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Sri Lanka, International conventions and debasement of our legislative process

Arising from Sanja de Silva Jayatilleka’s useful article, titled Government has Accepted the ICJ’s Jurisdiction over Sri Lanka [The Island, 18 September 2017], where she has stated that such acceptance is a consequence of the government’s ratification of the Convention on Enforced Disappearances, it is necessary to examine when Sri Lanka is legally bound by International Conventions it has ratified. [Presumably she means the International Criminal Court and not the International Court of Justice].Read More...

CBK returns to active politics from Attanagalla


An election the opposition has been clamouring for, the local government elections are finally expected to be conducted on or around the 20thof January 2018. Preceding those elections was what some sections of the media described as a purge of SLFP dis...

Cryptocurrencies and the rise of Bitcoin


A crypto currency is a digital or virtual currency. What is so special about it is that it uses cryptography to make its transactions secure. It has no physical form and exists only in a computer network. It has no intrinsic value. There are a few i...

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