Call from Vietnam

A friend of mine, who used to telephone me daily, is in Vietnam for a short visit. He didn’t forget to give his dally call and talked about various things he had experienced and seen there. For about three minutes, I was listening and could not stomach what he had been saying any more and cut-off the line after telling him I would call him later.

In short, these days most of our people are fighting among themselves to bring into power the same UNP or SLFP (SLPP) criminals, who made us (me) averse even to listening to a telephone call, which gives facts about a development achieved by a country, devastated in a 20-year war with a super power. Our politicians have visited this country; what have they seen there and learnt? Are they not ashamed of the state of the country they rule? Are they not embarrassed when politicians (or ordinary citizens) of those countries see the pathetic condition of this country ruled by them (our politicians)?


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