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Affluent Govi Buddhist Professional parents residing in Colombo seek an academically and professionally accomplished partner with a similar background and values for their 31 y old pretty fair slim daughter 5″6″ a professional in the field of mathematics working in the private sector in Colombo,She graduated from a reputed university in the UK and had her primary education in a leading girls school in Colombo Gentle and caring in nature with conservative Sinhala buddhist values All correspondence via Email please

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GL explains to UN Special Rapporteur Lanka’s progress related to labour welfare



Foreign Minister Prof. G.L. Peiris has explained to UN Special Rapporteur on Contemporary Forms of Slavery, including its causes and consequences, Tomoya Obokata, Sri Lanka’s progress related to labour welfare and the constructive steps taken by the government to eradicate child labour.

The Minister also elaborated on steps taken to bring our labour laws in line with international standards in a number of areas, including child labour, migrant workers and debt bondage. The Special Rapporteur commended Sri Lanka on the progress made with regard to making Sri Lanka a ‘child labour free zone’.

The UN official called on Prof. Peiris on Friday, 26 November, at the Foreign Ministry.

The mandate of the Special Rapporteur includes but is not limited to issues such as: traditional slavery, debt bondage, forced labour, children in slavery and slavery-like conditions, sexual slavery, forced and early marriages as well as issues faced by migrant workers and foreign labour.

The Foreign Minister outlined that Sri Lanka was conscious of protecting vulnerable labour groups and emphasized that Sri Lanka will continue to cooperate with the United Nations system. He stated that visits by Special Procedures Mandate Holders have been helpful in enhancing understanding of the specificities of Sri Lanka’s experiences in related fields as well as in improving domestic processes to be in line with our international commitments.

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Sri Lanka Tourism commands attention at World Routes 2021



Sri Lanka made a huge splash at the 26th World Route Development Forum (World Routes 2021), which took place in Milan, Italy, recently. By making its presence felt at the forum, Sri Lanka pitched its destination for global airlines to consider it as one of the top holiday destinations for the upcoming winter season and beyond. Sri Lanka Tourism officials were able to directly engage with decision-makers from the global route development community, including world’s air services, while taking advantage of dedicated in-person and virtual event days combining extensive meeting opportunities, exclusive industry insight and first-class networking opportunities.

The Chairperson of Sri Lanka Tourism, Ms. Kimarli Fernando, expertly leveraged on the platform provided by World Routes 2021 to highlight Sri Lanka’s 5-year global campaign and growth potential. Her keynote presentation was followed by a panel discussion and a Q&A session with attendees in collaboration with Major General (Rtd.), G.A Chandrasiri , Chairman, Airport and Aviation Services. Through the duration of the Forum, Sri Lanka Tourism was present on all social media platforms for driving brand awareness, pushing Destination Sri Lanka to the front and centre of global travel and tourism operators present.

With the Sri Lankan Government declaring this a growth decade, Sri Lanka Tourism has been aligned to the government’s vision as enshrined in the 10 pillar strategy document. Over the last two years, Sri Lanka Tourism has advanced the industry across various factors to bring prosperity to all stakeholders and to ensure Sri Lanka tourism fulfills its potential. Concurrently, with a high vaccination rate, Sri Lanka has opened up to fully vaccinated tourists, offering them a safe and exciting stay.

One of the key pillars has been connectivity and the efforts made have been fruitful – with several European and regional airlines resuming direct flights, new routes being established and increased frequency of flights to Sri Lanka which will boost tourism for the upcoming peak season.

Apart from elaborating on the strategy, Kimarli Fernando engaged in an absorbing Q&A session with global airline industry stakeholders. During her keynote speech she elaborated on Sri Lanka’s biodiversity, UNESCO sites and other cultural and nature offerings. One of the highlights of her speech was tourist investment. Tourism has been attracting substantial investment despite the challenges emanating from the pandemic. Between March 2020 – June 2021, the Government of Sri Lanka has attracted over US$950 million in investments, received 64 project proposals and approved 38 projects to the value of $102.38 Million. These ventures will be executed under the Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority (SLTDA). In order to attract strategic investors, the Investor Relations Unit was launched as a single point of contact for all tourism investments. In addition, the Government of Sri Lanka is extending a host of financial incentives and fast-track processes to get projects off the ground within the shortest possible time.

Given the recent tie-ups with France tourism operators and a similar push in more key western markets, the brand awareness of Sri Lanka is growing in strategic markets.

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Registrar of Companies, a mere filing cabinet?



The main objective of the Department of the Registrar of Companies is the efficient and effective implementation, administration and enforcement of several legislative enactments assigned to it, mainly the provisions of the Companies Act, according to its website.

A grand pronouncement, indeed!.

In fact, it serve as a ‘filing cabinet’ for the annual returns of various companies, which are duly filed each year, thereby, keeping the company secretaries, (invariably ‘another company’), “in business.

But does the Registrar actually enforce anything, or protect the rights of the minority shareholders of PUBLIC companies (let alone ‘Private’ ones) , registered under this Act?

A hotels company, of which I have been a minority shareholder has suddenly stopped providing either the annual report or accounts since 2017 or thereabouts. More disturbingly, the last received accounts indicated a prima facie irregular issue of company shares, apparently in settlement of a loan. All complaints (and requests for enquiry) made by registered post to the Registrar of Companies and/or the Company Secretaries (asking for the latest accounts) have gone unheeded.

As far back as the annual report 2012, (page 8), the auditors stated, “We are unable to satisfy ourselves as to the recoverability of investment Rs 33,810, 000 (33 million) and CURRENT ACCOUNT Receivable balance 307,329,335 (307 million)”. Later, accounts continued these trends.

Although the Registrar receives both the reports and shareholder complaints, no action is taken.

Various interested parties are encouraging the general public to ‘invest’ their savings in the local stock market and in companies in which they have controlling interests. Let the public beware!

Jayanta Kurukulasuriya

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