‘Burning Love’…for bushfire victims!


Man is hell-bent on destroying Planet Earth and this is Planet Earth’s reaction – global warming, floods, typhoons, hurricanes, bushfire, etc.

The Australian fires are said to be unprecedented, claiming the lives of over 25 people, with nearly half a billion animals feared dead, including 8000 koalas.

The bushfires have brought historic levels of destruction, Down Under, and are likely to burn for months.

Several well-known celebrities have pulled together to raise awareness and donations to support Australia through the devastating ordeal.

Names mentioned include Kylie Minogue (Australian dollars $500,000), Selena Gomez ($3m), Sir Elton John ($1m), Pink ($500,000), and Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban ($500,000).

Sri Lankans, in Melbourne, have got their act together and have come up with a fund-raiser for the bushfire victims.

Peter Elvis (Triantis) and Derrick J (Junkeer), in conjunction with The Grand On Cathies, will present an all-star charity event to support the victims of the Australian Fires, on Sunday, February 9th, at The Grand On Cathies.

According to reports coming my way, 15 well-known performers, showgirls, and comedians will do the needful on February 9th.

The organisers say they hope to sell 600 tickets (Seats $39 per head, VIP Seats $69 per head), with the entire proceeds going direct to the fire victims.

Since several musicians, from Colombo, have had the opportunity of performing, in Australia, on many occasions, I wonder if a fund-raiser could be done at this end, as well!

Maybe we could call the event ‘Burning Love’ (LOVE from Sri Lanka to a country that is BURNING).

And, ‘Burning Love’ also happens to be an Elvis Presley hit song!

So, let’s do it….


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