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English Nursing supports stroke survivors



A stroke is a disease that affects the arteries leading to and within the brain. It is the fifth highest cause of death globally. The importance of expert intervention, regular physiotherapy and prescribed medication management for stroke survivors is vital to live a good quality of life. This World Stroke Day, English Nursing Sri Lanka takes initiative to advocate the importance of care for stroke survivors.

What is a stroke?

A stroke occurs when a blood vessel that carries oxygen and nutrients to the brain is either blocked by a clot or bursts (or ruptures). When that happens, part of the brain cannot get the blood (and oxygen) it needs, due to which the brain cells die.

Look out!

The most common signs of a stroke to look out for are the following:

• Balance is lost, with headaches and dizziness

• Eyes – blurry vision

• Face drooping

• Arm weakness

• Speech difficulty


It is vital that one seeks proper medical attention if you or someone you love is having the above mentioned symptoms; early detection allows a successful recovery from a stroke. Unfortunately the chances of a second stroke occurring increases in stroke survivors. According to The National Stroke Association, about 25% of stroke survivors will experience a second stroke within the first five years after the first stroke. The risk of facing a relapse is about 40% higher. Fortunately it is estimated that of all secondary strokes, about 80% of them are preventable with lifestyle changes such as healthy eating along with exercise and medical intervention.

Nine out of ten stroke patients over the age of 65 years face some sort of paralysis, pointed out by the Care Nurses at English Nursing. They say decreased strength, coordination and range of motion are factors that need rehabilitation through physical therapy. Furthermore, the risk of another stroke goes up with older age due to high blood pressure (hypertension), high cholesterol and diabetes, thus, managing medication is critical in the prevention process.

With elders, experiencing a stroke can vary from a mild event to a more severe debilitating illness; it can also take a significant emotional toll. As with any traumatic life experience, it may take time for them to accept and adapt to the emotional trauma of having experienced a stroke. Appropriate care is important for recovery.

Richard Gould, Managing Director of English Nursing Sri Lanka shares his thoughts on the process of recovery, “It is important for stroke survivors to have a plan for rehabilitation that includes speech therapy, physiotherapy and professional home nursing to maximise their opportunity for a full recovery. Early intervention is key to improve outcomes, and support the patient and their family who will be coming to terms with the situation. Knowing that stroke survivors can recover and still be a key part of a loving family is an important message. Currently the pandemic has isolated many elderly.

‘Family and friends living abroad are unable to visit due to travel restrictions and the anxiety of contracting the virus has diminished many of the human interactions that are so vital for our health and wellbeing.’

‘Having professional home nursing support can make all the difference and ensure that they are taken care of responsibly with respect and compassion along with a positive plan for recovery.’

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Union Assurance empowers its policyholders by introducing free COVID-19 life coverage



Union Assurance PLC being one of the largest insurance solution providers in Sri Lanka has further established their commitment towards the nation by staying true to its promise, ‘Your Life, Our Strength’. In turbulent times such as COVID-19, the company has taken initiative to persevere and adapt by responding to customers’ needs irrespective of the unanticipated circumstances presented.

The free COVID-19 cover has been reinstated to support both existing and new policyholders to ensure additional protection during these uncertain times. The cover provides a free death cover up to a maximum of LKR 1 million per policyholder. This free cover is valid for a period of one month commencing from 02nd November 2020 to 01st December 2020.
Union Assurance was also recognized as one of the first life insurance companies to offer hospital cash benefits for quarantine treatments since the outbreak of COVID-19 in Sri Lanka. The company therefore assures all its valued policyholders this initiative would be continued in which hospitalization per day claims directly resulting from COVID-19 will be considered from 20th October to 31st December 2020.

Amidst grave adversity Union Assurance strives to provide its unwavering commitment in offering the best in class protection coverages to its policyholders while ensuring that their families are financially empowered to face any challenge and uncertainty.

Jude Gomes, Chief Executive Officer of Union Assurance stated, “The COVID-19 pandemic is a global health, economic and social crisis and has affected people from all walks of life. We offer this timely protection cover free of charge to provide our policyholders the added peace of mind that the future of their families will be secured during these uncertain times. The specialty of this cover is that it is not just limited to our existing policyholders but is also offered to new customers and thereby giving Sri Lankans access to secure the future of their families.”

To obtain more information about this free COIVD 19 cover, call the Union Assurance 24-hour hotline on 1330, email:; or chat with the company on
Union Assurance is the oldest private life insurer in Sri Lanka, and is a member of the John Keells Group, Sri Lanka’s largest listed conglomerate. Union Assurance completes over three decades of success in the industry with a market capitalization of Rs. 18 Bn, a Life Fund of Rs. 38 Bn and a Capital Adequacy Ratio (CAR) of 434% as at August 2020. Set to empower the Sri Lankan Dream, Union Assurance offers Life Insurance solutions that cover education, health, protection, retirement, and investment needs of Sri Lankans. With 76 branches and an over 3000-strong workforce, Union Assurance continues to invest in people, products, and processes to remain agile and responsive to emerging changes in the Life Insurance industry.

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Seylan Bank partners with Mastercard to facilitate MasterCard Payment Gateway Services



Seylan Bank, the Bank with a Heart, recently partnered with Mastercard to integrate MasterCard Payment Gateway Services (MPGS) – a technology platform to enable easy and secure acceptance of a wide range of digital payment methods for Seylan customers.

As the need for digitization of banking products and services grows globally, banks are continuing to evolve their Internet Payment Gateways (IPG) to introduce new technologies offering heightened customer convenience and security of digital transactions. By partnering with Mastercard and facilitating the MPGS platform, Seylan customers, merchants, and industry partners will benefit from a range of features, delivering an enhanced user experience.

Commenting on this, Chaminda Senewiratne – Head of Digital Banking Channels at Seylan Bank said “The MasterCard Payment Gateway Service will transform digital transactions, further eliminating the need for cash payments. We at Seylan Bank, are proud to partner with Mastercard, one of the world’s leading payment platforms to offer our customers the MPGS service. Our customers can now experience an elevated, secure, reliable, and fast digital payment process, making the payment gateway a desirable channel giving merchants a chance to take their businesses global and accept payments from customers through the gateway.

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AIA Wealth Planner Krishan Dassanayaka internationally honoured



AIA Insurance’s Wealth Planner, Krishan Wasantha Dassanayaka, has been honoured by the Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT) with an invitation to serve on the Membership Communications Committee (MCC) as Country Chair for Sri Lanka, AIA said in a news release.

The MCC is a network of more than 400 members worldwide who are responsible for promoting MDRT and communicating information to current and aspiring members, companies, and other industry organizations and reporting the needs and concerns of members to the MDRT Executive Committee and MDRT headquarters in the USA.

It is a global and independent association that is internationally recognised as the standard of excellence in life insurance and financial services. MDRT has an overall membership of 72,000 from over 500 companies in 70 countries. Its members are required to generate a certain level of premium, commission and income, and demonstrate professional knowledge, strict ethical conduct and outstanding client service.

AIA said Dassanayake’s was an outstanding achievement both personally and professionally and one which has brought great pride to person and organization.

“With this prestigious new appointment, Krishan will work with the global MDRT team for innovative ideation, groundbreaking implementation and achieving high-quality results,” the release said.

Having joined AIA Insurance as a Wealth Planner in 2003, he has always been a top performer and source of pride to the organisation and had won a host of national awards including the Golden Eagle (2009) and Silver Eagle several times as well as being recognized by AIA as a ‘Premier Wealth Planner’ for six straight years and as a ‘Supreme Wealth Planner’ for four years running.



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