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Antarctica II: The tale of a beauty condemned 

The outlines of the frozen continent, seen from the approaching expedition ship Silver Cloud, are so hauntingly beautiful, serene and inviting. The snow covered surfaces, the glaciers glistening in the Antarctic sun are stunning. But without much warning the weather changes, the gloom sets in and the scowling glaciers threaten menacingly. The environment of the Antarctic has remained pristine largely due to its inhospitable nature. It is the only continent with no native human population. Even plant life from elsewhere has been unable to invade Antarctica due to the fierce winds that circle the region and the vicious currents that lash the continent. The protection of the continent’s largely unspoilt environment has become an act of faith, so much so that tourists and scientists who disembark from vessels are required to dip their boots in disinfectant and the rules are strictly enforced by boat crews.Read More...
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