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Airline Direct Distribution Platform ‘AvtraDirect’ Wins Big at National ICT Awards 2020



Proavos Labs, a Sri Lankan based airline and travel services IT provider offering complete and new generation software solutions globally, was recently named the Gold winner under tourism and hospitality in the consumer category at the National ICT Awards – NBQSA 2020. Taking part in this for the first time, the company was also able to bag the overall Silver award for best quality innovative product.

This was in recognition of Avtra Direct; a revolutionary airline direct distribution platform built using latest web, mobile and cloud technologies. It offers an all-in-one solution for airlines, encompassing all direct channels.

Nasly Yoosuf, Proavos Lab’s CTO, said that “Proavos Labs is fully dedicated to exceptional customer service, intelligent aviation technological evolution and the delivery of advanced software solutions that power airlines globally. We are delighted to receive these awards as acknowledgment of our success in transforming our industry in a competitive field”.

This breakthrough is a tribute to the commitment and tireless efforts of the highly talented and experienced team behind Proavos Labs, and its global customers that includes reputed airlines and airports and partners around the globe.

Avtra Direct comprises multiple smart modules such as various booking engines for travel agents, airline call center and head office, and corporate passengers, REST/SOAP API that comply with OpenTravel Alliance Standards and IATA NDC standards, Internet Booking Engines (IBE), and cross-platform mobile apps.

Established in 2017 by technology and aviation domain experts, Proavos Labs’ journey began with a Passenger Service System designed from the ground-up to support airlines of all sizes and operating models (LCC, FCC, and Hybrid).

Today, it delivers world-class solutions incorporating the latest open technologies in the market. Its portfolio now includes a Departure Control System (DCS) designed for airports, Frequent Flyer Programme (FFP) for airline’s loyalty program and a comprehensive Online Travel Agent (OTA) platform for agencies.

Thanks to the vast wealth of in-house expertise, Proavos Labs is able to offer consultancy and support to help airlines achieve efficiency better and faster. It also hosts the state-of-the-art development center of AvtraSoft Limited, its global efforts trading company headquartered in Cyprus which supports its global sales and marketing teams across UAE, Malaysia, Cyprus and Serbia.

Offering highly competitive, cutting edge solutions that address the rapidly evolving sector needs, Proavos Labs connects with many full service carriers to low cost carriers, airports and travel agencies from around the world. It engages with airlines and airports from the Middle East, North Africa, East Asia, South America, and the CIS region.

The core strength of ProavosLabs is its team, carrying decades of experience in business consulting, software development, business intelligence, system integration, system support and maintenance. The team consists of young talent sourced from top universities in Sri Lanka, attracting some of the best in terms of technological and domain expertise.

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Govt. urged to increase nursing cadre to tackle national health crisis



By Shamindra Ferdinando

National Coordinator, Training (Nursing) Pushpa Ramyani de Soysa says that against the backdrop of alarming increase in the number of positive Covid-19 cases, the government needs to act swiftly and decisively to strengthen the nursing staff or face the consequences.

The top nurse insists a moment cannot be wasted as the ongoing epidemic threatens to overwhelm the entire country. The nurses’ spokesperson attached to the Accident Ward of the National Hospital, Colombo, delivered the dire warning in a live interview with Dasun Wasantha on the state-run ITN yesterday (14)

The outspoken official said that at the time Covid-19 erupted in 2020, the nursing staff consisted of approximately 38,000 representing all grades. At that time, the country experienced a staggering 50 per cent dearth of trained nursing staff, de Soysa said, urging those responsible as well as the public of the urgent need to strengthen the nursing staff.

She explained how the nursing staff worked under unbearable pressure as the entire medical staff backed by the military and the police struggled to cope up with the relentless Covid-19 onslaught.

Responding to the interviewer on live ‘Hathweni Paya’ , de Soysa said that as an immediate interim measure, those who had retired in the past few years could be brought back to lessen the pressure on the staff. When The Island sought further clarification from the National

Coordinator, the nursing veteran emphasized the Covid-19 challenge had to be tackled, in addition to the regular workload. A further deterioration of the situation could cause a catastrophe, she told The Island.

The National Coordinator told the ITN as nurses couldn’t be trained overnight the way required beds and other equipment could be supplied to hospitals, hence the urgent need to bring back the retired without further delay. She repeatedly stressed the responsibility on the part of the administration whoever in power to increase the nursing staff to meet the country’s growing requirement. Acknowledging the services rendered by the health services at an extremely difficult period, nurse de Soysa underscored the critical role played by the nursing staff in the overall effort against the epidemic.

Soysa highlighted what she called a coordinating role played by the nursing staff in the treatment of persons afflicted by Covid-19 or some other illness. In the absence of sufficient number of nurses, personnel had been re-allocated, de Soysa said, pointing out that due to Covid-19 explosion patients were being accommodated at hospitals.

Commenting on challenges faced by the nursing profession, de Soysa recalled the sacrifices made during the 30-year-war that was brought to a successful conclusion in May 2009. “Regardless of d immense difficulties, the nursing staff fulfilled their responsibilities during the conflict. We’ll do the same now,” de Soysa said, pointing out as many as 270 nurses had been tested Covid-19 positive, in addition to thousands quarantined.

The National Coordinator complained about the dearth of some critically important data relevant to the Covid-19 situation needed for evaluation purposes. Timely decisions couldn’t be taken for want of updated data at global and local level, she said.

She also discussed difficulties caused by some of those seeking treatment at hospitals not being aware of their condition, hence the need to be vigilant. However, sometimes, nursing staff served without taking into consideration the grave risks them faced. A grave looking de Soysa told the ITN interviewer they couldn’t follow health guidelines. “We cannot keep one meter distance in hospitals,” de Soysa said.

Nurse de Soysa said that she received both doses of covishields vaccine as key part of overall measures in place for the protection of the medical staff.

Without referring to any political party, de Soysa explained how the political administration over the years treated the nursing staff as slaves. Government treated nursing staff as dirt, de Soysa said, recalling with gratitude how Ven Muruththettuwe Ananda thera spearheaded a campaign that paved the way for significant improvement in the nursing service. The National Coordinator said that before the Ven. Thera’s intervention, they were assigned intolerable tasks regardless of their complains.

Responding to another ITN query, de Soysa said that successive governments hadn’t responded to their call for enhancement of the nursing service with the introduction of a system to produce qualified nurses who specializes in selected fields. Although action had been taken , the entire process was proceeding at snail pace, she alleged.

The National Instructor made reference to President Gotabaya Rajapaksa’s 2019 presidential election manifesto that also dealt with the issue at hand. The top nurse didn’t mince her words when she pointed out that the required improvements weren’t introduced as expected, hence the need to move now.

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Coronavirus spreading fast in North



By Dinasena Ratugamage

COVID-19 is spreading across a number of areas in the Northern province at a rapid pace, according to THE provincial health officials.

Five members of the same family in Kattakadu, Kilinochchi have contracted COVID-19 and been sent to Krishnapuram Treatment centre.

One family member is a university student, who stayed in Colombo. He returned home recently and several family members started developing Covid-19 symptoms a few days later. Health officials conducted PCR tests and found that all five family members had contracted the virus. Six other neighbouring families have been placed under quarantine.

Meanwhile, 43-year-old man was arrested by Kilinochchi Police for hoarding alcohol to be sold, at a higher price, during the current lockdown. The suspect is a resident of Kalmadukulam, Dharmapuram. He is to be produced before the Kilinochchi Magistrate’s Court.

However, most towns in the North had been deserted yesterday due to the lockdown.

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Navy nets 30 illegal migrants



More than 30 persons were apprehended by the Sri Lanka Navy and Coast Guard in Samindugama on Thursday and Friday while they were preparing to migrate to a foreign country by boat illegally.

The owner of the house where the suspects had stayed was also arrested, together with15 others involved in human smuggling.

The suspects, residents of Jaffna, Batticaloa, Mullaitivu and Puttalam areas, were handed over to the Chilaw Police.

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