The message of Divine Love has been very successful in Sri Lanka – MFI CEO

Diminishing all boundaries and limitations and seeing the whole world as one global community, without differences, but with a perspective of love inspired his mission to respect and serve humanity, says Younus Al Gohar, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the multi-faith Messiah Foundation International (MFI), who visited Sri Lanka recently from the United Kingdom, where he is based.

"I have come to Sri Lanka many times during the past 10 years and our message of divine love has been very successful here", he said. "This is why there has been a grand reception. People receive us with open hearts, with the warmth of their love and they are getting all the spiritual benefits".

"Our organization has locals; they are the care-takers of the mission in Sri Lanka. The president and the general secretary are Sri Lankans -- of course they were healed, and this is why they believe in this message", Al Gohar noted in an interview.

"Spiritual knowledge is about enlightening the souls in our body, purifying and connecting hearts with God. This message and practical methodology is for all people of the world, no matter what religion they come from", he explained.

Asked about MFI’s success he referred to in Sri Lanka, the CEO replied: "There are thousands of people who come and talk about their experiences, their diseases. There are hundreds of them who had life-threatening and incurable diseases, now they are healthy and have no trace of their diseases. If there is any truth in what we are propagating, people will witness it and experience it, and that’s happening. We are happy that we are providing them with some kind of solution; this gives us satisfaction that we are trying to serve humanity, not for money, not for any hidden agenda, just for the sake of humanity. This is the message of Lord RaRiaz Gohar Shahi".

He said that every organ in the human body has a soul and a special energy. When that particular energy is lost due to any reason, that organ is affected. Now, the remedy centres on two things: energy through spirituality or energy from herbs. We make use of vegetables or herbs and they provide the lost energy to the organs, this is how we get healed. This is one method, and then spirituality also has a solution, and it is very fast.

"The herbs that we use have to go into our stomach and the process of healing is stretched to an unimaginable degree. When we provide through spiritual healing that lost energy, it goes into a certain organ and gets healed", Al Gohar continued.

"Our purpose is not to disturb or criticize any religion, we do not do that, and we do not promote any specific religion. What we teach is the core of every religion, divine love", he stressed.

"Knowledge of spirituality has become extinct in the present era, as a result of which, the element of love is missing from the lives of people. When you have a religion and you do not or cannot love God, then adopting that religion becomes null and void, because love is the core of life. When you lose God’s love from your heart, when your heart is occupied by the negative elements, when your mind is controlled by negativity, then even if you follow the best religion, you become corrupt", he said.

"How does the element of terrorism or extremism and fanaticism come into religions? It comes into religions when knowledge number two diminishes; when we only know about the rituals, when we lose the knowledge that softens the heart and implants the seed of love. We are not converting anybody into any new religion, we are teaching them to learn to love God", he elaborated.

He said that MFI has centers in different countries. It has so many people with divine powers trained by Lord RaRiaz Gohar Shahi working all over the world. There are accounts where people who suffered from cancer have got healed, they have medical reports. People who suffered from heart diseases were healed. Hatred versus love is different, but these are the diseases, they go away because spiritual healing is done on them.

"We never charge or demand anything. Neither do we accept any money or donations", Al Gohar noted. "Everybody is a creation of God. Don’t hate anybody. His Holiness Gohar Shahi taught me that God is love, and we cannot teach anybody to kill another in the name of God".

For more information on MFI, log on to or Telephone: 0774976513.

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