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Raveen shines, Joes suffer second defeat



Under-19 Division I Cricket

by Reemus Fernando

Skipper Raveen de Silva produced probably the best all round performance so far in the tournament to guide Nalanda to 52 runs victory over Maliyadeva in the Under-19 Division I Limited Overs tournament Tier ‘A’ match at Kurunegala.

De Silva’s unbeaten 99 runs which held the Nalanda batting together and his five wicket haul which restricted Maliyadeva to 221 runs were the best all round performance so far in the limited overs tournament. He scored 99 runs in just 71 balls inclusive of 10 fours and two sixes.

In reply to Nalanda’s 273 runs, Maliyadeva were 170 for six wickets at one stage, with Rishi Adishtan, who had scored a century in their last match still holding guard. But de Silva managed to douse his threat as he accounted for the late order batting line up.

In the other Tier ‘A’ matches St. Sebastian’s recorded a thrilling two runs victory over St. Joseph’s. It was the second consecutive defeat suffered by the Joes. Trinity, Wesley, Mahanama and Prince of Wales were the other Tier ‘A’ teams to record wins on Tuesday.

In Tier ‘B’ matches, Mahinda, Devapathiraja, Isipatana, Joseph Vaz, Lumbini and Thurstan registered wins.

Tier A

St. Sebastian’s beat St. Joseph’s by two runs at Darley Road

St. Sebastian’s

134 all out in 48.5 overs (Savindu Rodrigo 29, Chakila Perera 22; Mithira Thenura 2/09, Shenuka de Silva 4/30)

St. Joseph’s

132 all out in 49.5 overs (Sheran Fonseka 28, Shevon Daniel 20; Sandeesh Fernando 2/29, Mahen Silva 2/15, Kalana Sandeepa 3/31)

Nalanda beat Maliyadeva by 52 runs at Kurunegala


273 for 7 in 50 overs (Rusiru Vilochana 37, Rashan Dissanayaka 39, Vinuja Ranpul 50, Raveen de Silva 99n.o.; Thimira Chandrasena 2/48, Nikila Dharmadasa 2/45, Charuka Herath 2/23)


221 all out in 43.1 overs (Rishi Adishtan 50, Thimira Chandrasena 38, Matheesha Weerasinghe 33, Chaluka Athapaththu 21, Pasan Kahagalla 21; Sajitha Vithanage 3/36, Raveen de Silva 5/42)

Cambrians beat S. Thomas’ by six wickets according to Parabola Method at Moratuwa

S. Thomas’

114 all out in 38.3 overs (Thenuka Liyanage 49n.o., Dhiren de Silva 23; Pasindu Pathum 4/32, Mahinsa Dinushan 2/18)

Prince of Wales

112 for 4 in 23.4 overs (Tharindu Amarasinghe 37, Upeka Fernando 32n.o.)

Mahanama beat St. Benedict’s by 91 runs at Kotahena


234 for 6 in 50 overs (Sachira Weliwatta 69n.o., Pavan Rathnayake 45, Achintha Supun 26n.o., Danaja Sandalidu 24, Savindu Kavinda 22; Akindu Karunaratne 2/42)

St. Benedict’s

143 all out in 47.4 overs (Sharujan Shanmuganathan 31, Hasindra Kaviratne 25, Chamath Chathurya 25n.o.; Sethum Kenula 3/30, Pavan Rathnayake 2/17, Devindu Kekirideniya 2/22, Sampath Nissanka 2/32)

Wesley beat DSS by four wickets at Campbell Park


196 all out in 47.2 overs (Amitha Dabare 25, Maneendra Jayathilaka 46, Manura Gathsara 41, Pumuditha Perera 24, Pasindu Denipitiya 21; Anudith Wickramasinghe 2/43, Thenuka Perera 3/28, Ravindu Sigera 2/22)


200 for 6 in 47.5 overs (Sahil Dias 57, Rakith Fernando 42n.o., Anudith Wickramasinghe 29n.o.)

Trinity beat De Mazenod by seven wickets at Kandy

De Mazenod

184 all out in 48.5 overs (Mithul Senerath 62, Ashen Silva 24; Abhishek Anandakumara 3/33, Dinuka Thennakoon 3/39)


185 for 3 in 37.2 overs (Thewin Amarasinghe 83n.o., Pawan Pathiraja 51; Chanuka Silva 2/36)

Tier B

Mahinda beat St. Aloysius’ by 86 runs according to Parabola Method at Galle


260 for 5 in 50 overs (Dhanuja Induwara 23, Kosala Udayanga 75, Navod Paranavithana 65, Rashmika Madushanka 64n.o.; Sandeepa Shamod 2/50)

St. Aloysius’

65 for 2 in 21.1 overs (Archana Udugampola 34n.o.)

Devapathiraja beat St. Sylvester’s by four

wickets at Lake View

St. Sylvester’s

158 all out in 44.1 overs (Sadeepa Halangoda 43, Charith Samuditha 21, Shashika Gihan 20; Matheesha Saranga 3/23, Sasanka Nirmal 2/18, Irushka Thimira 2/33)


164 for 6 in 27.4 overs (Pawan Sandesh 79n.o., Darshaka Sandeepa 30, Irushka Thimira 23; Shashika Gihan 3/42, Maleesha Silva 2/50)

Isipatana beat Dharmapala by 3 runs according to Parabola Method at Pannipitiya


167 all out in 40.5 overs (Thevindu Dickwella 44, Kavindu Amantha 23, Lomitha Ravindith 24; Thisara Sishara 3/13, Sachintha Chamika 2/30


149 for 6 in 40.1 overs (Praveen Kumarapperuma 32, Pasindu Theekshana 33, Hiru Pawan 46n.o.; Lomitha Ravindith 3/19)

St. Joseph Vaz beat Zahira by seven runs according to Parabola Method at Katuneriya

St. Joseph Vaz

160 all out in 49.2 overs (Kaushan Wijerarthne 37, Menusha Perera 34; Raaed Rizwan 4/35, Adhil Ismarly 2/23)


143 all out in 43 overs (Raaed Rizwan 31, Ishan Ruhaim 22, Rilwan Yoosuf 26; Shon Shenil 3/32, Kaushan Wijerarthne 3/39, Kavindu Maduranga 2/09)

Lumbini beat St. Servatius’ by five wickets at BRC

St. Servatius’

121 all out in 47.3 overs (Diniru Abeywickramasinghe 69; Sasanka Nethmina 3/15, Sahan Kaushalya 3/25)


124 for 5 in 34 overs (Gimhana Theekshana 46, Sakuna Nidarshana 32; Damindu Sankalpa 2/44)

Thurstan beat Dharmaraja by eight

wickets in Colombo


91 all out in 35 overs (Malitha Hapuarachchi 29, Upendra Warnakulasooriya 22; Nipun Premarathne 4/32, Punthila Kumara 2/15


92 for 2 in 18.2 overs (Dananja Silva 35, Sandeepa Kalhara 28n.o.)

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Bombay Don hiding in Maldives

While Big Tom, 800 man and the Load of St. John’s Wood have all returned home from the neighboring country after the cash rich event abruptly ended recently, the Bombay Don has fled to Maldives instead. It is said that he is avoiding the seniors. The seniors are believed to be having an axe to grind with the Bombay Don for having used manipulative methods to keep them away from coloured clothing encounters. He cannot be hiding for too long and when he returns home all hell will break loose, seniors say.

It’s pay back time for toe-crusher

Fitness seems to be the buzz word these days and many are those who are licking their wounds unable to earn their living having failed to meet minimum standards. In that context, many are wondering the motive behind bringing the toe-crusher making startling exceptions. It is said that the
toe-crusher is the one who got Bombay Don his current job having recommended him to the richest family in the region. Now that Bombay Don is all powerful here, it is pay back time. A friend in need is a friend indeed, they say.

Why Crown Prince favours former boss?

The Crown Prince is doing all within his means to bring the former boss back to the hot seat. All logistics during international games have been given to the Crown Prince’s father-in-law by the former boss. Although many would consider it conflict of interests, the Crown Prince doesn’t think so. He has said that his father-in-law was in this business even before he had become the authority for all games. The Crown Prince has gone to the extent of backdating a gazette to save the former boss. Insiders say that having been responsible for his illustrious father’s political defeat in 2015, the Crown Prince is sealing the fate of his uncle too.

Sailors pulling out a concern

The nation had three brand new international venues after the sport’s showpiece event in 2011. With maintenance costing an arm and a leg, the authorities at that point reached an agreement to let the tri-forces look after the three stadiums. The sailors were in charge of the new ground in the hill capital and for ten years they had done a terrific job looking after it very well. However, now that the sailors had been moved out and maintenance given to a private entity, there are concerns that it will not receive the care that was once given. All in all, it was a good job by the sailors.

Kandy Mandela chases cops away

The man who was the ultimate authority on games ten years ago is politically ambitious. The name he has given himself is Kandy Mandela. (Nelson must be spinning in his grave). He had recently made a big noise claiming the famous 2011 final was fixed. But after Dubai issued a statement that they have no reason to doubt the result of the game, Kandy Mandela has been left with egg on his face. The skipper who is the Lord of St. John’s Wood now and knows his law is not taking it lying down. He wants action taken against Kandy Mandela and together with his colleagues has made a complaint to the newly established police unit that is investigating corruption in games. When cops had visited Kandy Mandela to record a statement, he had chased them away threatening them with transfer

Good job curator

The curator who was given such a hard time after the drawn first game is in good moods these days after the second game produced a result. The curator has been getting lot of criticism but he seems to have done a fair job in his role overall despite the surface receiving not so complementary rating by the game’s big bosses. Despite perceptions and appearances, the curator is said to be a good man.

Election by video conference

While many elections in games are postponed due to pandemic, those running the richest game want the election held on schedule. Efforts are underway to hold the election through video conference now. A sports body known for rigged elections and individuals voting against the mandate of the club, it remains to be seen how this year’s election will be conducted.

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Oneli wins Online Under 18 Chess Championship



Oneli Vithanawasam of Lyceum International School, Wattala won the Online Under 18 Girls’ Youth Chess Championship as she scored six points to clinch the top award.

Vithanawasam played exceptionally well to beat Prasansa Premanath in the fifth round and drew with Esandi Newansa and Piyumi Uthpala in the last two rounds to finish the event with six points.

During the first four rounds she beat Hasandi Akuratiya, Miyuni Jayasinghe, Tenuli Dahamna Rathnayake and Nemindi Linaya Ramanayake. She was awarded the championship trophy and the gold medal for her outstanding feat.

Esandi Newansa of Dharmasoka College, Nemindi Linaya of Bandaranayake Central College, Veyangoda and Piyumi Uthpala of JMC International School, Kalutara were tied scoring 5.5 points. Newansa was awarded the silver as she was better in the tie breaker.

Esandi beat Sanuli Dulanya, D. T. Joachim, Chanindi Mewna, Desandhi Dhihansa and J. A. K. N. T. Indrajith and drew with Oneli Vithanawasam and lost only to Prasansa Premanath. Nemindi Linaya Ramanayake was better in the tie breaker against Piyumi Uthpala to win the bronze.

CFSL Online Under 18 Girls’ Open Youth Rapid Chess Championship 2021 conducted by the Chess Federation of Sri Lanka was held on May 8 and 9. A total of 36 players registered for the event which was conducted on seven rounds with the time control of 15 minutes and 10 seconds increment per each move played.

Final Standings of top 10 players were as follows.

Name Points

1. Oneli Vithanawasam (Lyceum International, Wattala) 6.0

2. Esandi Newansa (Dharmasoka College) 5.5

3. Nemindi Ramanayake (Bandaranayake Central, Veyangoda) 5.5

4. Piyumi Uthpala Amaratunga (JMC International, Kaluthara) 5.5

5. Premanath Prasansa (Girls High School, Kandy) 5.0

6. Desandhi Dhihansa Gamage (Sirmavo Bandaranayake BV) 5.0

7. Dulinma Hemalni Rathnayake (Viharamahadevi BMV) 5.0

8. Chanindi Mewna Attanayake (Devi Balika Vidyalaya) 4.0

9. DG Jayandi Bimansa (Bandaragama Central College) 4.0

10. J A K N T Indrajith (St. Joseph’s BMV, Kegalle) 4.0

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Sri Lanka cricket selection strategy and replacing the captain



Taking out Dimuth Karunarathne from captaincy needs a closer look

In the best interest of Sri Lanka cricket and its progress I thought to pen a few words regarding the recent selection purely to give confidence to all concerned and hoping that it will be treated in the best interest of the game.

We all know that cricket in Sri Lanka is the only game that our country has gained world class status of which we are very proud of. Since it is a very competitive sport in the international arena, authorities in charge have a huge task to meet the demand locally and internationally. Starting from domestic to the national level it needs very careful and professional planning. There should be no short cuts taken and a very professional approach should be taken to produce results. “Winning is not everything but winning is the only thing.” This was what the famous All Blacks coach said to his team.

Whatever the sport, all players, coaches, selectors etc. should be very committed with command presence if they are to achieve success. To achieve identified goals, to get to that level each individual has to identify his ability, weaknesses, opponent’s strength and the determination to achieve the target.

Based on my above observation I am compelled to make my assessment on the recent selection of the captain of the national cricket team for the forthcoming Bangladesh tour.

Taking out Dimuth Karunarathne from captaincy needs a closer look. After a low West Indies Tour, under his captaincy Sri Lanka did well to win a Test series after a long time, where he faired extremely well as captain and specially as a solid batsman with an impressive record. One wonders why there is a need for a change in captaincy at a time like this when Dimuth was fairing extremely well. Further, when you remove a cricketer from the international calendar for a long period it is going to affect his form and his mindset. For a sportsman to perform well one of the most important aspects is confidence, continued exposure at competitive level. If you are out of it you have to start all over again and it needs sacrifice and mental preparation which I believe is not the challenge that he should face as he has come in as captain at a very difficult time and have performed extremely well, was in the process of achieving more. If you are going to groom a captain for the forthcoming World Cup this is not the time to remove and try others as he has shown good results and proved that he is a potential, affective captain material and also one wonders how come out of form Kusal Medis is accommodated as vice-captain as his recent track record won’t qualify him even to be a member of the national team.

Nimal Lewke
Former Chairman of National Sports Council

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