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Child exploitation in China and Sri Lanka


The ‘Island’ of 19/8 carried a rather disturbing account  titled ‘China’s Child Modelling Industry Booms’ describing how cash hungry parents exploit their childreb to glamorize them for cat walking at fashion shows.

I am saddened that this tendency is increasingly prevalent in Sri Lanka. This can be seen in the endless [and sadly popular] TV dance competitions for child ‘stars’ – endlessly rehearsed by ambitious parents.

I have written earlier, to no effect, to The Island and the Child Protection Authority about the employment of child ‘actors’ in TV and other media.


Howls against Gen. Silva’s appointment


The appointment of Lieutenant-General Shavendra Silva as the 23rd Commander of the Sri Lankan Army by President Sirisena has resulted in howls of protests from leading members of the so-called international community including the UNHRC Chief.

Making the right voting choice

Time has now dawned for us to decide on our future. That is, to keep a level-head and choose the right person to lead the country. It should be someone who can LEAD us and not be led by outside forces, directly or through third parties. Foremost consid...

Communication with relatives of critically ill patients; Where has it all gone?


A senior doctor, who has served in this country as well as an International organisation was recently admitted to a public hospital around Colombo. During his initial admission he was in the Critical Care Unit for a while. His relatives, two of whom ar...

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