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Meat increases risk of diabetes



Austen ‘displaces’ Darwin


Many have tried to dislodge Charles Darwin from the unparalleled position he holds as the greatest naturalist or, at least, to discredit him because of the cardinal sin he committed––raising doubts about the prevailing concept of creation. ...

Perfectionism kills Happiness


By raising your expectations to an unrealistically high standard (that can never be met) you will elude happiness and satisfaction in life. Being more happy with your life requires that you let go of these expectations and learn to be more content with...

A and K Lit Festival blooms again


On Oct. 07, the new and the veteran literati of the land will rise with the sun to gather and give life to yet another A and K Lit Festival (Annasi and Kadalagotu) at the Mount Lavinia Hotel. The venue is undoubtedly flamboyant and filled with grandeur...

Torturing a magnificent animal


I feel so sorry for the magnificent animal that is the bull. I was at a banking mela organised by the local administration in Alwar. A bull wandered in and walked about harmlessly. Almost every stall keeper – selling/displaying nothing but bankin...

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