Speaker says publicising private phone conversations indicates moral decline


Recording personal phone conversations as well as publicising them on media indicated a moral decline and abuse of technology, Speaker Karu Jayasuriya said yesterday during an event at the Bodhirukkarama Rajamaha Vihara, Padaviya.

"New technology can help develop the country but if misused could be disastrous. "Mobile phones have had an adverse effect on inter-personal relationships.

"However, this is not to say that anything illegal that has been revealed must be ignored. The temple must play a big role in ensuring that the future generations are raised with a sense of morals.

"The children who dropped out of Sunday schools went to private tuition classes. This was necessary due to the exam centric education system. However, a person who has only focused on exams and competition can’t be a well-rounded citizen. We must take a step back and rethink how we can create well rounded citizens."


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