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She epitomized human kindness

A tribute to Maya Senanayake


Maya Senanayake, who passed away peacefully on the 12th July in the tenth decade of an exemplary life dedicated to the upliftment and happiness of her fellow beings was truly the personification of the milk of human kindness.

Maya was the daughter of Hilda and P de S Kularatne, reputed educationists, who were in the vanguard of the National Revivalist movement in the early years of the Twentieth Century.

Married to the late Stanley Senanayake, who as the Inspector General of Police brought about significant reforms and infused new thinking to police administration in the seventies, she was the mother of four boys Sanjiya, Saiiya, Athula and Mihindu, all of whom reached commendable heights in their respective chosen fields of activity. My deepest condolences go out to all of them and their families in their hour of grief.


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