Sriyani asks Hirunika to think before speaking


By Saman Indrajith

State Minister of Sports, Provincial Councils and Local Government Sriyani Wijewickrama, on Tuesday, told Parliament that her fellow MP Hirunika Premachandra should have minded her words before she used them.

Minister Wijewickrama said: "As a female MP I feel sorry for MP Hirunika Premachandra. But we have to be careful. Both she and I are mothers. We have to be careful when we address this House. I am a person who has not hurt anyone or taken anything from anyone. But after entering politics I was subjected to various attacks by the opposition members. When we face such situations, we as women have to act prudently. Otherwise, the reputation of all female MPs will be tarnished. There is a scandal with regard to the leaked audio tapes. The first wrong was committed by taping telephone conversations. People talk freely with friends. But we never utter vulgar words. The second wrong was politicians meddling with the judiciary. It is an offence. I am an attorney-at-law. I worked as an acting Magistrate for ten years. But we never met any client or anyone while we were working as acting Magistrates. The people have lost their faith in the judiciary now. These audio tapes have led to that. This is not a simple thing. We, as MPs, must set an example.

Judges who spoke to MP Ramanayake should have respected for ethics.

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