DEAD SCENE for local artistes


As the Covid-19 (Coronavirus) outbreak continues to spread globally, restrictions on travel, and large public gatherings, have resulted in practically all concerts and entertainment events being postposed, or cancelled, entirely…world-wide.

The World Health Organisation announced it is now on "the highest level of alert," warning the public: "This virus may be on its way and you need to be ready."

Fears over the outbreak have resulted in the local showbiz scene going completely dead, with no hope of a quick recovery.

Quite a few known personalities expressed their views, on the current situation, and they have all resigned to their fate.

Sohan & The X-Periments, who generally find themselves having engagements, throughout the week, are now left with absolutely nothing.

"We did have plenty to do, over the next few months, but this virus has killed the entertainment scene."

Most of the bookings, that came their way, have either been cancelled, or postponed – and that, too, indefinitely.

Sohan went on to say that he has even cancelled band practice in order to avoid any gatherings.

Rajiv Sebastian, too, is feeling the Coronavirus heat.

He has had a couple of Sinhala New Year gigs, overseas, cancelled, and a few foreign trips put on hold.

Locally, there’s no work at all for Rajiv and The Clan, and other performers, from both the western and oriental scene, as all the entertainment outlets have decided to put a halt to entertainment for want of guests.

Even Rajiv and his band’s Friday gigs, at a five-star venue, in the city, have been temporarily suspended.

The singer, along with Sohan, was to travel to Australia, for ‘Traventy Mega Dance Night,’ which was to be held in Melbourne, on May 23rd, 2020, but that, too, has been postponed.

Ishini Fonseks, who sings with the group Mirage, is making the best use of this break, to dabble in her favourite pastime – painting.

"With no work, and with my dad, mom and brother also at home, we are having an enjoyable time – chatting…and painting!"

Right now, every part of the local entertainment industry is grappling with unprecedented uncertainty and those who solely depend on it for their survival are going to find themselves in dire straits.

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