forward to expanding.”

Global Solutions provides all-inclusive event services that cater to individuals, groups and small businesses as well. It integrates into its service various vendors such as photographers, audio-visual providers, caterers and the like. With a dedicated vision to flourish in the region’s event management and food processing industry, Global Solutions has provided employment and acted as a source of income to many.

Thilshan further states: “We have always wanted Dlight to disrupt the industry by providing healthy and tasty food and beverages to our customers. And we are ecstatic to announce that we have launched our first Mango Nectar, Mixed Fruit Nectar, Lime and Lemon drink, Aloe Vera drink, and Iced Coffee bottles to the market.”

Dlight has now built itself a loyal and growing customer base of its own. The returning customers prefer Dlight for its fruit-based nectar, organic nature and competitive pricing. Mango Nectar and Mixed Fruit Nectar, which are especially popular during the scorching summer, are available in 200ml, 500ml and 1 Litre bottles in the Eastern and Northern Provinces.

Thilshan and his team look forward to adding Wood Apple Juice to the Dlight portfolio. In addition, Global Solutions also plans on producing Dlight Jams, Dlight Cordials and Dlight Organic Drinks in the near future.

Global Solutions is supported both technically and financially through HackaDev – the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Sri Lanka’s flagship youth and innovation programme, which empowers Sri Lanka’s youth to be more innovative and entrepreneurial and take leadership in solving the most pressing development challenges in a sustainable manner, by providing them with opportunities and the necessary next-generation skills.

The HackaDev Enterprise Support Programme (HESP) is an initiative which is aimed at rebuilding enterprises and empowering entrepreneurs of the HackaDev alumni network affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. With the first cohort successfully implemented in 2020/21, it provided 06-months of comprehensive further development support to 15 enterprises. CurveUp was entrusted as the expert service provider to manage the seed funding and incubation support process of the HESP interventions, and has been successful in providing necessary support and hands-on guidance to entrepreneurs in their journey, contributing to the successful completion of the programme.

Having previously worked as a merchandising executive, Thilshan believes that the exposure he garnered through meeting people, better understanding their needs, and being able to translate challenges into progressive business opportunities has made him a mentor to many in his region. He says that the habit of reading several books and biographies on successful entrepreneurs, that he cultivated during his school days, has definitely played a part in him achieving his dreams! This budding entrepreneur is most definitely an inspiration for young people to progress in life amidst challenges.

“We had to face several issues when launching our product – right from market research to branding, merchandising and even production. The support and mentoring offered by UNDP and CurveUp has been instrumental in who we are now, and we look forward to establishing our footprint islandwide,” comments Thilshan.

Commenting on the initiative, Founder & CEO of CurveUp Mohammed Fawaz states: “We are indeed honoured to be a part of this project supported by the UNDP. CurveUp has offered the foundations and initial processes followed by Incubation. And UNDP has really enabled entrepreneurs to disrupt industries, create lasting impact, and develop sustainable solutions in our communities.”

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Opposition law makers’ critical comments check CSE’s morning momentum



By Hiran H. Senewiratne

The stock market yesterday kicked- off on a positive note during the first session but the momentum did not sustain due to opposition law makers’ negative remarks on the current negotiation process with external creditors, market analysts said.

President Ranil Wickremesinghe had discussed debt restructuring and economic reforms with International Monetary Fund Managing Director Kristalina Georgieva, a President’s media division statement said.

“In their discussion, they focused on the ongoing reforms in the financial sector and the significant advancements in debt restructuring efforts, the statement said.

Amid those developments, both indices moved downwards. The All- Share Price Index went down by 71.76 points while the S and P SL20 declined by 14 points. Turnover stood at Rs 1.19 billion with four crossings.

Those crossings were reported in Windforce, which crossed 11 million shares to the tune of Rs 209 million; its shares traded at Rs 90, RIL Properties 20 million shares crossed for Rs 130 million and its shares traded at Rs 6.50, Hayleys Fabrics 500,000 shares crossed to the tune of Rs 23.1 million and its shares fetched Rs 46.20 and Laugfs 630,000 shares crossed for Rs 22 million; its shares traded at Rs 35.

In the retail market top seven companies that mainly contributed to the turnover were; JKH Rs 180 million (970,000 shares traded), CIC Holdings Rs 51.5 million (686,000 shares traded), Lanka IOC Rs 47.6 million (415,000 shares traded), Capital Alliance Rs 37.4 million (491,000 shares traded), HNB Rs 35.6 million (210,000 shares traded), Aitken Spence Hotels Rs 32.8 million (411,000 shares traded) and Softlogic Capital Rs 23.3 million (1.9 million shares traded). During the day 61.4 million share value changed hands in 9000 transactions.

Yesterday, the rupee opened at Rs 325/15 to the US dollar after closing the previous day at Rs 324.75/325.00 to the US dollar, dealers said.

Bond yields were up. A bond maturing on 01.08.2026 was quoted up at 14.80/15.20 percent from 14.50/70.A bond maturing on 15.09.2027 was quoted up at 14.60/15.20 percent from 14.35/50 percent. A bond maturing on 01.05.2028 was quoted up at 14.10/50 from 13.70/14.00 percent.

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Robocash Sri Lanka’s ESG commitment shines on International Coastal Cleanup Day at Dehiwala Beach



Robocash Team at Dehiwala Beach - Robocash EcoSplash: Beach Cleanup and Beyond

Robocash Sri Lanka marked International Coastal Cleanup Day by furthering its “Robocash EcoSplash: Beach Cleanup and Beyond” initiative, which took place on September 17th, at Dehiwala Beach, Sri Lanka.

This environmentally-conscious initiative was a testament to the company’s unwavering commitment to environmental sustainability, community engagement, and responsible corporate citizenship, all of which are in alignment with the Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG) principles.

ESG gained significant prominence in recent years as a guiding framework for responsible investment. It takes into account a company’s environmental impact, social responsibility, and governance practices, aligning them with the broader goals of sustainability and societal well-being. Robocash Sri Lanka recognizes the critical importance of ESG values in today’s world and is dedicated to integrating them into its operations and initiatives.

The “Robocash EcoSplash: Beach Cleanup and Beyond” program was a collaborative effort with the company’s internal team, showcasing the dedication of Robocash Sri Lanka’s employees to make a positive impact on their local environment and community.

Konstantin Bereutsyn, Country Manager of Robocash Sri Lanka, addressed the team at the event, saying, “Our commitment to environmental sustainability and community engagement goes beyond business as usual. We believe that being a responsible corporate citizen involves actively participating in initiatives that benefit society and the environment. This beach cleanup event is just one of the many ways we intend to contribute to a cleaner, greener, and more sustainable future for Sri Lanka.”

The program ensured that all necessary permits and permissions for the beach-cleaning activity were obtained, and strict adherence to government health guidelines was maintained throughout the event to prioritize the safety and well-being of all participants.

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Ceylinco Life opens up the world once again for policyholders with ‘Family Savari 17’



Screen visuals from the virtual launch of Ceylinco Life’s ‘Family Savari 17’ promotion.

The world is opening up once again for Ceylinco Life policyholders with the return of overseas holidays for the family as the main loyalty reward under the life insurance market leader’s ‘Family Savari’ mega promotion, the largest initiative of its kind in the local life insurance sector.

The 17th edition of Family Savari announced this week will provide overseas holidays for 15 policyholder families in 2024 – to Türkiye for five families and to Malaysia for another 10 families – reverting to the original theme of the promotion.

Another 250 policyholder families comprising of 1,000 people will get to spend a fun-filled day at the Pearl Bay Water Park at Bandaragama, a new location for the local segment of the Family Savari.

“The Family Savari promotion has always been about the importance of quality family time and creating memories of a lifetime for our policyholders and their loved ones,” Ceylinco Life’s Deputy Chief Operating Officer Mr Samitha Hemachandra said. “Unfortunately, the pandemic made overseas travel inadvisable, but we are now delighted to be able to reward our loyal policyholders and their families with holidays to some of the world’s most popular destinations.”

With the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, Ceylinco Life’s Family Savari opted to reward winners initially with gold instead of the overseas holidays and local excursions, and subsequently with cash rewards to the full value of the prize purse, and thereafter with family vacations in leading local hotels as health concerns began to ease.

At this year’s Family Savari promotion, a total of 265 policyholders will be selected at two draws that will take place in November 2023 and January 2024 to reward them and their family members, numbering 1,060 people in all, for their loyalty to Ceylinco Life. The mega promotion has to date rewarded more than 35,000 people in this manner.

To be eligible to win overseas holidays or the local excursion at the Family Savari draws, Ceylinco Life policyholders are simply required to continue their existing policies with the Company or maintain a minimum account balance in their retirement plans during the promotion period, 1st September to 31st December 2023.

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