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Pilikuththuwa Raja Maha Viharaya
Offering spiritual panacea among caves


A drive of about four kilometers away from the Miriswatta junction on the Gampaha-Wathurugama road, brings us to Pilikuththuwa Raja Maha Viharaya. Sprawling across 200 acres, the temple is nestled among 101 caves! Believed to be the temple with the highest number of drip ledged (locally referred to as kataran) rock caves in the country, its history according to archaeological evidence, extends from the pre-historic era to the Kandyan era. Although the first royal patron of the temple is not confirmed, the brahmi inscriptions identified by Prof. Senerath Paranavitana in four of the caves, as documented in his work Inscriptions of Ceylon Vol 1 and II confirm that they date back to King Devanampiyatissa era. One inscription ‘manorame’ is translated into manaram denoting beautiful or enchanting. The temple is today a protected site of archaeological value declared by the Department of Archaelogy.


Countries failing on gender equality, SDG Index finds


Results for 129 countries measured by a new Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Gender Index released by Equal Measures 2030 show that the world is far from achieving gender equality, with 1.4 billion girls and women living in countries that get a &quo...

There’s more to the weird and wonderful cat tongue than meets the eye


Cat tongues are covered in small spines called papillae. These contain keratin, a protein commonly found in hair and claws that helps keep your cat’s fur soft and smooth.The papillae are very rough, a little bit like a rasp. So, when a cat was...


French Spring Festival

The French Spring Festival will shine in Sri Lanka between June 13th June to 14th July. Organized jointly by the Embassy of France in Sri Lanka and the Maldives, and the Alliance Françoise de Kotte in Colombo, the festival will showcase the exce...

Do we follow fashion trends blindly?

There are many young women out there who want to be considered as fashionistas. For that reason, they follow all important fashion designers, buy the latest fashion items and always stay on top of the most popular trends. If you find this a rather tiri...

H A Karunaratne’s works chronicled by taprobane collection


The Father of Sri Lankan Abstract Art H A Karunaratne’s 60 years of work which narrates a concept, vision and experiential engagement with abstraction is artfully captured in a 220 page publication by Taprobane Collection, penned by Artist and Co...

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