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Swiss Embassy and the natives

As this column is being written on Saturday, we mark the 13th day since the alleged abduction and sexual molestation of a Sri Lankan Tamil lady working for the Swiss Embassy in Colombo. According to the Embassy, the victim’s health is in such a precarious state, that she is not in a position to give a statement to anyone about her ordeal. In fact the Swiss Embassy had asked the Sri Lankan authorities for permission to airlift the victim and her entire family to Switzerland in a special ambulance plane due to the seriousness of her health condition. Despite the alleged seriousness of the alleged victim’s health condition, no Sri Lankan doctor has been allowed to see her. Even though it’s nearly two weeks since the incident, no team of doctors have been flown in from Switzerland to look after the patient either. Instead, the Sri Lankan government has been told that a Swiss doctor had ‘examined’ this serious patient on skype.Read More...
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