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Eid Ul Fitr – offers excellent opportunity for fostering communal harmony

Muslims all over the world will celebrate the conclusion of their fasting in the month of Ramadhan. They have endured extreme hunger and thirst and foregone all those permitted luxuries enjoyed by them during other times while observing the fast. This has been a "workshop" where the fasting Muslim has undergone training in all those attributes that is supposed to make them "pious" – "Muttaquoon" for God says in the Qur’an to the believers that "... fasting has been prescribed upon them as it was prescribed for those before them so that they may become "Muttaquoon" – pious".Read More...

What are dengue mosquitoes?


What a silly question! Everybody knows what dengue mosquitoes are. They are those that breed in discarded containers, gutters, flower pots, discarded polythene etc. The more knowledgeable will say dengue mosquitoes are Aededegypti and Aedesalbopictus. ...

Why bird eggs differ in shape?


A recent study published in "Science" demonstrated a strong correlation between egg shapes and birds’ ability to soar through the air.This contradicts the previously held views that the egg shape is linked to nesting habitat. Al...

After the Floods:Let us not be like the monkey next time


Now that the flood waters appear to be receding, it is time take stock of how the flooding and landslides unfolded and develop measures that would mitigate these impacts in the future. Unfortunately, we do not seem to learn from prior catastrophic floo...

My father, Eric Cooray – a birthday tribute


Certain things are immeasurable and beyond defining. Love, for instance. Such things are however often recognizable, either in the joy or sorrow they create. And yet, there are instances when we don’t see it at all or if we do, we call it somethi...

Is social media good or bad for teenagers’ health?


When adolescent psychiatrist Dr Drew Pate counsels patients or speaks to parenting groups, questions about social media use inevitably arise.

Parents wonder if their children’s constant use of Instagram, Facebook or Snapchat is heal...

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