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Servants of people

All politicians and individuals in government administration are servants of the people of this land of ours. Even as recent as the late sixties they signed, when closing an official letter, as 'Your Obedient Servant'. Through the years somewhere down the line, someone thought it was inappropriate to close a letter that way.Read More...

Enjoy tragicomedy and hope for the best

The people of this country should make the present political tragicomedy as an entertainment rather than be despondent. This is how I view and enjoy.

With the intension of forming a pure Sri Lanka Freedom Party [SLFP] President Maithripala...

A disabling constitution and enabling election


A constitution, in the least, should be unambiguous and understood by intelligent and educated people who are not necessarily constitutional experts. The 19th Amendment to say the least lacks unambiguity. Hence the freedom afforded to different experts...

Western injunctions injurious to UNP


With every negative statement and news story that Western diplomats and newspapers publicize the biggest loser is Ranil Wickremasinghe and his team. On each such occasion another 10,000 votes cross over to Wickremasinghe’s opponents. If the Weste...

UNP fears polls


An avalanche of articles and letters heaping blame on the President following the appointment of MR as the PM and the dissolution of the parliament are appearing daily in the English media. They are the same group who praised him as the leade...

MS nowhere in the equation

I thought that I will never forgive MR for forcing me to vote the Ranil-led UNP alliance, 2015.

Now, 2018 end, I will never forgive Ranil for compelling me to vote for MR once again.

Pretty paradoxical, isn’t it. MS; nowhere in ...

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