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Murali’s wisdom on people’s needs

I completely agree with Muttiah Muralidaran’s view that the majority of Sri Lankans do not enjoy three square meals a day, and that politicians should first think of the people’s basic needs such as a job or support for economic activities and education for children rather than democracy. In fact what Murali stated completely agrees with Maslow’s theory of needs, where what the people’s first needs are stated to be basic physiological and safety needs i.e. food, water, housing security, safety etc.Read More...

Why Ranil failed as PM


Why Ranil failed. There are various ways to analyze. This is the way I look at this problem. According to our rules and regulations, president is the chief. Pm is second in command. Ranil should treat the President as his boss. There is a way to way...

Restore Talaimannar pier Ferry Service


I recently visited Madhu church after an absence of 50 years. The church has been lovingly restored by the army, but, in contrast, the area from Anuradhapura to Mannar is in a deplorable state.

The verdant forest is gone. Instead, what is mo...

A call for new Alternative Social Movement

As is well known, Sri Lanka is embroiled in an unprecedented social and political crisis that threatens to undermine the long established democratic institutions, and create a disorderly political environment making it difficult for the country to...

Step down, Mr. President

Please permit me a little space Mr. Editor to add my small contribution to the ongoing issue which has affected the economy badly.

Much has been invested to harvest a bounty on Tourism, as Sri Lanka was singularly fortunate to get designate...

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