Sudden rent hike shocks Kollupitiya flat dwellers

By Maheesha Mudugamuwa

The Urban Development Authority (UDA) has increased the monthly rental of the Kollupitiya flats suddenly this year after 25 years causing heart burn among their occupants.

A letter issued by the UDA states that the monthly rental for shops and houses in the Kollupitiya housing complex have been increased with effect from February 01 of this year.

However, as a concessional measure, the UDA has decided to levy only 50 percent of the increase from this year, 75 percent next year and the full amount in 2016.

According to the revision the residents who have paid Rs. 150 as the total rental for a ground floor shop earlier would have to pay Rs. 4,887.50 this year, Rs. 7,242.75 in 2015 and the full rent of Rs. 9,600 in 2016.

Residents complained that they couldn’t bear the sudden increase of the rental as it was a huge increase.

They also complained that the then President R. Premadasa had given those houses to low income families promising them the ownership of those properties after 20 years.

In 1999 the decision to sell or transfer the full ownership of the houses to the residents had been approved by the Cabinet and it had requested the Urban Development Authority to make necessary documents and accordingly the UDA had completed the task at the time, they claimed.

Instead, residents said after 25 years the UDA had increased the monthly rental of the houses instead of selling or granting the full ownership.

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