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Central Expressway Stage III: Rush to award contract, no rush to answer questions


The Minister of Higher Education and Highways (still the world’s oddest ministerial pairing) Lakshman Kiriella has announced that the government will go ahead and sign the contract with the Japanese company Taisei Corporation as early as next week, for the construction of Stage III of the Central Expressway. The government’s contention is that unlike the previous government "awhich gave contracts on building expressways without following tender procedures", the present government has "followed tender procedures and ensured transparency in all matters pertaining to the Central Expressway." According to the Minister, Taisei’s bid "received approval of the Economic Committee, headed by Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe and also the approval of the Cabinet, led by President Maithripala Sirisena. So, there is no shady business in this contract as professed by certain parties with malicious intents." Therein is the rub, in the convenient confusion over what the tender procedures are and what the role of the cabinet is in approving tenders.

‘Everything was done with cabinet approval’ was the mantra that was heard over and over again when the Rajapaksas were in power. And the present power-holders hammered the Rajapaksas over and over again during the 2015 presidential election for giving sole-sourced contracts straight from the cabinet table. Now, contracts are seemingly being offered, if not straight from the cabinet table, but from some convenient sub-committee somewhere in the cabinet room.


Rajapaksa, Weeratunge, Palpita and the "Sil Redi" Shroud


About 2,600 years ago, Gautama Buddha, the first Buddhist thero and, unarguably, one of the noblest human beings to have trod the soil of this planet, following a vision derived from a spiritual awakening on conclusion of several difficult years of phy...

The Rohingya future generations in danger of radicalization


When the attractive and affable High Commissioner of Bangladesh to Sri Lanka, called the editor of this newspaper to discuss the Rohingya issue, he was engaging with the people of Sri Lanka in a refreshing act of non-traditional diplomacy. He was doing...

Peradeniya University – one of the world’s most beautiful


An email sent me had universities around the world listed for their beauty. The origin I cannot identify but stated were these facts: Whether traditional or modern, urban or rural, these college campuses are studies in beautiful design. And, We’v...

"The Sil redi judgment" – a plea for its correct analysis


As a lawyer, I have carefully read and studied the 63-page Judgment of the Colombo High Court Judge Gihan Kulatunga in the so called Sil Redi Case. The Judgment is in Sinhalese and so were the proceedings. Some people have expressed erroneous views abo...

Tamarind Sky author based her book on father-in-law with SL roots


Excerpts of an interview done with author of the novel Tamarind Sky (Vijitha Yapa September- 2017), Thelma Wheatley.The book opens our eyes to the conflict of inter-racial love and marriage, the repercussions of political actions executed following t...

 Long history of US ‘upper class’ white racism!


"The blindness of President Trump regarding racial bigotry – and indeed that of many white Americans – is that whatever they say to the contrary, they really don’t appreciate the evils of slavery or the ensuing century of lynchin...

Disequilibrium: manmade or chaotic?


Unfortunately chaos theory though mathematically well established, is near useless in problem solving since, usually, it is an after the event description of how some condition came about. It may explain how sea surface temperature and rotation of the...

Tamil Politics and Constitutional Choices


Something is going rotten with the moral fiber of our society. In one corner you witness the bloody-mindedness towards Lalith Weeratunga and applause for his conviction from those who have obviously never heard of proportionality or justice tempered wi...

Historical Context of the Culture of Intellectual Poverty


While attending a public discussion on the renaissance movement, a participant approached me and shared his opinion on the intellectual poverty of the Sri Lankan people as a nation and asked me whether it would be possible for me to investigate this an...

A Tribute to Dr Sarath Abeykoon

It is not only because Dr Sarath Abeykoon was my Consultant Oncologist that I decided to write this tribute. To me he was more than that. While I was undergoing Tomotherapy at Ceylinco Healthcare Services Ltd I used to see him moving around and on many...

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