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Seylan Bank records Rs. 1Bn PAT in 2021 Q1 despite Covid challenges



Financial Performance review for the 03 Months ended 31 March 2021

Seylan Bank made a steady start in 2021 by posting a Profit After Tax (PAT) of LKR 1Bn in Q1 2021 amidst macro-economic challenges brought in by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Statement of Financial Performances

Interest income recorded a decline due to the lower interest rates and moderate book growth but net interest margin showed a marginal increase over the corresponding period in 2020 due to lower financing costs.

Net Fee & Commission Income increased marginally to LKR 1.2Bn from LKR 1.0Bn, recording a YoY growth of 17.41% due to enhanced trade and guarantee volumes compared to the previous year.

The Total Operating Income growth of 22.25% predominantly driven by Net gains reported from de-recognition of financial assets which increased to LKR 185.2Mn from LKR 69.6Mn in 1Q 2020 and the other operating income increased by LKR 858.8Mn mainly due to increase in exchange income. On the flip side, trading activities reported a loss of LKR 611.4Mn mainly due to mark to market loss on derivatives which contracted the operating income YoY growth.

Bank recorded an impairment charge of LKR 2.2Bn during the period under review against LKR 1.1Bn reported in 1Q 2020 with a growth of 94.53% attributed to aggressive provisioning policy adopted.

Total Operating Expenses recorded LKR 3.4Bn in 1Q 2021 compared to LKR 3.3Bn in 1Q 2020. The Bank continued to focus on widening the roll-out of lean initiatives and automation across the Bank and rationalising expenditure on key controllable cost lines.

Overall, Bank recorded a Profit Before Tax (PBT) of LKR 1.4Bn against LKR 1.3Bn in 1Q 2020. Similarly, Profit After Tax (PAT) was recorded as LKR 1.0Bn against LKR 0.9Bn reported in 1Q 2020.

Statement of Financial Position

Bank achieved the LKR 562.7Bn Total Assets as of 31 March 2021, resulting 0.90% growth compared to the 31 December 2020.

Loans and advances portfolio of the Bank recorded a marginal growth of 1.51% to LKR 399.7Bn during the 1Q 2021 amidst of challenges faced. The growth in credit was driven primarily by Term Loans, and retail products such as Leasing, Pawning etc.

NPL ratio improved marginally to 6.39% against 6.43% reported as at last year end. Bank is continuously monitoring and strengthening the recovery process in order to bring under control and minimize the impact of the NPL.

The overall deposit base recorded a marginal growth of 1.28% to LKR 445.9Bn by 1Q 2021 compared to LKR 440.3Bn. Bank’s CASA ratio (Current and Savings) stood 34.52%.

Key financial ratios and indicators

Seylan Bank remained soundly capitalised, with the key capital adequacy ratios well above the regulatory minimum requirements and recorded 11.02% as the Bank’s Common Equity Tier 1 (CET 1) Capital Ratio/Total Tier 1 Capital Ratio and 13.59% as the Total Capital Ratio.

Bank maintained its liquidity position above the required minimum ratios, during the quarter under review. The Statutory Liquid Asset Ratio (SLAR) for the Domestic Banking Unit and the Foreign Banking Unit were maintained at 29.84% and 22.80% respectively as at end of first quarter 2021.

The Return on Equity (ROE) stood at 8.20% for the period under review, compared to 6.43% recorded in 2020. The Return (before tax) on Average Assets (ROAA) recorded as 1.00% in 1Q 2021.

Earnings per Share (EPS) in 2021 stood at LKR 1.88, a slight increase compared to the LKR 1.69 recorded in the comparative year, while net assets value per ordinary share recorded at LKR 91.92 (group LKR 95.23).

Successful and oversubscribed Debenture issue of LKR 6.0Bn endorsed and demonstrated the confidence placed in the Bank by the investors.

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Share investors worried over Wealth and Heritage tax



By Hiran H Senewiratne

CSE trading kicked off on a positive note yesterday but the momentum could not be sustained for long owing to investor worries that the government is planning domestic debt restructuring involving the imposition of a wealth and heritage tax on citizens, market sources said.

Amid those developments both indices moved downwards. The All -Share Price Index went down by 131 points and S and P SL-20 declined by 46.8 points. Turnover stood at Rs 3.4 billion with four crossings. Those crossings were reported in Agalawattte Plantations, which crossed 45.3 million shares to the tune of Rs 1.5 billion, its shares traded at Rs 35, CTC 420,000 shares crossed for Rs 269 million and its shares traded at Rs 640, Cargills 100,000 shares crossed to the tune of Rs 24.5 million; its shares traded at Rs 245 and Hayleys 300,000 shares crossed for Rs 24 million; its shares traded at Rs 80.

In the retail market top seven companies that mainly contributed to the turnover were, SLT Rs 234 million (two million shares traded), Hayleys RS 121 million (1.5 million shares traded), Lanka IOC Rs 106 million (115,000 shares traded), Softlogic Capital Rs 69 million (5.6 million shares traded), CTC Rs 65.3 million (101,000 shares traded), Sampath Bank RS 54.7 million (one million shares traded) and Commercial Bank RS 52.5 million (801,000 shares traded).During the day 164 million share volumes changed hands in 20000 transactions.

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Brandix ‘RightToRead’ initiative gains momentum enriching Sri Lanka students and transforming learning



Inspired by the challenge to provide Sri Lankan children with better access to learning materials and the transformative power to read and comprehend English, Brandix launched the ‘RightToRead’ project in 2018 in collaboration with the Ministry of Education.

Accordingly, Brandix introduced the ‘ReadToMe’ English learning tool, created by English Helper – India, to improve reading and comprehension skills of Sri Lankan students. Last Monday, Julie Chung, the US Ambassador to Sri Lanka, visited Susamayawardhana Vidyalaya in Borella, to observe progress of the project and experience how children and educators in Sri Lanka engage with educational technology.

Brandix Lanka Limited, Director, Ajit Johnpillai, said: “Education is the most powerful tool to enrich communities and futures, and Brandix is committed to build a strong foundation for transformational learning for students across Sri Lanka. The progress we have made with RiteToRead over the past two years is promising, and the potential for change in the education sector harnessing such digital technologies is immeasurable. Brandix will continue its commitment to deliver Inspired Solutions for the people of Sri Lanka.”

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Dialog TV Boosts Resilience and Capacity with Norsat Satellite Earth Station



Hytera, a leading global provider of professional communications technologies and solutions, is proud to announce the successful deployment of a new backup satellite station for Dialog TV, Sri Lanka’s No.1 satellite Pay TV service provider. The project was fulfilled in 2022 by Hytera and its subsidiary specialized in Satellite Communications (SatCom), Norsat International Inc. The new station enhances the resilience and capacity of Dialog TV’s existing system and ensures continuity of service in the event of damage due to natural disasters.
Dialog TV provides coverage over the entirety of Sri Lanka through the Intelsat 38 Ku-band satellite. As the business expanded, it opted for a backup solution to support its existing satellite station and to strengthen the network’s disaster tolerance.
Hytera and Norsat provided an end-to-end satellite earth station solution that includes the installation, integration, and setup of satellite antennas, a transmission and receiving system, a new network management system (NMS), and a carrier monitoring system (CMS). The NMS makes routine work easier and simpler for on-duty staff, as equipment status, parameter monitoring and configuration, and remote control of the devices can be viewed and accomplished via a single interface. The CMS monitors the carrier spectrum status of satellite signals in real-time and ensures stable signal transmission and receiving.
“We are excited to have been able to work with Dialog TV on this important project,” said Kevin Sun, Sales Director for Hytera South Asia, “Our ability to seamlessly integrate our new equipment and software with Dialog TV’s existing systems has helped to ensure a stable and reliable service for their millions of customers across Sri Lanka.”

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