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Bicycaley… Bicycaley…


Some politicians own only a push bicycle when they come to politics, but later obtain Benz cars. Don’t think of becoming such politicians

.- Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe.

This was the Prime Minister’s advice to the newly elected UNP members of the Colombo Municipal Council. Looks like he wants them to remain bicycle politicians, and not come anywhere near the privileged politicos of parliament.

Ranil W is one who knows the ride in politics. He is one who did not begin politics on a bicycle. He always had a car, long before coming to the vote game from Biyagama, and proceeding to Colombo West. He is part of the car-owning ‘politocracy’ of this country, and must never be thought of as a bicycle owner who rode to big car politics.

But his message to the new UNP councilors gives the impression that he does not want any of them to rise to, or reach the level of Members of Parliament – the Diyawanna Theatre is certainly not their playhouse.


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