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JVP says today health workers have to fight on two fronts



NPP Kalutara district candidate Dr Nalinda Jayatissa addressing a health workers’ conference at Hotel Nippon in Colombo.

by Saman Indrajith

Health workers while fighting against the COVID-19 pandemic are compelled to fight another battle simultaneously against the government to secure their due allowances, the JVP says.

Addressing a health workers’ conference at the Hotel Nippon in Colombo on Saturday, NPP Kalutara District candidate Dr. Nalinda Jayatissa said that that one of the main promises of the NPP was to strengthen the public health service.

“The need for a strong public health service is felt more than evern before. It was the health workers who took the lead with the security forces in the fight against coronavirus pandemic. Many other countries that have private health services failed to prevent the spread of the virus. Now the people can understand of the meaning of why we took to the streets for the sake of free healthcare. Sri Lanka irrespective of whatever shortcomings, made a special contribution to the public healthcare since the time of the British rulers till 1977 and thanks to those efforts our public healthcare system has spread all over the country covering all villages. However since 1977, like many other sectors healthcare system was pushed towards privatisation. We stood with people against privatisation and thanks to those agitations the system could not be fully sold off to companies,” Dr. Jayatissa said.

Dr. Jayatissa said that the government invented a title by the name Suva Viruvo for the health workers but there were no tangible means of appreciating their dedicated service. “Today health workers have to fight in two fronts. In one front they fight against the COVID-19 to keep the pandemic at bay and on another front they fight against the government to secure their due allowances. Public Health Inspectors are on strike because this government did not listen to their grievances. This government will dish out praises and accolades, but nothing else. The moment you stand for your rights, you’ll see the real picture of this government. Take the case of war heroes for example. They were called Rana Viruvo. Their food ration has been cut off so each of them now getting less than Rs 19,000. The promises given to the disabled soldiers are not implemented yet. If this is their way before the election, one can imagine their conduct after the election if they come to power,” Dr. Jayatissa said.

Prof. Krishantha Abeysinghe said that the MPs of main parties used their posts for business purposes and not as a means of rendering public service. It had to be changed. That could be done only by electing more NPP members to Parliament.

Dr Nimal Edirisinghe also addressed the conference.

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Athaulla: Those responsible for MR’s defeat had a hand in Easter Sunday attacks



MP A.L.M. Athaulla displays a copy of a letter he sent to the then President Maithripala Sirisena and PM Wickremesinghe underscoring the need to do away with the 19th Amendment(Pic courtesy National Congress)

… assures support for 20 A

By Shamindra Ferdinando

Those who had a hand in engineering President Mahinda Rajapaksa’s defeat at the 2015 presidential election were behind the 2019 Easter Sunday attacks, National Congress MP A. L. M. Athaulla, told a media briefing at his Thalakotuwa Gardens road residence, Narahenpita yesterday (20).

Digamadulla District MP blamed 2014 organised attacks on Muslims in Aluthgama, Beruwela and Darga Town also on the same group hell bent destabilising the country. Instigating ethnic violence was part of their strategy, a one-time UPFA Minister said, urging all communities to be vigilant of despicable efforts to undermine political stability.

Athaulla said so when The Island asked him whether he subscribed to SLMC leader Rauff Hakeem’s recent declaration that the Easter Sunday attacks had been carried out by another force and not the National Thowheed Jamaat or its leader Zahran Hashim.

One-time Justice Minister Attorney-at-law Haleem alleged that the NTJ had been hired to carry out the operation.

SLMC leader Hakeem made the aforesaid claim on September 7 before the Presidential Commission of Inquiry (P CoI) probing Easter Sunday attacks.

Athaulla said that President Gotabaya Rajapaksa would ensure a thorough investigation into Easter Sunday attacks. The MP also expressed confidence in the progress made by the PCoI which the National Congress leader said could reveal the truth.

When The Island pointed out that former Deputy Inspector General (DIG) in charge of the Eastern Range Edison Gunatilleke had recently accused Athaulla, former UPFA politician M H M Hisbullah et al of their involvement with extremists and terrorists, a smiling Athaulla said that there was absolutely no basis for such claims. He challenged Gunatilleke to prove his accusations. Athaulla said he didn’t even know Gunatilleke or even remember calling over the phone.

Lawmaker Athaulla questioned why Gunatilleke had waited so long to complain of political interference in police investigations. Declaring that he was among those politicians who received top level security, including bullet proof vehicles due to serious threats to his life, Athaulla denied ever working against the interests of the country.

Asked whether the unsubstantiated accusations had been levelled against him in a bid to deprive him of a possible cabinet portfolio, the National Congress leader replied in the negative.

Responding to a spate of media queries regarding the SLPP not accommodating him in the cabinet, Athaulla emphasized that he never asked for a cabinet portfolio nor would ever request for one.

MP Athaulla said that their responsibility would be to ensure required consensus in parliament to pave the way for the 20th Amendment in place of the 19th Amendment enacted at the onset of the treacherous yahapalana administration in 2015.

At the commencement of the media briefing, MP Athaulla said that the National Congress had backed the then President Mahinda Rajapaksa three conditions. “We asked for the eradication of terrorism. We also sought the demerger of the Eastern Province from the North during President Mahinda Rajapaksa’s presidency and those demands were met.”

Athaulla said that the only request yet to be fulfilled was a Constitution that met aspirations of all Sri Lankans.

He said that the National Congress believed President Gotabaya Rajapaksa, who had been the Defence Secretary during the war and the war winning President Mahinda Rahapaksa, now the Prime Minister, would succeed in introducing a new Constitution. Referring to the 19th Amendment, MP Athaulla pointed out that the controversial piece of legislation caused chaos with political parties having to seek intervention of the Supreme Court to ascertain how powers were shared.

When The Island pointed out that even the SLPP hadn’t been able to settle differences among various sections as regards the 19th Amendment, lawmaker Athaulla said that he was confident the Rajapaksas wouldn’t do anything to harm the country. He denied any ambiguity over his party’s support for the 20th Amendment.

The country couldn’t afford to have the President and the Prime Minister from different political parties under any circumstances, the former minister said, warning of dire consequences in foreign interventions in the making of the new constitution.

Referring to the high profile Oslo peace bid in 2002-2003 during Ranil Wickremesinghe’s tenure as the Prime Minister, Athaulla insisted that constitutional reforms introduced at the behest of foreign powers wouldn’t address local issues. The former minister said that the country’s strategic location attracted foreign interests therefore the country needed to be cautious.

Reiterating his backing for the 20th Amendment, MP Athaulla urged the government to take tangible measures to introduce a new Constitution. Underscoring the importance of the proposed new Constitution being a Sri Lankan effort, Athaulla recalled how the TNA and the SLMC had facilitated foreign intervention.

The former minister dismissed the Opposition’s claims as regards SLPP bid to do away with independent commissions. Independent commissions weren’t certainly independent, the MP alleged, pointing out that they didn’t do their job.

Athaulla however side-stepped a query regarding the 20th Amendment proposing to abolish restrictions on dual citizens contesting parliamentary polls.

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Five-storey building collapses on house, killing baby, his parents



By Cyril Wimalaurendre Kandy –

A 45-day-old baby boy and his parents were killed yesterday when a five-storey building collapsed on their house at Sangamitta Mawatha, Kandy.

Brigadier Sarada Samarakoon, Commander of the 11 Brigade, told the media that the building had collapsed on the house around 5 am yesterday. There were five people in the house. Residents of the area were able to save two women and the baby. The baby passed away after being admitted to the Kandy National Hospital.

The army was able to recover the bodies of the baby’s parents after a search operation, which lasted nearly seven hours. The deceased were Chamila Prasad (35) his wife Achala Ekanayake (32) who is a lecturer of the University of Uva.

The two survivors Jayanthi Kumarihamay and Lakshika Jayamini, mother and niece of Achala Ekanayake respectively, said that they had heard a thundering sound around 4.30 am and noticed that pieces of rock and earth were falling into the house and shortly thereafter saw the roof of the house cave in. They added that the room where they were has been only partially damaged. The collapsed building is said to belong to a retired senior police officer.

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Sirisena didn’t want immediate action against Muslim extremists for political expediency



– Former defence secretary

by Rathindra Kuruwita

Former President Maithripala Sirisena has not allowed immediate action against the Sri Lankans who had returned after fighting for the Islamic State (IS) and extremist foreign preachers because he feared upsetting Muslim politicians, former Defence Secretary Hemasiri Fernando, on Friday, told the Presidential Commission of Inquiry (PCoI) investigating the Easter Sunday attacks.

Fernando told the PCoI that he had informed Sirisena of the Sri Lankans who had returned after receiving weapons training from terrorist organisations such as the IS and Al Qaeda, and extremist foreign preachers operating in Sri Lanka.

“President Sirisena told me that taking action on those issues would cause problems with Muslim politicians and asked me not to be impatient.”

The witness said in the previous government, Muslim politicians had frequently intervened to prevent the arrest of a number of criminals. Fernando alleged that perhaps the National Thowheed Jamaat leader Zahran Hashim could have been arrested prior to Easter Sunday attacks if not for such political pressure.

Answering a question by the Additional Solicitor General (ASG) who led the evidence, Fernando said that Zahran had supported former President Sirisena during the 2015 presidential election.

Zahran had contested a local government election too and further details could be given after examining the reports, the ex- Defence Secretary added.

Asked by a commissioner on whether there had been adequate provisions for taking legal action against extremists, Fernando said that legal action was possible but political pressures had prevented that.

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