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SANFIZ: Tantalizing the taste buds



by Rochelle Palipane Gunaratne

SANFIZ pickles and chutneys are the perfect accompaniment for the main dish- with its aromatic, power packed, flavourful concoctions blending perfectly to tantalize the taste buds.

“This is a dream of mine,” enthused Zubeida, who has a passion for cooking and a creative flair that makes her creations all the more appealing. Using fruits, vegetables, spices, juggery/ sugar and vinegar as her preservatives, she has produced a brand which reflects her love for cooking for her family and friends. “It gives me great pleasure to make meal times special and it gives me immense satisfaction to know that something I have created with attention to detail and with love goes a long way, even far off lands and to the homes of strangers- ensuring that they make their meal times memorable and heart-warming.

Listening to her makes you realize that SANFIZ is not a mere product but a personalized accompaniment created with love. While the product has reached many a household worldwide as gifts through friends and relatives, the first official consignment was sent to USA recently which is a source of pride for Zubaida and her family and for the country.

The name SANFIZ too has a deeper meaning as it is an abbreviation of the names of her husband, children, grandchildren and herself combined, which indicates the value placed on everything that is prepared. After all, what began as a love for cooking with a dash of creativity has taken wing as an entrepreneurial venture in a small scale by a lady who believes that dreams do come true.

Fun facts about pickles and chutneys

The key difference between pickle and chutney is that the pickle typically includes whole fruits and vegetables or large pieces whereas chutney includes small pieces of fruits and vegetables. Furthermore, pickle refers to vegetables or fruit, sometimes cut into pieces, which have been kept in vinegar or salt water for a long time so that they have a strong, sharp taste. Chutney, on the other hand, is a spicy condiment made of fruits or vegetables with vinegar, spices, and sugar.

Although many people consider pickle and chutney as the same type of preservatives, there is a distinct difference between pickle and chutney. The process of pickling makes pickles while slow cooking makes chutneys. Both these foods include preserving perishable food, i.e., fruits and vegetables.

Pickles health benefits

Pickles have many health benefits from being a probiotic to boosting immunity. Pickles are loaded with nutrients like Vitamin A, D and K, along with minerals such as sodium, potassium, etc. Pickles don’t just add flavour to your meal but also enrich the nutrient quality of your food. Pickles such as cucumber, spinach, thyme, mango are also good sources of vitamin C.

Moreover, pickle also has good bacteria and antioxidants that help in enhancing your overall health too. Pickles assist in maintaining good gut health as pickle is a fermented product. Not to mention, if your gut is clear, you will also have a smooth weight loss journey. It is not an aid in weight loss but can be consumed in the right quantity during the time. However, the consumption should be in very small portion as it may lead to constipation.

Pickes are also good as they control sugar levels of a patient. Vinegar based pickles help in improving hemoglobin levels in diabetic patients. It is basically because of acetic acid that is present in vinegar.

Health benefits of chutney

Chutney acts as a detoxifier for your stomach. Consuming even little amounts of chutney can help in cleansing your stomach with its helpful vitamins like Vitamin B, C and A. As it is a probiotic food, it is very beneficial for your digestive system. Chutney helps in lowering the cholesterol levels, thus helping in maintaining good heart health. Chutneys have a lot of beneficial nutrients like potassium, vitamin C and fiber that are good for your heart. So, you can include a little amount of chutney in your daily diet.

Both pickle and chutney are highly nutritious and offer several health benefits to the human body. These tasty food items should be consumed in small quantities to enjoy advantages and prevent side effects of overconsumption. Therefore, you can include both chutney and pickle in your diet in small quantities!

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Showcasing the epitome of elegance and craftsmanship



Pure Gold by Tiesh has a well renowned Sri Lankan actress Yehali Tashiya Kalidasa as its brand ambassador. She is a multi-faceted young personality who has made her international debut in Pakistani cinema, and perfectly embodies the essence of the Pure Gold by Tiesh brand.

Tiesh, recognized for its exceptional craftsmanship and timeless designs, launched thier latest filigree collection under its subsidiary, Pure Gold by Tiesh. Imported from the best jewellery houses in Europe, Italy, Turkey, and Dubai, this collection features a stunning array of Italian 18-karat jewellery and 22-carat gold pieces adorned with pearls.

The newly unveiled filigree collection showcases a range of breathtaking earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and rings that exude elegance, dynamism, and vitality. With pieces available in tri-colours, rose gold, white gold, and yellow gold, Pure Gold by Tiesh has curated this collection with careful attention to detail, catering specifically to the wedding season.

Director Thiyasha expressed the brand’s dedication to excellence, stating, “Our jewellery stands out compared to other bridal jewellers. We are deeply invested in every aspect, from design to quality and craftsmanship. Our customers have repeatedly expressed their satisfaction, stating that our collections surpass those of many leading jewellery houses.”

What sets the filigree collection by Pure Gold by Tiesh apart is its versatility, allowing each piece to be worn in multiple ways. With a commitment to inclusivity, Tiesh caters to diverse cultures and ethnicities, offering something for everyone, from beautiful Hindu brides to Muslim brides and traditional Kandian brides.

Director Ayesh De Fonseka elaborated on the collection’s uniqueness, saying, “Each piece is distinct and one-of-a-kind. What’s truly captivating about this collection is its transformative aspect. We are reintroducing our special ring that transforms into a bangle, a design we first introduced in Sri Lanka in 2015.”

The dazzling filigree collection showcases the sheer intricacy and timeless allure of filigree work through an exquisite range. The inclusion of transformative jewellery adds an innovative touch to the collection, setting it apart from Tiesh’s other offerings. Every piece of jewellery from Tiesh is a fusion of traditional and trendsetting elements, allowing customers to express their individual preferences. This exclusivity distinguishes the brand from its competitors, while the meticulous attention to detail adds a touch of modern luxury to each creation.

“We wanted a collection that could complement any look: beautifully paired with your favourite watch, worn as a classic stack of bangles, or simply worn alone for a more subtle appearance,” Thiyasha further added.

The campaign surrounding the filigree collection not only celebrates the grandeur and glamour of modern Sri Lankan women but also pays tribute to the rich culture and bridal market. Tiesh continues to be at the forefront of the jewellery industry, offering exquisite designs that capture the hearts and desires of jewellery enthusiasts worldwide.

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Fellowship and networking



At the press conference held at the Movenpick hotel, at the head table are Dr. Harsha Jayasinghe, Dimantha Seneviratne CEO/Director of NDB Bank, Shirantha Peiris and other members of the Institute of Hospitality Sri Lanka

Institute of Hospitality Sri Lanka

The Institute of Hospitality, Sri Lanka International branch had their 31st Annual General Meeting recently meeting at Movenpic Hotel Colombo followed by cocktails and fellowship.

This is an annual event, organised by the President Dr. Harsha Jayasinghe and Executive Committee of the Institute.This event is organised for members of the Institute of Hospitality who have shown their dedication and commitment to the tourist industry.

The evening started with a speech from the President of the Institute Dr. Harsha. He spoke about the challenges ahead for the hospitality industry. Sri Lanka is making progress and economy is slowing signs of settling down. There are many tourists to Sri Lanka and this is definitely positive signs for the country said Director/CEO of National Development Bank Dimantha Seneviratne.

It was an entertaining evening with many members of the hospitality industry in attendance. The General Manager of the Movenpick hotel Roshan Perera gave his unstinted support to make a successful event The Chief Guest Sri Lanka Institute of Tourism and Hotel Management Shirantha Peiris also spoke

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Denara Eid Durbar



The Denara Vocational Training Institute a subsidiary of the All Ceylon Muslim Women’s Association is for the first time conducting a full day’s programme comprising a mini Eid Bazaar, Sale of items produced by the students of Denara and Cuty Rose and an evening of entertainment. It will be open to the public on Saturday,17th June from 9 am to 5 pm and entrance tickets to the exhibition are priced at Rs. 100/- .

Denara was established in October 2021 where courses in dressmaking, needlework, computer classes, cookery classes and Mehendi Art have been carried out. Despite the economic crisis, and all the challenges endured during these past few years, Denara has been able to still conduct the above classes giving many opportunities to the youth. The Vocational and Training Institute is supported by the All Ceylon Muslin Women’s Association, a reputed charity organization of 70 years history to date!

More than 200 items will be exhibited and available for sale, in addition to bed linen, table linen, cushion covers, cloth bags, and others lovingly crafted with beautiful hand embroidery.

Different to regular exhibitions and sales, a second part is being introduced to the day’s activities where a complete Moghul feel will take over! Ambassador for Turkey Demet Sekercioglu, Ambassador for Turkey in Colombo will grace the exhibition at 4 pm.

A spokesperson from the organising committee said that it will be a festive occasion in keeping with Eid, where an evening of music and games, a fashion show by the students of Denara and Cuty Rose showcasing their creations will be held not only to encourage the talented students who have worked hard to showcase their talents, but also to create an entertaining afternoon. The widely acclaimed Muslim Chorale Choir will make a guest appearance complementing the occasion. The day’s proceedings will conclude with a light dinner where tickets for this are priced at Rs. 3,000/- and already available for sale at the Denara Vocational Training Institute Office located at 191/50, Mangala Gardens, Colombo 5. . Please call on 077 853 9890 for further details.

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