DR. B. D. J. S. Fernando

An appreciation

When I received the sad news of the passing away of Dr. B. D. J. S. Fernando, it was just not just a case of losing a caring doctor or a friend or a member of my family; it was like losing a limb!

Dr. Fernando was our family physician for over 50 years and treated four generations of my family. There was no necessity to consult a specialist, because Dr. Fernando was as good as any consultant. We moved to Peradeniya when my husband was teaching at Peradeniya University. The then dean of the faculty of Medicine told me that we had been looked after in Ratmalana by the efficient Dr. Fernando. Both the dean and Dr. Fernando had been taught by my husband at S. Thomas’ College, Mt. Lavinia.

No fee was ever charged from us.

I met a patient in his waiting room who told me that by the time he left his consulting room he felt 50% better.

An old aunt of mine who was well past 90 used to refer to him as Jeewaka, the physician who treated the Buddha. When she was on her death bed, her daughter brought a doctor from the neighbourhood. As he touched her hard, she pushed him aside and said, "this is not my doctor."

My daughter, who had married a don while at Peradeniya University, insisted on coming to Mt. Lavinia to consult Dr. B. D. J. S. when her little son was ill. Her husband didn’t quite understand why she insisted on coming to Mt. Lavinia, when there was a faculty of Medicine in Peradeniya. Such was her confidence in Dr. B. D. J. S.

Another patient told me that she travelled all the way from Ambalangoda to consult Dr. Fernando, because she lived in Ratmalana before she got married and she preferred him to any other in Ambalangoda.

Such was the confidence his patients had in him.

My Sympathies go to his devoted wife Sumana and his son, Dr. Devaka, who is following in the footsteps of his father.

With the merit that he has accrued with his dedication to his patients, I wish him the Sublime Bliss of Nirvana!

Hermie Walatara

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