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What was the mandate of Emmerson?


The Human Rights Council Special Rapporteur Ben Emmerson’s haughty statement at a media briefing in Colombo on 14 July,with the UN Resident Representative at his side not contradicting the special rapporteur in any way, and his official communiqué in Geneva on 18 July, is arbitrary, judgmental, arrogant, accusatory, threatening, interventionist,and insulting. It reeks of the worst white supremacist holier than thou attitude with regard to the non white world. When a national of a country, which has persistently violated human rights standards, including in Sri Lanka during its colonial overlordship, adopts a profoundly objectionable judgmental attitude, one must dismiss it publicly with contempt.

Emmerson exceeds mandate, fails to "fully respect" mandates of other mandate-holders and OHCHR

The Special Rapporteur was entrusted with a thematic mandate,as opposed to a country-specific mandate, confined to the question of "protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms while countering terrorism." The Human Rights Council circumscribed the scope of his work by requiring that the duplication of efforts by other actors be avoided. In gathering, requesting, receiving and exchanging information and communications on individual allegations "including through field visits," the Council requires Emmerson to pay "special attention to areas not covered by existing mandate holders."


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