Dr. Dennis Aloysius


To Dennis J Aloysius (First death anniversary May 26)
Daddy dearest

It’s been a year since you left but it seems like yesterday
When you were with me, we had good times it’s all in my memory
The many hours that you spent with me are so precious to me now
You are my hero and best friend our bond was very strong

You touched so many lives and helped everyone in your special way
I found out of many things you did after your final day
So many letters so many calls of friends and foe you helped
If God looked down at Dennis, he’s my man God would say

You met Crissy on a fateful trip and it was love at first sight
She walked up to you and poured you tea and you both fell In love
You both underwent opposition helped by your good friends carrying mail
Eventually you both married that was a beautiful day

You built a medical practice with Crissy by your side
Working long hours, burning midnight oil and healing all who came
The patients came by hundreds to see a doctor so kind
They swore by him and followed him like a prophet who had a golden touch

You found time for five children with Crissy bearing the load
I wonder if it was lack of TV, or your Roman Catholic belief
Boy I am glad you did and loved us all the same.
Brought up us to be all-rounders and tough to face the world

You both had a setback when a car knocked Ruvani down
I still remember you forgiving the driver it shocked me to the core
But you are a better man than I ever be I can only hope and try
And both of you struggled for years with this blessed child

To get your mind of the excruciating pain you took part In medical association work
And before long you were on the top of all councils islandwide
You had time for every meeting and made your presence felt

One day if I join you my circle be complete
We can sit together drink cold beer
While Crissy prepares food and snacks
We talk long hours and chat together
Of God and saints and angels and the rest
Finally fall sleep together among the stars

Rohan Aloysius


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