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I have learnt of the death of Mr. Sunil de Silva PC – Former AG. 

I initially met him when I joined the AG ‘s Department in 1987. He was one of the gentlemen who interviewed me. The AG at the time was Mr. Shiva Pasupathi. I recall the grilling that I had when he questioned me on Manawadu v AG which had been just pronounced. 

He had his early education at Royal College and was very proud of his alma mater. Eventhough, I did not know him personally when I joined the Department, he took an instant liking to me. Later on in life, I got to know that he was closely connected to the Late Lalith Athulathmudali PC, who also played an important part in moulding me. 

Mr. De Silva was very sad when I was selected to the Civil Branch. However, despite my allocation he used to send me Criminal files. After an year after I joined the Department, Mr. De Silva was appointed as the AG in 1988. While keeping me in the civil side he appointed me as SC Administration as the junior to Kolitha Dharmawardene initially and later to Mohan Pieris. I was relatively very junior for that appointment. Later he had commented that I was an incorrigible person and that the only way to reform me was to put me in charge of administration. That was a golden opportunity as I was compelled to study AR s and FR s and other Govt. Circulars. He knew all circulars by heart. 

He was a very intelligent Gentleman and was an extremely mischievous human being. Those in the Department at that time would remember the pranks that he played on people. He had a marvelous sense of humour. His candour and repartee was second to none. 

He was a stern AG. He never believed in media and in fact on the contrary issued several circulars restraining the members of the Department from going public. 

He was one of those who developeda liking in me to history, traditions and ethical standards. He also developed our computer skills. I recall, that he got a few of us trained in computers as we had joined the Department. Nalin Ladduwahetty PC was his best student in the area of Computers. 

He was a very fast driver. I recall many instances where we had travelled out of Colombo for official work. He used to take the wheel and drive at a speed of around 120 KM violating most of the provisions of the MTA. Anyway who cared after all he was the AG. 

In the 1st Neethi Ranga that we held, The AG s Department staged a play. Mr. 

De Silva acted in that and directed it. I recall taking part in that skit with my friend Shavindra Fernando. Later on I had the opportunity of acting with him in a few instances in He comes from Jaffna. Elson Divithurugama played the lead role in the drama. Mohomad Adamally played the role of Aru, his son. I played the same role taking turns. Angela Seneviratne, Kumar Paul, Shavindra Fernando and Sunil Rodrigo, AAL and former GM Galle Face Hotel were the other actors along with Sunil de Silva himself. 

Mr De Silva was a pleasing personality. We all enjoyed his sense of humour. He was never at a loss for words. He enjoyed company. Even though he migrated to Australia, his heart was here. He kept in touch with all of us. Whenever he came for the Royal-Thomian, he met a few of us. Last time I had the opportunity of meeting him was when Palitha Fernando PC former AG organised a dinner at his residence for all the Department Old boys. 

A few days ago he messaged me and checked whether his pension was being regularly deposited to the BOC Account. I immediately checked and informed him that it was. He wanted to use that in Sri Lanka when he visited here the next time. 

Only yesterday he had taken a shot at Hiran Kulatilleke on a common whatsapp thread that we were all in. 

He always believed in grooming the next generation. He shared his knowledge with every one without any reservation. He was kind to all but fearless. He continued to share his experience and knowledge even after retirement. He was a very sharp and an intelligent human being. 

We have learnt a great deal from you Sir. 

Life would have been different, if we did not come across people of your calbre. 

We cherish and appreciate every second spent with you.

May you attain the Supreme Bliss of Nirvana.

May your journey through Sansara be short. 


Kalinga Indatissa



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Coronavirus spreading fast in North



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COVID-19 is spreading across a number of areas in the Northern province at a rapid pace, according to THE provincial health officials.

Five members of the same family in Kattakadu, Kilinochchi have contracted COVID-19 and been sent to Krishnapuram Treatment centre.

One family member is a university student, who stayed in Colombo. He returned home recently and several family members started developing Covid-19 symptoms a few days later. Health officials conducted PCR tests and found that all five family members had contracted the virus. Six other neighbouring families have been placed under quarantine.

Meanwhile, 43-year-old man was arrested by Kilinochchi Police for hoarding alcohol to be sold, at a higher price, during the current lockdown. The suspect is a resident of Kalmadukulam, Dharmapuram. He is to be produced before the Kilinochchi Magistrate’s Court.

However, most towns in the North had been deserted yesterday due to the lockdown.

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The owner of the house where the suspects had stayed was also arrested, together with15 others involved in human smuggling.

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The police have arrested an associate of Zahran Hashim, who led the National Thowheed Jamaath, which carried out the Easter Sunday carnage, for having promoted extremism among students and young school leavers in the run-up to 2019 Easter Sunday carnage.

DIG (Legal) Ajith Rohana said, yesterday, the police had recently apprehended the 38-year-old resident of Iqbal Road, Muttur in the wake information the suspect had addressed those who sat the GCE O/L and A/L examinations in the Muttur area.

DIG Rohana said that the Muttur man had acted on the instructions of Zahran, who was one of the Easter Sunday bombers. The top police officer said that the suspect had been detained under Detention Order issued in terms of the Prevention of Terrorism Act (PTA) pending further investigations.

According to DIG Rohana of those over 700 persons taken into custody since the 2019 Easter attacks; some have been remanded and others are being held under PTA, pending investigations. The Terrorist Investigations Division (TID) and the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) are continuing probes into the incidents. DIG Rohana said that in addition to the Easter Sunday attacks, the police probe covered incidents in the run-up to April 21m 2019 carnage and developments thereafter.

Meanwhile, two persons held at the Polonnaruwa and Kegalle remand prisons have been handed over to the TID following directives issued by the Magistrate courts of Polonnaruwa and Kegalle, respectively. DIG Rohana said that the residents of Kattankudy and Gampola had been involved with Zahran Hashim and may have had close contacts with others involved in the conspiracy. (SF)



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