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C. M. S. Mowbray College steps into its centenary year



C. M. S. Mowbray College celebrates its 99th College Day as well as step into its centenary year, on May 17, 2021.

The College is situated in Rajapihilla Mawatha overlooking the Kandy Lake on a sprawling campus of nearly five acres. The College is perched in the beauty of the Kandyan hills and surrounded by a diverse nature which itself has become a living laboratory.

The natural surrounding environment is rich both in animal and plant life which umbrellas several organism species. This resource has provided space for many educational activities such as inculcation in the learning process, eco conservation, promotion of artificial waste reduction and several informative projects. This natural phenomenon adds a soothing atmosphere to the college community life and it develops an ethic of appreciation and calm away from the hustle of the busy outside.

The school itself is equipped with all modern facilities in including parking, play ground, staff quarters, auditorium, hall, laboratories, support infrastructure and accommodation with a special emphasis on hostel education due to its past as a primarily select boarding school which was made their home by several hundreds of girls from all across the country.

The present Principal is Mrs. Manoranjani Kingsly who took over duties on January 13, 2020. She is an illustrious past student of the College who excelled in many academic and co-curricular activities while at school. She has also had her teaching experience at Trinity College and coupled with her graduate and postgraduate qualifications, the school is in good and caring hands at the school enters the centenary.

The school has several vibrant educators, some of them with over three decades of expertise joined by the newer entrants make the ideal fusion needed for the maintenance of the Mowbray ethic pertaining to Curricular, Co Curricular and Extra Curricular activities.

As the school is on the verge of writing a new chapter in her history we invite all interested parties to join our venture. The College celebrates its past students in whatever walk of life they have chosen to serve the community and they remain the living witnesses of this great institution. While it is easy to be swept with trends of over competitiveness, a few schools continue to weather the storms.

One step Mowbray has initiated in the recent year is for all Ordinary Level students to spend one term in pursuing all available streams at the College. This would then be holistic fielding of subjects from arts, commerce, science and technology streams. This was initiated to make students aware of the many possibilities out in the world and not merely the few selected streams of study and job opportunities.

In this time duration the school had visits from professional from all fields who would discuss the important of such jobs and the opportunities available. With its approach of international modernism and local cultural goodness, Mowbray College continues to stand by her principles founded nearly 100 years ago. As a unique school, we hope that we might be able to make that change wherever it might be present in whoever it might be needed in the hope that the society and the country will experience a distinction and service in whichever manner that is required.

Rev. R. Abeysinghe

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Debt-ridden CEB goes ahead with shocking pay hike amidst pandemic



Workers offered 25% increase this year…12% annually over three-year period

By Shamindra Ferdinando

Two days after the Presidential Secretariat stated that the Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB) owed two state banks––Bank of Ceylon and the People’s Bank, a staggering Rs 85 bn, the cash-strapped enterprise announced an annual 12 percent salary increase to its employees.

Vijitha Herath, Chairman, of the CEB, yesterday (15) said that the salary increase in terms of the collective agreement for 2021-2023 period would enable the workers to receive 25 per cent in the first year whereas annually it would be 12 percent over a period of three years.

The ministry said that in spite of severe difficulties caused by the rampaging Covid-19 pandemic, the salary increment was granted in response to workers’ request.

Declaring that the Cabinet and the Board of Directors of the CEB had approved the salary increase, the ministry has sought cooperation of the CEB trade unions to finalise the collective agreement.

The ministry claimed that CEB workers had been granted a spate of privileges not given to other state sector employees hence consensus on collective agreement was expected soon.

The Presidential Secretariat on Sunday explained that one reason for the banking sector crisis was the failure on the part of the Ceylon Petroleum Corporation (CPC) and the CEB to settle Rs 562 bn and Rs 85 bn, respectively.

The Presidential Secretariat issued the statement in the wake of SLPP General Secretary Sagara Kariyawasam, MP, triggering a political storm by demanding Energy Minister Udaya Gammanpila’s immediate resignation over recent increase in fuel prices.

The CEB Chairman also claimed that they had been able to bring down the accumulated losses to Rs 56 bn last year from Rs 97 bn in the previous year.

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Indian fishers riled by SL moves to create new fish breeding grounds



By Dinasena Ratugamage


Fishermen from Rameswaran will hold a protest today (16) against Sri Lanka’s decision to submerge 20 old buses in the seas off Jaffna to create breeding grounds for fish.

Members of 17 fisheries associations in Tamil Nadu and Rameswaran claim that this will affect their yield as more fish will be attracted to the breeding grounds created by submerged buses.

The Ministry said that sinking those buses was nothing new and that such buses provided a hard surface for invertebrates to live on, some of which could not live on the sand bottom that is naturally there.

“Some fish are not fast swimmers, so they need a structure to provide both food and shelter; they wouldn’t, for example, be able to outswim a shark, but they could duck into the shelter instead,” a Sri Lankan fisheries association representative said.

However N. Devadas, the head of the Indian fishermen’s association in Rameswaram, said that they would also hand over a petition against that decision to the Sri Lankan government. Sri Lanka has been submerging old SLTB buses in the deep sea for many years as a part of the Deep Sea Fish Development Project.



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Three more weeks needed to see drop in COVID deaths – Dr. Fernandopulle



It would take at least three more weeks to see a drop in COVID-19 related deaths in the country, Minister of COVID Disease Control, Dr. Sudharshini Fernandopulle said yesterday.

There had been a drop in the number of cases reported already, she said.

“The number of patients is coming down but there has been an increase in deaths. However, this too will come down.

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