Midweek Review


The remarkable convalescence of The English Patient

The steamy English summer heat appeared to subside on the announcement, on 8 July, that the novel, The English Patient has been crowned the ‘best ever winner’ of the Golden Man Booker Prize history. The decision had been made after the work of all 51 previous winners of the prize were considered by a panel of five judges, each of whom had read the winning novels from the five decades of the prize’s history, before a public vote. One of the five judges, British Pakistani novelist Kamila Shamsie chose The English Patient for the 1990s and the book won the public vote.Read More...

Catch the Joy and Keep It


Discontents abound in this fabled Isle,

But let’s not dwell on them too much -

Suffice it to know that the itch for a fight,

The drive to draw first blood,

Contradictory stand on PC polls, new Constitution baffle electorate


Whatever the differences between the Sirisena-Wickremesinghe administration, and the four-party Tamil National Alliance (TNA), there is consensus on postponing the scheduled Provincial Council polls, regardless of consequences. Obviously, they are foll...

Paradigm shift on repositories of knowledge, Wisdom and Heritage


Thank you for extending an invitation to share quality time with custodians of knowledge and information to our nation. It is also my privilege to dedicate this talk to the memory of the late Ian Goonatilleke, dear friend, intellectual and librarian pa...

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