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World and Sri Lanka Milk Productions


All countries in the world produce milk from cows, buffalos and goats. In 2017 the world has produced 674,485,000 tons of milk. When milk production from a group of countries is concerned, the highest amount produced came from Europe, producing 163,217,000 tons of milk (22%) in 2017. The second highest producing countries come from Asia that produced 143,932,000 tons of milk, which is about 21 % of the total production.Read More...

'Worshipping Foreign Gods’ Our Janapathi at Thirupathi

This catchy title is from an editorial in The Island paper in 2011, when the International community (the old West) was waging a propaganda campaign against Sri Lanka revengefully...

Eight -hour ordeal at Passport Office

I visited the Department of Immigration and Emigration - commonly known as the Passport Office, in the second week of April with my sister-in-law to renew her passport.

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