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The business of government into the hands of these people

Dr. Leo Fernando has presented a preliminary case for the establishment of a second chamber of the Legislature in our country. There are useful second chambers in large states with federal constitutions. The second chamber in Britain that Dr. Fernando cites is a holdover from feudal times and its powers have been cut down step by step since the Liberal Party government of Lord Asquith in 1910.The most recent rationalization of their legislature has been to take away most of the judicial functions of the House of Lords and vest them in a new Supreme Court. It is probably a matter of time before the House of Lords will become another a curiosum in Bagehot’s ‘The English Constitution’.

Be that as it may, my chief concern is the idea that professionals, including Ph.D. degree holders, would form a pool from which about ‘50 eminent persons’ could be selected (elected?) to function as a Second Chamber which would help eliminate or reduce sharply corruption and nepotism. (The institution of MPs from the two old English universities was again a holdover from feudal times when corporations with royal charter could send in representatives to Parliament.) Last year a university professor estimated there were some 80,000 professionals in the country.


Let’s Not Eat Meat...for a better Environment


The Island’s "Health and Society" of last Friday (20.01.2017) spoke of why we should not eat meat for health reasons. That discussion will continue in the coming weeks as well. Now let’s see why we should do the same, for the...

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