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The Joe Biden example


Even in spite of all her Foreign Policy misadventures, the USA has raised the bar of political governance and responsible leadership that the world and those who seek to truly serve the people must learn from.

Joe Biden had been in public office for 43 years. He was elected into the Senate at 29, served in the Senate for 35years and then was the Vice-President of that country for 8 years. Yet for all that, it is on record that he could not afford to pay for the expensive cancer treatment of his son who was the Attorney General of his State of Delaware. The son was an Iraq war veteran who served in the Army before he became Attorney General.

Biden had to offer his house for sale to be able to pay for the medical care of his son. Of course the son must have spent himself out before Biden, the father could come in to help pay the bill. President Obama had to stop him from selling his house and offered to pay for the medical care from his own personal money. Unfortunately the son died but not before his loving father had given all of his best to him.


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