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Trade liberalisation or rationalisation? Which is more desirable ?

Trade liberalization or free trade has come to a sharp controversy in the context of the recent and ongoing rupee depreciation. However, it has been thoroughly a discussed topic internationally, both theoretically and empirically, although not conclusively.Read More...

Sri Lanka can learn greatness from Donald Trump


A small book of about 150 pages containing complimentary comments by others about presidential hopeful Donald Trump and quotable quotes from Trump’s own speeches,

China’s BRI – a question of transparency

A few projects of such massive scale of inter-nation connectivity have ever been attempted in the history of mankind.

Alleged ‘Land Grabbing’ by the Security Forces in Sri Lanka - I


In view of the significance accorded in recent public debate and discussion on the subject of ‘land grabbing’ in several conflict-ridden countries of the Third World it is necessary to devote attention to a series of facts that are of cruci...

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