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Illusion: the art of the Magician


Magicians never fail to astonish us, unless they are very bad at their trade. Their ‘tricks’ often defy scientific explanation; may be because magic is more of an art. After all, it is the performance that matters. Magicians exploit the fact that there are limitations to the manner our brains perceive, process and interpret inputs from our senses. They often use distractions to fool our senses. They walk on water, levitate, make objects appear from thin air and, even, make huge objects disappear. They are bound by a ‘code’ and do not let the secrets out but, of late, there is a new breed of extremely talented magicians who let some secrets out. Counterintuitively, this has made the interest in magic even greater.

Magicians are also referred to as illusionists: "One who works with illusion or sleight of hand". Though most are content to call themselves magicians, some attribute their powers to ‘out-of-this-world’ origins and some go to the extent of invoking religion with the claim that their magical performances are nothing but divine miracles. They respond to scientific challenges in different ways.


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