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Middle East facing greater uncertainty and turmoil


It should be plain to see that both the Palestinian and Jewish people have been grieviously victimized by history. They have both been deprived of land to safely live on over the centuries. It would serve no purpose for those concerned to enter into any divisive debates on this question of a finger pointing kind. Two states ought to be created in the Middle East to enable the communities concerned to enjoy independent governing rights and to live alongside each other, hopefully, amicably.

The Trump administration in the US has compounded its teething problems in the conduct of foreign policy by keeping the world guessing on what its policy towards the Middle East would be.


Invigorate inter-religious dialogue and reconciliation


The former President Chandrika Kumaratunge who spoke recalling how a united people succeeded in gaining Independence made a frank, bold and challenging speech encouraging the participants to continue determinedly on the path of r...

Remembering D. R. Wijewardene


The birth centenary of Don Richard Wijewardene one of the most outstanding Sri Lankans in contemporary history fell on Sunday. History will undoubtedly remember Wijewardene and his contemporaries such as D. S. Senanayake, E. W. P...

HONEY.... for Glowing Skin


To prepare this lotion, mix lemon juice with one teaspoonful of honey. Apply this honey lotion on your face and give a good massage, in a circular motion. Massaging this lotion well makes the honey, and citric acid, enter deep in...

Volkswagen is Sri Lanka’s National Car


Japanese, our dear friends, had got angry with Sri Lanka. They questioned why Sri Lankans had become so ungrateful. Japanese ambassador questioned, "Haven’t you forgotten that we gifted you a 1001 one bed hospital at Sr...

Happier man if the height was right


I am a very easy going individual. Dignity, respect, gratitude, integrity and humility are the five spices that flavor my life. I believe in sheer hard work and total dedication towards everything I do in life and prefer a simple...

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