Care for the old in Banking


Currently, although the curfew is now only at night time, there is strong government advice to seniors who are over 60, to stay indoors. without mingling with the crowds in public - warning through the print and TV media.  Further, govt. requested banks and financial institutions to extend their cooperation to seniors, by utilizing internet methods (without visits/physical contacts). 

Two days ago, yours truly (80), E-mailed a scanned, signed request, to a bank, to slip transfer a small amount of money, to my own account at a govt. bank.  Later, the lady, who answered the inquiry, point blank refused to do it as they have banking regulations not to execute email requests. My explanations on Corona and government health warnings fell on deaf ears.  She advised me to use the ATM Card.  If I could visit the ATM, I also could visit the bank.  Undeterred, I sent this email to their head office, asking for intervention; a kind banker, at head office, used his common sense and judgment, and ordered the branch to grant my email signed request. 

In another case, a finance company insisted a depositor (79+) customer for 10 years, to bring original FD Certificate, during the 24hr curfew days, to carry out disposal instructions.  They also refused to do it, on signed and scanned email requests.  This is how most institutions helped out seniors during the current ‘Corona fear period for seniors’. 

I hope banks will open their hearts, and use commonsense, and accept seniors mail signed/scanned requests for services, to keep seniors at home safely, in compliance with the health warning and directive of the government, instead of the flimsy excuse "we do it, to safeguard customers". 

Sumith de Silva

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