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Rajani’s questions the Tamil elite have refused to answer


Rains and early gloom harbinger the dying year. Fields are ploughed and sown in readiness for the earth’s renewal and the yield of her bounty. It was at such a time that Rajani was killed by the LTTE 29 years ago. Her questions and aphorisms often challenged our assumptions at their core. The following Appeal authored by her in October 1988 appeared in Laying Aside Illusions signed by 50 academics in the common room of the University of Jaffna:

"We have to examine not only our relations with the Indian and Sri Lankan States, but also ourselves. Our obeisance to terror within the community, our opportunism and lack of principles in the face of many internal killings, have made it easy for external forces to use the same weapons to control us. In the face of our acquiescence to anti-democratic tendencies within the community, our plea for democracy becomes a meaningless exercise.Read More...

Proximity to green spaces in childhood linked to fewer respiratory issues in adulthood?


New research presented on Wednesday at the European Respiratory Society International Congress 2018 has found that growing up near green spaces may be connected to a reduced number of respiratory problems as an adult.Carried out by researchers at the...

‘Rupiyale Balaya’ – the rupee scores big today


Shouldn’t we stop this talk about Sri Lanka losing?Why, didn’t we lose against Bangladesh and Afghanistan, and get thrown out of the Asia Cup?Come on, that is in cricket, and not even Test Cricket… It is time to think of bigger mat...

The forthcoming UNGA sessions


According to media reports President Sirisena is planning to attend the forthcoming 73rd Session of the UN General Assembly, where he hopes to use the opportunity presented to amend the UNHRC Resolution 30/1 co-sponsored by the government. General Asse...

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