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Crime Unlimited


The patter is becoming monotonous. "Two unidentified, masked men on a motorcycle draw alongside their victim. T56 fired at point blank range. The assailants flee the scene. The Police are conducting inquiries." All that the criminals have not done, is to carry a placard proclaiming "We are on our way to commit a Murder/ rob a Bank".

Why is it that our Police who are ready to promptly pounce on a motorist who (perhaps unwittingly) crosses an unbroken white or double line, have not thought to check motorcycle riders who fit the standard pattern?. Fortuitously, the victims are often of a criminal gang, suspects wanted for murder or pesky Parish Pump Politicians. This of course is very convenient for the Police, who otherwise would have to apprehend, seek witnesses, record evidence, file action in Courts, appear and be subject to aggressive cross examination and perhaps face the humiliation of an acquittal. How much simpler when the family of the deceased buries the corpse.


We are not illiterate tribals

The tribal propaganda campaign against Pakistan government backed health projects, especially polio vaccination program, began in Swat and Malakand region, but it faced vehement opposition from the tribal people and dozens of innocent health workers we...

The headless chicken and the black hole


The feature article by N Sathiya Moorthy in The Island newspaper of 17th April, titled ‘A bull, a buffalo and a cart!’ is quite interesting.The two analogies thought out by Mr Anura K Dissanayaka and Mr Moorthy himself are beautiful indee...

Wheels of understanding


While Buddhist prayer wheels make its presence felt near the banks of the lake which Hindus associate with the footprint of Lord Shiva, the nearby Buddhist stupa around the complex hosts an image of a female Hindu deity!Will the "proud" peo...

The FIT Travel market


I read with much interest the feature article with the heading ‘The Demise of the FIT market segment’ written by Mr. Srilal Miththapala, which appeared in The Island issue of 13th April 2018. It explains the characteristics and trends of th...

Coal Power: Myth and Truth

The illuminating article by Dr. Tilak Siyambalapitya on the dire consequences of postponing the establishment of urgently needed Coal Power Plants has certainly not got the attention it deserves. As he says people understand a loss of 10 billion b...

Nandrani Seneviratne (1931-2018)


The 21st of April, 2018 marks three months since the passing away of our grandmother Nandrani Seneviratne. Many are the lessons that can be distilled from looking back at her days which indeed were 'in goodness spent'. She enriched countless lives as...

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