Midweek Review


Rural Development an urgent need

Sri Lanka is a land of villages and there are around 14,000 of them. A majority of the population, nearly 80 percent, live in villages, and most of them are faced with severe problems. Hence it is essential that appropriate strategies are implemented which will address the problems of the rural communities.Read More...

Learning Crisis


Look into this chilling, yawning Gap,

O you 'elders' of South Asia,

Playing dangerous power games unending,

And there behold a sight heart-rending,

Dialectics of Social and Material formation in Early South-Central Asia


"History is not information that is handed down unchanged from generation to generation. Historical situations need to be explained and explanations draw on analyses of the evidence; interpretations have to conform to the basic requirements of usi...

Ra Ra Ra Bombiye: Cultural adaptation and indigenous resistance


During the Sinhala-Tamil New Year celebrations in Adelaide (Australia) this year, there was a dance performance based on Sunil Edirisinghe’s Ra Ra Ra Bombiye. Similar performances have been held elsewhere this year and before where Sri Lankans...

A country divided over eradication of terrorism!


Nine years after the successful conclusion of the war, Sri Lanka is still struggling to cope up with her greatest post-war achievement. A deeply divided Sri Lanka marked the ninth anniversary of the defeat of the separatist Liberation Tigers of Tamil E...

The Wanderings and Sad Fate of the Golden Temple


The Manchus who ruled China from 1644 to 1912 were strong believers in Tibetan Buddhism. Various Manchu emperors generously sponsored and promoted the religion and one emperor had the whole Tipitaka newly edited and published, a huge undertaking. In 17...

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