Peace Prize or Oscar, Trump must decide!


A confused US president, Donald Trump, recently claimed that he deserved credit for the Nobel Peace Prize recently awarded to Ethiopian prime minister, Abiy Ahmed. In fact, Ahmed was awarded the prestigious prize for negotiating a peace deal between Ethiopia and Eritrea, following 20 years of bloody conflict. Trump had nothing to do with the negotiations. I wonder whether Trump knows where Eritrea is in the first place.

This reminds me of a survey carried out by  a group of researchers in New York when Bush and Blair illegally invaded Iraq in 2003. The group carried a large map of the world without any identification of the countries. They called pedestrians to identify where Iraq is. Sadly, none of them could identify the correct location and most of them marked Iraq to be where France is! So, how can we expect Trump to know where Eritrea is, a much lesser known country than Iraq? Talking about Trump’s missed Nobel Peace Prize, I recall what former president Jimmy Carter once said: ‘We cannot be both the world’s leading champion of peace and the world’s leading supplier of the weapons of war.’ The United States is the world’s largest arms exporter between 2013 and 2017, accounting some 34 percent of the global total produced and sold during this period. If there is no conflict between countries the US will be badly hit economically, and resulting unemployment among the 1.7 million people involved in the production of arms.

We think Trump’s chances would be much better if he were to go for an Oscar rather than a Peace Prize. We all have seen how well he performed in the TV series ‘Apprentice’, and his frequently repeated dialogue ‘You are fired’. Now he has used this same dialogue even in his real life by creating record by ‘firing’ so many of his staff under him. Any way he has proved a good entertainer on stage with his humour as well as his facial expressions. These are additional points to qualify for the Oscar Award. I am sure he has managed his term by providing lots of excitement for his ardent fans, although there is no contribution of any sort to qualify for the prestigious Nobel Peace Prize. Hard luck Mr. Trump!


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