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William Shakespeare was primarily an Artist – a literary artist. He used his creative artistry to write plays and poetry to build his literary cannon that gave him universal recognition as the greatest dramatist and poet in the English language; arguably in any language. It is thought that there are at least 36 ‘surviving’ Shakespearean plays, in addition to the sonnets and other poems.

Shakespeare’s plays were conceived for performance, not reading. His scripts were hand-written, with stage directions [working scripts], often incomplete,Read More...

The Multiplication of Blood


Just when evil seemed to thrive,And the death toll From the Easter morn terror strikesWas on an unrelenting rise, Came this breath-taking miracle Of the Multiplication of Blood - But those who performed it Were none other than The humblest of the land,...

A Chinese World Order


‘Belt and Road-a Chinese world order’ is the title of an absorbing book authored by a Portuguese scholar Bruno Macaes. He has delved deep into the history of China to examine the philosophy of the Chinese in the design of the Belt and Road ...

The Medium is NOT the Message


Today, mass communication is a subject taught at many universities in the world. What is meant by mass communication is expressing something in a way that leaves a lasting impression in the minds of people.I haven’t come across an equivalent te...

Cardinal Ranjith raps Govt. over ‘NZ revenge attack’


Soon after the Easter Sunday carnage, one-time Norwegian peace negotiator Erik Solheim tweeted: "When we watch the horrific pictures from Sri Lanka, it is important to remember that Muslims and Christians are small minorities. Muslims historically...

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