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Not so hidden agenda


Being a Buddhist, not only by birth but also by conviction, it pains me immensely to find a philosophy of compassion being made an excuse to hurt others. Those who harmed Muslims and their property, in the name of Buddhism are just those; nominal Buddhists, not true followers of the greatest human being who ennobled humanity. I have no hesitation in supporting, whole-heartedly, Mr S. H. Moulana, who makes a genuine plea, in his piece titled "Please don’t jeopardize our hard won peace!" (The Island, 21 March). I do not know him personally but we have a lot in common; we both are Southerners who live in foreign lands for economic reasons but continue to love our motherland and have nostalgia for the good-old days when we considered ourselves to be ‘eka mawakage darukela’ (children of one mother), as so beautifully stated in our national anthem. He poignantly reminds us, how he lived in peace, being helped by Buddhists while he was doing his best helping the Buddhist temple, nearby. It was an era of ‘live and let-live’. As we are helpless otherwise, all we can do is to plead for better sense to prevail and do hope it happens.


‘We are still charged visa fees’ - Malaschowskis

The ex-policeman’s wrist, covered with pirith nool (blessed thread), was barely visible. Such was their faith in the blessings of the Triple Gem. The villagers frequently conduct Bodhi Pooja’s on their behalf. "At 82, I believed I&rsqu...

The legacy of Professor E.F.C. Ludowyk and an overview of the promise and performance of the University of Ceylon - III


When Dr. Ivor Jennings arrived in Colombo in 1941, he knew that he was a transitional figure, the last principal of the University College at Colombo, and soon to be the Vice Chancellor of the University of Ceylon, Peradeniya. On his arrival he expecte...

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