Sri Lanka rolls Lawn Bowls for the first time in history

The Lawn Bowls Federation will host the first ever tournament for Lawn Bowls in Sri Lanka. Competitors are members of seven different clubs and the competition entries are for singles, male and female, mixed and male and female doubles. The Tournament will be played over two days - 14th and 15th January - and will be umpired by Indian officials. This competition will serve as the trial to choose a team to participate in the upcoming 2012 Asian Games. Because Sri Lanka does not currently have a proper rinks to play on, the tournament is being conducted at the cricket section of the CH & FC grounds.

Sri Lanka rolls Lawn Bowls for the first time in history

The history of Lawn bowls goes back over 7,000 years to the Egyptian times where the first games were played with human skulls

Lawn bowling, or "bowling on the green," is an outdoor game which has fascinated both young and old for centuries. Sculptured vases and ancient plaques show the game being played with uncovered biased stone bowls from 5,000 B.C. Today lawn bowls are made from special synthetic material to make the balls supple, biased and hardy.

Bowling was well established in England by 1299 A.D. The game became so popular in England and in France it was prohibited by law because archery, essential to the national defense, was neglected. The French King, Charles IV, prohibited the game for the common people in 1319, and King Edward III issued a similar edict in England in 1361. 

The game reached Canada and America in the 1600 and thereafter became very popular. However, the game did not reach the shores of Sri Lanka until late 2011 when a team of people got together to form the Sri Lanka Lawn Bowls Federation.

Iqbal Hassan has been appointed the President of the Sri Lankan Federation with Susil Ramanayake as his Secretary. The Federation was started with the support of the Royal Class of 74 and the assistance of two energetic and inspiring ladies. Today the Federation has not only been recognized as a (Developing) Federation by Sri Lanka, but has also received recognition from the World Bowls Association as a National Federation (in the development phase). The Malaysian and Indian Federations have provided Sri Lanka with great support since the initiation of this project.

In November, a training camp was held in Malaysia, supported by the President of the Federation himself, Tun Ahmad Sarji bin Abdul Hamid who has received the highest Award possible from the Government for his work in the civil service. The training course was conducted by Mr Ramble, Secretary of the Federation and Captain Shah at the Malaysian Lawn Bowls Head Office. The Sri Lankan team members were taught the basic techniques and were awarded Certificates.

Lawn Bowls is a Commonwealth and Asian Games sport with over 54 countries in the world playing this game at competitive levels. The World Bowls Federation is seeking to include Lawn Bowls in the Olympics in the near future.


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