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Why this Masochicsm?


The Shorter Oxford Dictionary describes masochism as ‘a form of sexual perversion in which one finds pleasure in abuse and cruelty from his or her associates’’. Since the term is named after a novelist, I thought I could take liberties with it!

I believe this term could be well used to describe our present political arena wherein we derive a perverted pleasure in abuse and cruelty from our associates-US UK etc. Of course, while in the sexual field masochistic pleasure is an end itself in the political field it is a means to an end, to achieve an ulterior motive.

How else can one decipher, understand the phraseology used by Mangala Samaraweera-"takes note with deep appreciation ‘, when he co-sponsored the 30/10 2015 which was the cruelest abuse committed on us.


A Lankan left project: Why Sri Lanka needs a left option


We need a Left alternative because there are certain challenges, some tasks, some projects, crucially important ones, that no one else can be expected to undertake, be they UNP, SLFP, JO, SLPP or TNA. These are the tasks of social justice and national ...

Wine and bonds


In a democracy, if a Prime Minister’s name is tarnished in a financial embezzlement of the slightest nature, he or she should gracefully resign. This does not necessarily mean that he/she is directly responsible, but trying to be in office disreg...

Consequences of Total Breakdown of Avenues for Redress


The Jaffna Commerce batch that got its results in late 1994 is of interest for the reasons that follow. The 1995 batch could not complete that year because of the Exodus. Being displaced to Thenmaratchy and beyond, their final examinations were held at...

Against verbal assaults within cricket field


Verbal intimidation within the boundary ropes of the cricket field has been tolerated far, far too long by the cricketing authorities (ICC and MCC). This disease has been sustained by weak umpiring from personnel of all nationalities and by clever cove...

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