Surgeons save life of child by removing iron rod from chest


By Ajith Alahakoon

Doctors of the Cardio Thoracic Surgical Unit of the Lady Ridgway Hospital for Children (LRHC) saved the life of a three-year old boy by removing an iron rod that had pierced his chest.

One of the surgeons told The Island that the boy from Anuradhapura and had been playing with his toy car when the accident occurred. The boy had been removing the wheels of the car.

One of the wheels had rolled away with the remaining wheel propping up the iron axle. When the child attempted to run after the wheel that had rolled away, he had accidently tripped and fallen on the axle.

Parents rushed the child to the Anuradhapura hospital without removing the iron rod. After x-rays were taken, the doctors there had decided to send him to the LRHC in Colombo as the child’s injury was complicated. The child had been brought to Colombo around 1.30 am on Wednesday (05). 

A team of surgeons waiting for the child operated on him immediately. "We removed the iron rod around 2.30 am. It was a successful operation," the surgeon, who insisted on remaining anonymous, said.   

The surgeon said the Anuradhapura doctors had acted wisely and that helped save the life of the child. The Anuradhapura doctors had sent the x-ray sheets via e-mail to the LRHC surgeons; he said, adding that, too, had saved time that would have been taken to expose the child to x-ray again in Colombo.

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