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Taking video surveillance beyond human intelligence



Dialog Enterprise, the corporate ICT solutions arm of Dialog Axiata PLC, in a unique partnership with Irisity, the global leader in artificial intelligence video analytics, revolutionize video surveillance industry by bringing the world’s most advanced video analytics technology to your doorstep.

Irisity’s cutting-edge SaaS platform, IRIS+ goes beyond human capabilities by filtering surveillance footage in real-time to detect suspicious behaviour and provide investigation and root cause analysis through captured real-time data. The software intelligently identifies unwarranted movements such as intrusion detection, violence, trip & fall incidents, loitering, smoke & fire, and more, ensuring comprehensive and vigilant surveillance 24×7.

“Our software implementation is specifically tailored to cater to the evolving needs of video surveillance, including the application of analytics for enhanced functionality. Whether you opt for our cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) or on-premises software solutions, our deployment is designed to effectively address current and future demands.”, stated Navin Peiris, Group Chief Officer of Dialog Enterprise, Dialog Axiata PLC.

Continuing, he elaborated, “By leveraging a scalable architecture, our system seamlessly supports a multitude of cameras deployed across different locations, enabling you to harness the power of video surveillance analytics. Furthermore, our solution offers an appealing total cost of ownership (TCO), providing excellent value for your enterprise.”

Irisity’s video intelligence solutions are built on advanced artificial intelligence concepts, complemented by smart anonymization techniques that ensure privacy and data protection. These solutions are renowned for delivering the highest levels of accuracy even in the most challenging environments. Irisity offers technology supports installations to all sizes and can be deployed to vast numbers of cameras, providing high availability and full redundancy to limit service downtime or data loss.

“Specializing in feature-rich video analytics, our platform represents the future of Smart Video Surveillance powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) to address the evolving security needs of enterprises,” declared Zvika Ashani, CTO of Irisity. “With over 15 years of continuous machine learning and advanced computer vision development, IRIS+ delivers uniquely precise and reliable video analytics,” he added.

The system, available on a single platform, is capable of monitoring large areas with just a few cameras and can detect object movement down to only a few pixels. The entire solution is modular with powerful integration capabilities, enabling Dialog Enterprise to lead the way with Irisity’s proven track record of delivering the highest accuracy.

AI-powered video analytics is revolutionizing security and business intelligence by enabling the detection and identification of threats, crime prevention, and enhanced situational awareness. IRIS+ is currently deployed in diverse global projects across both public and private sectors. It enhances safety, security, and efficiency in various settings, including smart cities, where it monitors traffic, detects crime, and improves public safety.

In addition, IRIS+ is utilized in critical infrastructure monitoring such as distributed manufacturing facilities, power plants, and water treatment facilities. It also plays a crucial role in rail and transportation by monitoring train stations, airports, and other transportation hubs. Furthermore, IRIS+ finds application in education for monitoring schools and universities to ensure safety and security, as well as in healthcare to monitor hospitals and other healthcare facilities for patient safety.

By ensuring quick set-up and easy implementation, Dialog Enterprise aims to equip its local enterprises with this latest technology, in line with its vision to empower domestic entrepreneurship of delivering the best of digitalization for embracing the future, today.


Amana Takaful Insurance and CBC Finance forge partnership for insurance coverage



Standing from Left to Right Harsha Samarasekara Head of Credit & Branch Administration CBC Finance, Namal Cooray - Head of Sales & Marketing CBC Finance, Chamilantha Fernando - MD/CEO CBC Finance, Upul Dissanayake - MD/CEO CBC Finance, Hassan Kassim – Managing Director ATPLC, Shehan Feisal – CEO ATPLC, Noushad Cassim – Deputy General Manager Sales (Metropolitan) ATPLC, Zakir Kanaka – Assistant General Manager Branch Sales Distribution ATPLC, Suresh Basnayake – Chief Sales Officer ATPLC

In a significant move to enhance insurance services for vehicle owners, Amana Takaful Insurance PLC and CBC Finance Limited have inked a special Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). This strategic alliance positions Amana Takaful Insurance as the preferred insurance partner for CBC Finance, which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Commercial Bank of Ceylon PLC.

The signing of this exclusive agreement signifies Amana Takaful Insurance’s commitment to providing tailored insurance solutions to the customers of CBC Finance. It opens up a range of benefits for vehicle owners, including three-wheelers and motorcycles, ensuring affordable, comprehensive insurance coverage and seamless services. The MOU will facilitate widespread collaboration between Amana Takaful Insurance and CBC Finance, on an Islandwide basis, thereby strengthening customer relationships. Furthermore, the agreement introduces tailor-made insurance products crafted specifically to cater to the needs and preferences of CBC Finance customers.

Hassan Kassim, Managing Director at Amana Takaful Insurance expressed his enthusiasm about this new exclusive partnership saying, “We’re excited to join hands with CBC Finance to provide comprehensive insurance solutions to their valued customers. This strategic alliance aligns perfectly with our commitment to delivering exceptional value to customers across Sri Lanka.”

Managing Director/CEO at CBC Finance, Upul Dissanayake noted, “This partnership marks a significant step forward in ensuring robust insurance coverage for vehicles across Sri Lanka. Amana Takaful Insurance’s strong financial position and exceptional product offering, combined with CBC’s extensive reach, will empower customers with top-notch insurance solutions and unparalleled convenience.”

The collaboration between these two leaders in the financial services space exemplifies their dedication to supporting the business community and the general public by offering innovative and customer-centric insurance products. Amidst a challenging market environment, this partnership underscores Amana Takaful Insurance’s resilience and commitment to providing reliable insurance coverage, making it the preferred choice for individuals and businesses alike

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From Thread to Tree: MAS Holdings’ Fabric Park redefines sustainable manufacturing



Water Treatment Plan at MAS Fabric Park

In an era where environmental sustainability is transitioning from choice to necessity, MAS Fabric Park (MFP) stands out as a revolutionary force in Sri Lanka’s apparel industry. Nestled in the tranquil environs of Thulhiriya in the Kegalle District in Sri Lanka, this 165-acre privately owned apparel-intensive free trade zone is not just a manufacturing hub; it’s the result of the MAS Group’s unwavering vision for sustainability, a testament to the Group’s dedication and a shining example of business harmonizing with the environment.

A Vision for Positive Change

MAS Holdings, the parent company of Fabric Park, has long embraced a vision of sustainable growth and positive transformation within the Company’s ethos, which is seen throughout the organization and its initiatives. The belief is that sustainability goes beyond profit; it’s about fostering positive change in the world, making a difference for the communities around the locality, and leaving a lighter footprint on our planet.

MAS Fabric Park’s CEO Murad Rajudin explained that MFP provides partner plants with centralized utility services including treated water, raw effluent treatment for factory-discharged water, energy in the form of electricity distribution from the main grid, steam, and thermic heat, based on the location of the plant. “MFP plays a pivotal role in the intricate supply chain of MAS Holdings.

Firstly, it is a strategic hub for fabric development and value addition, contributing significantly to the vertical integration of the MAS supply chain. This integration is crucial in a global industry where speed, efficiency, and reducing carbon footprint have become paramount. By offering state-of-the-art infrastructure and facilities for fabric manufacturing right within Sri Lanka, MFP not only streamlines operations but also aligns with the global demand for responsible and sustainable manufacturing practices.”

Comprehensive Water Management, Waste Reduction, and Value enhancement

Sustainability is deeply ingrained in every facet of MAS Fabric Park’s operations, notably in its approach to IPZ’s overall water footprint management, centralized effluent treatment, and waste management operations. The Park introduced a uniquely designed centralized raw wastewater collection and combined treatment system, which strictly adheres to global-level Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals (ZDHC) standards with respect to the fully treated discharges of the zone.

MFP General Manager (Hydro & Sustainability) Harsha Deraniyagala says, “MFP is leading the way in centralized water management systems, and centralized effluent treatment operations whilst meeting global standards with a present capacity of 9000 cubic meters per day. These innovative systems, operating at such high capacity, eliminate the need for redundant in-house treatment plants for partner facilities, effectively optimizing resources and curbing environmental impact within the zone.”

In addition, MAS Fabric Park has pioneered the sustainable management of textile “sludge”, which is a globally concerned area related to the industry. Through sustainable solar and thermal drying-based reductions, and dried sludge co-processing for energy recovery leading to final eco-brick production, it has significantly reduced the waste footprint of the zone whilst ensuring circularity within the entity.

Even the ultimate byproduct of textile wastewater treatment sludge finds purpose in products like the Eco Brick, used in constructing the chalets at MAS Athena and also across other construction needs of the entity, whilst biological waste is being diverted for composting for nurturing plants, aligning seamlessly with the concept of waste-to-energy and waste-to-value.

These initiatives contribute for the significant reductions of respective Carbon Footprints usually linked with the water, wastewater, and resultant large-scale environmental engineering operations. The fully equipped, ISO IEC 17025 accredited water quality laboratory and the research center support the related quality assurance and compliance aspects throughout the respective value streams.

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Inspiring children’s storytelling workshops



The Gratiaen Trust, in association with the John Keells Foundation, and with the support of the British Council, continues its mandate of fostering creativity and literary excellence in Sri Lanka with an exciting series of storytelling workshops in celebration of Children’s Day.

Workshops targeting young storytellers have been a regular feature on the Gratiaen Trust’s annual calendar. This year the Trust has expanded the scope of these workshops significantly to include events for teachers of English Literature and ‘A’ level students in Galle, a workshop for teenagers, and a Masterclass for authors of children’s literature in Colombo. The resource person at these workshops will be renowned British author and storyteller, Sita Brahmachari. Furthermore, in October, the Trust will also be hosting its second session of the Gratiaen Trust Young Writers Club.

Neloufer de Mel, Chairperson of the Gratiaen Trust, stated, “Our mission at the Gratiaen Trust is to unlock the imaginative potential of young writers and artists. We are delighted to have someone like Sita Brahmachari, a renowned UK-based author of children’s literature, to facilitate our Children’s Day programme’’.

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