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Soul Coffee & Monsoon Colombo elevate the Ceylon coffee experience



Soul Coffee, Sri Lanka’s leading artisan coffee brand, recently partnered with Monsoon Colombo to bring a unique offering to the country’s coffee drinkers. Under the partnership, Soul Coffee is providing Monsoon with artisan roasted single origin coffee grown in the lush Ella Highlands, Kotmale Valley and Welimada Hills.

Single origin Ceylon coffees are grown in different regions within the country, and are highly prized for their distinct flavour which encapsulates the characteristics of the area in which they were grown. They are essentially time capsules capturing the distinctive attributes of a region during that particular season, and with each season creating its own unique subtle flavour variations.

Speaking about the partnership Henry Fitch, Managing Director – Monsoon said, “We are very happy to be partnering with Soul Coffee on this initiative. They have been at the forefront of the revived Ceylon coffee wave tirelessly pushing to improve the coffee experience and the quality of local coffee available to the average coffee drinker. That, coupled with their close ties to local small-holder farmers and wealth of knowledge, made them the ideal choice to be our coffee partner.”

“The coffees themselves have a unique flavour profile distinct to their respective regions and will undoubtedly be a favourite of serious coffee drinkers but also offer something novel for the average drinker as well,” he added.

Soul Coffee works closely with over 300 farming families who grow a unique variety of premium arabica beans across the luscious regions of Ella Valley, Kotmale Valley and Welimada Hills in Sri Lanka.

Furthermore, the company, in a joint venture with a tea estate, grows and harvests its own unique variety of arabica beans, where they also have a coffee washing station and processing centre. At this centre, they process the coffee cherries in the following ways: Natural, Washed and Honey Processed.

“We firmly believe that through our careful control of the end-to-end coffee value chain from seed to cup, we have further elevated the local coffee experience and brought us on par with global offerings,” said Rinosh Nasar, Founder & CEO – Soul Coffee. “Regional Ceylon coffee was always a part of the plan for us from day one. And now that we are able to bring it to market it signifies the next phase of our growth and how far we have come since we first launched. It also signals a growing sophistication in the local market that is now asking for such a product.”

“We are proud to be partnering with Monsoon on this great initiative and excited to be able to offer these uniquely flavourful coffees to their clientele,” he added.

Soul Coffee provides tailor made coffee solution to its customers, which includes a selection of coffee beans, ground coffee, coffee bags and a range of coffee products. The company also provides coffee training services, menu creation, coffee consultancy and technical support. Soul Coffee strives to set the benchmark for Ceylon coffee. Their ethically conscious approach to present you the perfect cup of coffee that you can enjoy without any reservation, is something they strongly believe in and reflects in their core values.


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New Administration building at Horana EPZ opened



The BOI’s Horana Export Processing Zone ceremonially opened its 46 million-rupee new administrative building recently with BOI DG Sanjaya Mohottala as chief guest. The event was attended by a large number of investors, government officials and the senior BOI officials, the BOI announced.

Mohottala said on this occasion that “our biggest challenge is to maintain the GDP rate at 6% for the next 10 years with the BOI charged with the responsibility of uplifting the economy and attracting Foreign Direct Investment.

“We need to provide necessary infrastructure facilities and a healthy investment climate with a more proactive rather than reactive role,” he said.

He announced that steps are being taken to develop thrust sectors for investment such as pharmaceuticals, agricultural processing, ICT, aquaculture and rubber etc. Also the BOI was responsible for providing investors with an efficient service.

Horana Export processing Zone was established in 1999 on 390 acres of which 181 acres is industrial land. The infrastructure provided include water, processing of waste water and electricity, making the zome attractive to investors.

Zone companies have generated 3,375 direct employment opportunities and twice that number of indirect jobs with total export revenue of Rs 8.6 billion earned in 2019.

There are 21 enterprises in commercial operation at the Horana EPZ involved in the manufacture of apparel & accessories, food, wooden products, consumer goods, steel, aluminum and plastic products.

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GPV Lanka awarded SLS 1672: 2020 COVID-19 Safety Management System



GPV Lanka (Pvt) Ltd., recently received the Certificate of Conformity – SLS 1672:2020 COVID -19 Safety Management System from the Sri Lanka Standards Institution (SLSI).

This confirms the company’s unparalleled commitment towards ensuring health and safety measures among its workforce and all stakeholders engaged in its day-to-day operations.

Preparations to face the pandemic’s consequences within a short time is a noteworthy aspect of the organisation. Furthermore, this qualification will support to keep production geared up to serve overseas customers with minimum hindrance.

GPV Lanka (Pvt) Ltd., has become the first Sri Lankan Company into electronics manufacturing to receive this certification. GPV was founded in Denmark in 1961 and is today one of Europe’s leading electronics manufacturers. GPV is a global EMS-partner providing complex electronics, cable-harness, mechatronics and box-build solutions including design and engineering activities to customers worldwide within high mix/low-medium volume.

GPV generates a revenue at about USD 460 million with around 3,700 employees and has production sites across Europe, Asia and the Americas.

GPV Lanka (Pvt.) Ltd has been in the industry in Sri Lanka for more than 30 years and today it has 1,022 employees including 45 electronic engineers with a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility.

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Lankan company offers Chinese language services



In a global climate where China has established its standing as the second largest and fastest growing economy in the world, the extent of the country’s scale and integration has meant that proficiency in Chinese has become a coveted asset.

Hàny? Services -a Sri Lanka-based Chinese content creation, translation, and interpretation company- has launched with a wide portfolio of professional Chinese language services to fulfil the growing interest in investing in this highly lucrative market.

“The company, with its vast global network of qualified Chinese linguists, delivers translation service excellence for any industry, where content is produced such that the client’s brand message is effectively conveyed without the loss of style, tone or context. The language service provider’s scope of services in this regard include document and website translations, interpretation, proofreading, voice-over services, and video subtitling, the SL company said in a news release.

“Additionally, clients of Hàny? Services stand to gain a strong competitive advantage in their respective sectors by having tailor-made content created that will best target the Chinese market accurately, ensuring that every message communicated is localized persuasively.”

The company’s team of seasoned Mandarin translators and writers are experienced in Chinese content writing, creation of localized marketing collateral, website localization and translation, and video creation, helping businesses find their distinctive voice and share their brand story through exceptional content, the release said.

The service also offers greater insight into Chinese business culture and etiquette, a vital asset for those looking to do business with or in China. Here too, Hàny? Services offers training on Chinese business language and culture that will help earn clients’ trust through the ability to communicate and negotiate better; paving the way for more successful agreements and business deals, it added.

Recently the agency launched Sri Lanka’s first ‘Mandarin Corner’ -an interactive initiative to encourage Lankans from across the island to learn, practise, and network in Mandarin with native speakers, students, and others. communication overall, the release said.

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