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A uniquely unprecedented situation: Is there a way out?


Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith may have been elaborating the obvious when he said, in the course of his sermon at the re-consecration of St. Anthony’s Church at Kochichikade, that the people were confused and that "they are doubtful whether the country will come out of the prevailing uncertain situation … (and) whether our political leadership is capable of taking this country out of the mess it is in." As a description of the country’s current state of mind, the Cardinal’s words are unexceptionable. Even Mangala Samaraweera will not be able to take exception to these words or use them as cause to complain to the Pope in Vatican about his Cardinal in Sri Lanka. Taking a cue from the Cardinal, and viewing the recent situation in its historical context, it is more than fair to say that the present situation is uniquely unprecedented.


Dhamma without Rebirth?


In line with the present-day stress on the need for religious teachings to be personally relevant and directly verifiable, in certain Dhamma circles the time-honored Buddhist doctrine of rebirth has come up for severe re-examination. Although only a fe...

Dr. P G Punchihewa on Sinhala Buddhagama


Dr. P. G. Punchihewa’s essay on Sinhala Buddhagama comes at the end of his account of Arahant Mahinda’s legacy to the people of this country, - an island named Sinhale or Lanka. It was from here that the Buddha dhamma, as explained by the A...

Hizbullah’s rant in Kattankudy


MLAM Hizbullah, former Governor of Eastern Province, made some startling statements at the Periya Jumma Mosque in Kattankudy recently. His rant, in tone, contrasted to his mild and defensive public comments in the immediate aftermath of a visit by seve...

Modi’s Sri Lanka visit and security of two nations


Generally, a visit by a state leader to another state is always significant and it is news. So is the news of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi visiting Sri Lanka and it has deeper meanings beyond the customary diplomatic show off particularly connec...

Missing the wood for the trees


The condition referred to in the idiom quoted as my title is endemic in Sri Lanka. The idiom is applicable both metaphorically and literally. Many are guilty; the majority through foolishness or carelessness, but some deliberately and continue blunderi...

Anatta, the unique concept in Buddha Dhamma


Buddhist devotees are quite familiar with the basic philosophical concept of "Tilakkhana" the three characteristics of existence, as explained in the in the Buddha Dhamma. They are "anicca" impermanence, "dukkha" misery or...

Sinhala-Buddhist extremism mirrors Jihadist fundamentalism

In last week’s column I argued that another-1983 (race riots, carnage and mayhem) was unlikely. But there is another peril we need to reflect upon and controversially I will again be complacent about its prospects. Not to imply that opposing it i...

My identity as Sri Lankan – my birthright


Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism and Islam are different faiths followed by sections of the people domiciled in this country. Please do not try to gain superior status by claiming more weightage for any religion based on numerical strength or political...

All media is social


My Editor, and the general readership of this newspaper fall into a demographic that doesn’t quite understand the media landscape in Sri Lanka today. As long as this demographic doesn’t go on to propose and make laws or regulations that see...

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