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Regional integration


Regional Integration is a controversial subject amongst Sri Lankans who seem to dislike big brother India perhaps because of the history of repeated South Indian invasions we faced in the past. But the world has changed and South India today is very much integrated with the omnibus State of India. South India cannot take unilateral actions to invade Sri Lanka as in the past unless the whole State of India decides to do so. The regional states of India are very much under the central control of the greater Indian State. So we must look at the case for regional integration through trade at least from a different perspective.

We must form a single trading market with India and get the benefits of a single large market where we can expand our production facilities to supply the larger Indian market. This will enable us to specialise to a much greater extent since our products would be saleable without facing tariffs duties, cess etc on our exports to India, which is the closest and nearest market where the costs of transportation are a minimum and where our products could be most competitive vis-a-vis the rest of the world.


‘The Broken Promise anniversary’


There was a big party at the Yahapalana Medura, –Home of the Disunited Coalition at Maga Petalunu Mawatha.Everyone was happy at this Third Anniversary of the Coalition of So-called Good Governance. Cabinet Ministers, State and Deputy Ministers ...

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