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13A: SL never got what India has

Four decades of constitutional folly and failure – 2


If one continues the study of the amendments to the 1978 Constitution of Sri Lanka, the 7th Amendment was brought to make provision for increasing the number of administrative and electoral districts. The 8th Amendment was about the appointment of President’s Counsel. The 9th Amendment was to adjust the salary scales of public servants who are not qualified to be elected as Members of Parliament. The 10th Amendment was brought to remove the requirement of a two-thirds majority in Parliament to maintain a state of emergency beyond a stipulated period. The 11th Amendment was about the jurisdiction of the High Court and the authority of the Judicial Services Commission and the number of judges who shall constitute a bench etc. The 12th Amendment was not enacted. Thus we see that Amendments 7 to 12 were largely on housekeeping matters.Read More...

International Cricket CHAOS


There was a time when a cricket match used to be decided by which team scored the most aggregate of runs at the end. If by some chance both sides scored exactly the same amount of runs it was declared a draw or tie. If someone batted under extremely ad...

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