Kerrigan reaching out through Country Gospel Album


Sri Lankan born Kerrigan La-Brooy, who is now based in Melbourne, Australia, returned to the recording studio, after nearly 20 years, and released his debut Country Gospel Album.

The first single, off his album, debuted on five charts in Australia, and…worldwide, two weeks ago.

On Saturday, June 20, it debuted at #1 on the Country Thunder charts, ahead of acts from Australia, New Zealand, the USA, Canada and Europe.

They say it’s unprecedented for a Gospel song to top the secular charts, in such a record-breaking manner.,

Kerrigan’s single, ‘Just A Little Talk With Jesus,’ currently sits at #3 on The Official Tasmanian County Music Top 40 Charts (jumping an impressive 28 spots), #4 on the Gospel Express Charts (tipped to head towards #1 this week), #21 on The Australian Country Songs Top 40, and #24 on the European Charts, with a video to be featured on European Television, if he makes the Top 20 this week.

Kerrigan La-Brooy was a full-time singer/songwriter/entertainer, who made a big impression in the showbiz scene, but he shelved his musical career when he got married, and is now the father of six kids.

However, Kerrigan had an idea of making a come-back to the music scene when, he says, he was divinely directed to plant Gethsemane Church and to Found Gethsemane Charity which helps hundreds of community members daily - 365 days of the year.

Although his church work takes up most of his time, Kerrigan says he decided to return to the recording studio in order to raise funds for his church and also to continue his unrivalled charitable work - nationally and globally.

Says Kerrigan: "I’m rapt and excited and also quite bruised due to pinching myself. I never expected this sort of reaction; certainly not at this level, for a Gospel song in particular." Kerrigan offers his heartfelt thanks to every DJ, promoter, distributor, reviewer, journalist, announcer and chart compiler, responsible for his success, with mega thanks going out to all those who request his songs, buy his CDs, tune into the radio shows, and listen to his interviews, which stream live around the world.

"This would not be possible without your astonishing support for which I am eternally grateful. Most of all, thanks to the Good Lord above for His favour and for making a way when it seemed like there was none. The reviews are very inspiring, particularly when I’m told that my voice is making a positive difference in the world."

Kerrigan did his scene in Sri Lanka, as well, before migrating Down Under, and was a popular figure on local TV.

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