UK, Germany, France oppose Israel’s illegal attempt to acquire West Bank

Jordan, Hamas warn retaliation


Hamas supporters protesting against the Israeli annexation plan in Gaza.

by Zacki Jabbar 

Israel was planning to forcefully annex parts of the West Bank by July1, the Palestinian Ambassador to Sri Lanka Dr. Zuhair Zaid said yesterday. 

Condemning what he called imminent unilateral Israeli action in violation of United Nations resolutions, the Ambassador called for international pressure and sanctions to prevent the "illegal Jewish State" from behaving like a common thug, in total disregard to opposition from almost every country.

He said that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was on record, saying that Israel would apply "its sovereignty" to 30 percent of the West Bank covering Israeli settlements and the rich agricultural lands of the Jordan Valley from July 1.

The United States of America  was yet to endorse the Zìonists move, Zaid noted, pointing out that President Donald Trump’s recent remarks in support of annexation, could boost his support among Evangelical Christians in the run up to November’s Presidential Election.

The United Kingdom and several UN Security Council members including Germany and France have said that the annexation plan was a clear violation of international law, that would jepordize the establishment of a Palestinian State and threaten security in the region.

"Annexation would have consequences for our relations with Israel and will not be recognised by us", they stressed.

Similar views have been expressed by many European countries including Belgium, Ireland, Portugal, Slovenia, Sweden, Luxembourg, Malta and Finland.

Meanwhile  Jordan’s King Abdullah and Hamas have warned that they would retaliate strongly, if Israel tried to spread its tentacles any further.

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