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Swisstek makes history as the first Tile Adhesive (Mortar) and Tile Grout brand to obtain SLS



From Left – SLSI team comprising of Ms. Sashika Roshani – Assistant Director, A.P.Kandage – Senior Deputy Director, Ms. Priyanga Perera- Director (Product certification), Dr.Siddika Senarath- Director General/CEO / SLSI handing over the Certification to the Swisstek Ceylon PLC team led by Mahendra Jayasekera - Managing Director, Tyrell Roche – Chief Operating Officer, Shirley Mahendra - General Manager – Marketing, Ms. Wajira Nanayakkara (AGM – Plant and Technical) & Ms. Sudilma Harshani - Asst. Manager Quality Assurance

Renowned Sri Lankan brand offering world class finishing solutions since 1967, Swisstek Ceylon PLC recently obtained Sri Lanka Standards Institute Certification (SLS) for five of its market-leading products. Among the five products affirmed by the country’s apex body for standardization are three types of tile adhesives namely Super Tile Adhesive (mortar), Super Plus Tile Adhesive (mortar) & Ultra Grip Tile Adhesive (mortar) and two types of tile grout namely Super Polymer Tile Grout & Polymer Modified Tile Grout.

Swisstek Ceylon PLC is the first brand in its market category to obtain the SLS certification which serves to illustrate the Organization’s commitment for quality. In 2015 Swisstek obtained the ISO 9001 certification for its manufacturing processes and has since invested over Rs.170 million to upgrade its facilities & optimize output; as a result, in the 2020/2021 financial year the Company’s production capacity soared by 22%.

Commenting on the milestone, Managing Director of Swisstek Ceylon PLC J. A. P. M. Jayasekara: “The certification serves to formalize the overwhelmingly positive feedback we consistently receive from industry experts & customers alike. In terms of what lies ahead, Swisstek intends to focus on consolidating its market position as the pioneer in innovation & quality through Research and Development. Despite the economic downturn triggered by the global pandemic, we are hopeful Swisstek Ceylon Plc will continue to be resilient as it did in the 2020/2021 financial year.”

Jayasekara further commented that the organization was prepared to face the forthcoming financial year with greater confidence based on experience & learnings from the previous year: “We will continue to strengthen our operating model by driving greater efficiencies, strengthening our distribution channels while exploring new growth opportunities in the ‘new normal’. Innovation will remain a hallmark of our brand and a key element of our customer value proposition.”

At present Swisstek Ceylon PLC has an extensive network of 22 distributors & 2000 dealers including 60+ Lanka Tiles showrooms island-wide. The Group has a comprehensive portfolio of over 25 products in 10 categories and contributes significantly to the economy by being one of Sri Lanka’s largest exporters thus foreign exchange earners while also generating hundreds of direct & indirect employment opportunities. Furthermore, Swisstek Ceylon PLC is committed to Incorporating environmentally friendly manufacturing processes and ensuring responsible consumption of resources to reduce environmental footprint.

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Money launderers would be brought to justice regardless of social standing – CBSL Governor



Central Bank Governor Ajith Nivard Cabraal

By Steve A. Morrell

Money-laundering and related financial frauds would be intensely investigated and those suspected of such financial crime would be brought to j1ustice regardless of social standing. The law would be enforced stringently on those who engage in these malpractices, Central Bank Governor Ajith Nivard Cabraal said.

The CBSL Governor made these comments in response to questions posed by the press at the media briefing addressed by him on December 4 at CBSL’s Atrium complex. At the head table with Governor Cabraal were Deputy Governor Dr. K.M.M. Siriwardena, Deputy Governor Ms. T.M.J.Y.P. Fernando, Deputy Governor Dr. N.W.G.R.D. Nanayakkara and Deputy Director of the Foreign Remittances Facilitation Department Dr. B.H.P.K. Thilakawardena.

It is of importance that banks have assured the Central Bank that such suspect transactions would be closely monitored. The receipt of large parcels of funds that raise suspicions would be thoroughly probed. Banks would be empowered to investigate the origins of such funds. If valid explanations are not forthcoming as to how such moneys were amassed, action would be taken following intense investigations to bring wrong-doers to justice, the CBSL Governor said.

On the subject of Sri Lankan migrant workers, Cabraal said that the number of workers who departed this year was comparatively low. Some 20,000 left for employment. This figure was nowhere near the annual departure rate. Before the pandemic, about 96, 000 or more Sri Lankan migrant workers were employed in other countries.

Cabraal added:

‘The low worker departure numbers this year meant dollar remittances this year were also low.

‘However, such remittances attracted duty free concessions, which encouraged migrant workers to send back earnings.

‘In exchange rates, the dollar was now Rs.210. This meant that depreciation of the rupee was stalled.

‘Inflation is subjected to global prices of oil, coal and other goods Sri Lanka imports. Based on such international prices, import value of such commodities was beyond the control of the local authorities and did influence the inflation that was experienced by Sri Lanka.

‘Departure to other countries for employment by Sri Lankans was now facilitated to ensure such departures were not stalled in any way because of the importance of forex remittances.

‘There was also now a useful pension scheme in addition to the duty- free allowance; mainly to encourage inward remittances.’

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Alliance Finance expands its sustainability drive through island wide branches



Alliance Finance Dehiattakandiya Branch Donated an Oxygen Concentrator Machine to the Dehiattakandiya Base Hospital on 19th June, 2021

Alliance Finance Co. PLC, (AFC), Sri Lanka’s oldest finance company with over 65 years of expertise in offering affordable and inclusive sustainable finance solutions to empower the nation. AFC has taken a step forward to expand its sustainability drive through its island wide branch network, launching AFC branch sustainability programme, known as the “AFC helping hand” with an aim to help uplift the lives of Sri Lankans and lend a helping hand to the fight against the pandemic. This initiative has several competed projects to date and over 30 project implementations are in progress, despite the challenges from the Covid-19.

The branch network following in the footsteps of AFC, have embraced the opportunity to serve the communities in their respective regions. AFC donated a vast array of medical equipment to hospitals, lending a hand towards the ongoing battle against COVID-19 including formal reliefs to affected clients & staff. To date the company has supported hospitals in Northern, Uva, Eastern, Southern, Western, Sabaragamuwa and North Western Provinces and many projects are progressing in other provinces as well.

Commenting on the AFC helping hand programme, Deputy Chairman and Managing Director Romani de Silva said, “It is with great enthusiasm we embark on these projects to support our own communities. All of the AFC’s branches have rallied behind this programme to fulfil the most pressing needs of their respective locations. We are in the midst of a highly challenging period with the pandemic.”

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Leading Singaporean edtech platform Tutopiya provides Sri Lankan tutors with global teaching opportunities



Tutopiya CEO Nuha Ghouse

Tutopiya, a Singapore-based edtech platform, announced the official launch of its tutor recruitment drive in Sri Lanka. This drive comes at a time when online tuition is necessary amidst the pandemic and social distancing measures across the globe.

Tutopiya works with a network of experienced tutors to bring online tuition to students at home. Tutopiya specialises in teaching international school students from grades 1-12 focusing on the IGCSE and A levels by Cambridge & Pearson Edexcel Examination Boards and the International Baccalaureate (IB).

Nuha Ghouse, CEO of Tutopiya said, “We are excited to launch our tutor recruitment campaign in Sri Lanka and have already seen a lot of interest from tutors looking for global teaching opportunities which are not disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic. We want to offer students access to quality online education, which is crucial at this point, so we have one of the largest and thoroughly vetted active databases of quality teachers to ensure we provide the highest standard of online tuition.”

A growing interest in global online teaching opportunities

Developed and honed in-house over a three year period, Tutopiya’s proudly owns its advanced web-based platform and mobile app which completely equips tutors to offer a high quality online learning experience with absolute convenience in lesson scheduling, joining and teaching. In addition, tutors are provided with teaching resources and ongoing continuous training and webinar series to ensure the tutors are fully supported and up-to-date with the latest international curricula and the best online teaching techniques.

Tutopiya’s faculty of internationally-qualified subject specialist teachers ensures the students have access to advanced standards of knowledge and skills for every subject offered. Tutors are selectively and privately-screened to ensure that they provide students with the best education possible.

Private live and interactive lessons without leaving home

Through Tutopiya’s advanced mobile app and web-based platform, students and teachers have a range of features which provide a complete solution for online learning – live lessons, practice

assignments, progress tracking, feedback, lesson recordings, to name a few. This makes online learning most effective, efficient and best of all, convenient.

Becoming a Tutor with Tutopiya

If you are someone who is passionate about teaching and would like to work with students from different parts of the world, visit and submit your online application under the ‘become a tutor’ section.

Traditionally, students who enroll in tuition outside of school have to travel to their tutor’s homes or vice versa. However, with more restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this is not a viable option for many.

By removing the physical barrier, learners and tutors will have more opportunities and chances for exploring new and qualified educators. Tutors can gain a better understanding of each student through one-on-one time. Through this communication, tutors can deliver customised lessons that suit their individual needs and learning styles for the best outcomes.

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