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Horse, Persian cats, gifts worth Rs 10 cr: How ‘conman’ got Jacqueline Fernandez in ED trouble



Bollywood starlet Jacqueline Fernandez is a very popular name in the industry. Lately, the actress had been called in for questioning several times for her alleged involvement in an extortion case. Reports claimed that a man named Sukesh Chandrasekhar sent gifts to Jacqueline Fernandez and was dating her, but the actress denied ever being in a relationship with him.

Recently, a picture of Jacqueline Fernandez and Sukesh Chandrasekhar posing together had gone viral. Now, the latest development suggests that the actress received gifts latest development suggests that the actress received gifts from him. According to Bollywood Hungama, the ED reported that the con-man gave gifts worth Rs 10 crore to Jacqueline Fernandez. Reports suggest that this includes a horse worth Rs 52 lakh and a Persian cat worth Rs 9 lakh as well. She was reportedly also gifted three more cats, crockery and jewellery by Sukesh Chandrasekhar as well. The publication also claims that he sent money to her relatives as well. ast month, Jacqueline Fernandez was questioned for seven hours by the Enforcement Directorate in connection with the Rs 200 crore extortion case. Anant Malik, the lawyer representing Sukesh Chandrashekhar, had reportedly told media that Jacqueline Fernandez and Sukesh Chandrasekhar were dating.

However, soon after such claims surfaced, the starlet’s team issued a statement clarifying that the actress was not a part of the extortion but only called in to testify as a witness. She also denied all allegations of being in a relationship with the con-man. It was earlier reported that Jacqueline Fernandez’s name popped up in the case after she allegedly became a target of the conman’s racket. Sukesh Chandrasekar reportedly used to spoof call Jacqueline Fernandez from Tihar Jail and pretend that he was a big shot. Reports also claimed that Jacqueline Fernandez believed him after which the con-man started sending her expensive flowers and chocolates as gifts to he Back in August, the actress had been called in as a witness to the case and was questioned for six long hours in New Delhi.

Meanwhile, another report said the actor has been tagged by ED as a witness & possible “beneficiary” of a Rs 200-crore money laundering racket, allegedly run by Sukesh Chandrasekhar, who has a long criminal history.

Sri Lankan actor Jacqueline Fernandez has been in a soup ever since the Enforcement Directorate (ED) tagged her as a witness and possible “beneficiary” of a Rs 200-crore money laundering racket, allegedly run by one Sukesh Chandrasekhar.

The chargesheet mentions that the actor received many extravagant gifts, worth up to Rs 10 crore, from the conman, who has been in jail since 2017. Images of Fernandez with Chandrasekhar, when he was out on bail earlier this year, have also gone viral.

Last Sunday, Fernandez was stopped from boarding a flight to Muscat from Mumbai airport after the ED issued a lookout circular (LOC) for her. She was then summoned to Delhi, where she appeared before the ED for questioning. She has appeared for questioning in a money laundering case involving Chandrasekhar on earlier occasions too.

He also paid for chartered flights, and police sources said the ED has traced some financial transactions to Fernandez’s siblings. A source said that from Chandrasekhar has also boasted about giving Fernandez an island.

Actor Nora Fatehi has also been mentioned in the chargesheet, since Chandrasekhar has claimed to the ED that he had gifted her a BMW car.

Who is this alleged conman and how did Bollywood celebrities get entangled in the investigation? A leading newspaper explains the trail of cases and how jail staff allegedly facilitated the extortion racket.

Bollywood stars were ‘ultimate beneficiaries’

Chandrasekhar’s lawyer Anant Malik told media that his client, who is married, and Jacqueline Fernandez were romantically involved. “Sukesh and Jacqueline were in a relationship for a good seven or eight months until he was arrested again in the extortion case,” Malik said. The lawyer had also claimed earlier that both Fernandez and Fatehi were the “ultimate beneficiaries” in the case and “that is why they are being called for questioning”.

Fatehi has said she was a “victim” and only met Chandrasekhar and his wife, Leena Maria Paul, during an event. Fernandez has also vociferously denied the allegations and “slander” directed at her.

“Jacqueline Fernandez is being called to testify as a witness by the ED. She has duly recorded her statements and in future will also be completely cooperating with the agency in the investigations. Jacqueline also categorically denies alleged slanderous statements made about the relationship with the involved couple,” a spokesperson for Fernandez has told the media.

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For modern day power woman



The traditional soft and sensual label Anaya aesthetic was transformed into a sophisticated, strong, bold and powerful fashion reflecting the modern day power women.

Paying homage to the postwar era of the 1950’s glamour and drawing inspiration from the fashion muses by the likes of Dovima, Audrey Hepburn and the works of Richard Avedon with his strong black and white contrast of austere sophistication. Our mood is not only visual yet musical with retro music inspired by Frankie Valli and the flamingos taking us all back to romanticism and pure pleasure of the times when everything was slow and dreamy.

The brand broke boundaries of its traditional soft pastel aesthetic to a monochromatic palette with all blacks, shades of off-white ,nudes, botanical greens, and clashing reds. The Fall wardrobe was revitalised with uniquely constructed silhouettes, handmade three-dimensional botanical motifs, beading, figure hugging corsets and delicate embroidered laces and sparkling sequins. The collection with its uniquely deconstructed fabric manipulations with micro velvet, shiny satin, silk taffeta, mecado, and laces with a modern twist of liquid organza, sequins and double-sided silk satins made a fashion statement.

Chathuri, the creative director’s vision for this collection was the transformation of the modern-day women to a powerhouse of strength and independence, fusing the signature Anaya silhouettes with strong elements of high pressure corsets, over exaggerated sleeves and elongated capes and 3D draping.

“This collection was was inspired by the 1950s, the time when the darkest nights were passed with a touch of hope for a beautiful future of women transitioning from a more submissive role to powerful role being able to express themselves through Fashion”.

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Create unforgettable moments…



GM Elton Hurtis with sales and marketing team

The much-anticipated Wedding Show 2024 at the Courtyard by Marriott Colombo unfolded on recently, leaving an unforgettable mark on the landscape of the Sri Lankan wedding industry. Courtyard by Marriott Colombo, in collaboration with Asia Exhibitions & Conventions (Pvt) Ltd, successfully orchestrated a two-day celebration that transcended the traditional boundaries of a bridal expo.

The festivities commenced with an inaugural ceremony graced by key figures in the local wedding industry, vendors, and potential clients. The hotel, adorned in wedding-themed splendour, served as the perfect backdrop for the occasion. Elton Hurtis, General Manager at Courtyard by Marriott Colombo, expressed his delight at the turnout, stating, “The Wedding Show is not just an event; it’s a celebration of unity within the wedding industry. We’re thrilled to witness the coming together of vendors and clients in this vibrant community.”

The exhibition hall buzzed with activity as visitors explored a diverse array of offerings from the finest wedding vendors in Colombo. From exquisite bridal wear to innovative event decor, the show showcased the rich tapestry of talent within the local wedding industry. Attendees had the opportunity to engage directly with vendors, fostering connections that extend beyond the event itself.

One of the highlights of The Wedding Show was the inclusive atmosphere that permeated the venue. Vendors, irrespective of their scale or specialization, collaborated to create an environment where diversity and creativity flourished. This collaborative spirit echoed the sentiments of Courtyard by Marriott Colombo’s commitment to building a more supportive community within the wedding industry.

In addition to the vendor stalls, The Wedding Show featured insightful panel discussions and workshops led by industry experts. Topics ranged from the latest trends in wedding planning to sustainable practices within the industry. The interactive sessions provided attendees with valuable insights and inspired meaningful conversations about the future of weddings in Colombo.

Imran Noordeen, Director of Sales & Marketing , reflected on the success of the event, saying, “The positive response from both vendors and attendees affirms the need for platforms like The Wedding Show. It’s clear that our community values the opportunity to come together, share ideas, and contribute to the growth of the wedding industry.”

As The Wedding Show 2024 drew to a close, the echoes of joyous conversations, newfound connections, and shared enthusiasm lingered in the air. Courtyard by Marriott Colombo and Asia Exhibitions & Conventions (Pvt) Ltd succeeded in not just hosting an exhibition but creating an experience that celebrated the spirit of unity and collaboration within Colombo’s wedding industry. As the event concluded, it left participants eagerly anticipating the continued growth and success of the local wedding community, inspired by the bonds forged at The Wedding Show 2024.

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latest cancer treatments give families hope



Dr Tanujaa Rajasekeran

T anujaa Rajasekeran, Senior Consultant Medical Oncologist Parkway Cancer Centre was in Sri Lanka recently to take part in an exclusive medical workshop with CanHope Colombo.

In an interview Dr Tanujaa revealed the latest developments in cancer treatments. She explained how Cancer slowly becomes less of a catastropic moment in families as new research and clinical trials reduce its physiological effects to something more chronic, While some get cancer from the toll of thier risky lifestyles,while others have it in thier genes.

Some families are more genetically pre-disposed to develop cancer. Cancer treatment doesn’t mean eliminating the cancer. It also means helping the patient adjust to thier new lifestyle, especially when they take on these treatments reveals Dr Tanujaa.She also said when you are diagnosed with cancer, it is not immediately a death sentence, there is always hope for patients now with advanced technology. New clinical trials and studies are revealing ones that are more targeted and less debilitating.

She also spoke about cutting edge cancer treatments now available for . patients

A pretty and petite medical oncologist, of Indian origin based in Singapore. In most caes of cancer usually we treat with chemotherapy

The side -effects people often report when they recieve chemotherapy is because the treatment is designed to target cells that have a protein that causes them to constantly multipy, We have other good cells in our hair,stomach etc which is why they report vomitting,hair loss,nausea and others.

Receiving news about cancer has always devastated families. It usually spells certain and slow death; it also foreshadows the heavy financial burden that comes along with it. These are what uproot families from their usual lives, requiring them to make thier lives around among those afflicted with the disease.

Because of the latest advancements,families no longer need to fear the grim future of the long C fight against cancer.

She said cancer has always devastated families. In addition, the heavy financial burden upset families, thier lifestyles are changed. There are multiple tests and treatments to give hope for patients Dr Tanjuaa adds She also said “During palliative care, we want families and people to maintain their quality of life, this is why we have different kinds of therapies to treat. Car T-Cell therapy, Immunotherapy, Targeted therapy, hormone therapy are some treatments depending on the hope of cancers and thier structure,some of these therapies can be more optimal than othes she pointed out

The Car T-Cell Therapy will help fight the cancer but with less obvious signs of the battle,” shares Dr. Tanujaa. “We now have the technology that can enhance the patient’s T-Cells with antigen receptors that can immediately recognize these cancer cells to eliminate them. There will be a low dose chemotherapy to help the body adjust to these new cells. But, once the body adjusts, the therapy will take over the fight.”

Immunotherapy for cancer is also becoming more popular because of its less macabre side effects. “This kind of therapy customizes the cell to make sure that the cancer cells don’t stop our body from fighting against the cancer. Cancer cells are smart. They release a protein that stops our body from fighting against it,” explains the oncologist. “Immuno- therapy fights against that mechanism.”

But when the cancers are more hormone-related like breast or prostate cancer, there are tests that can discover which hormone is causing the cancer. “Once we discover the hormone that is causing these cells to grow, we often give patients medicine that reduces the production of this hormone to prevent these cells from growing.”

Cancer is a terrifying, time consuming ,expensive disease With these new advancements cancer may eventally become chronic instead of something catastrophic.. But Dr Tanujaa Rajasekeran and her team at parkway Centre in Singapore are offering hope. And hope for the critically ill could result in miracles too.

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