Ranil a winner, not a loser


Some people say that Ranil is a loser, but the majority of seniors think that Ranil is a winner into the power 3 – Ranil3 -- not just a simple winner.  This is the 3rd time he became a hero, by allowing SP to contest the prezi elections, by stepping down and heeding to the public outcry.  He saved the unity of the party this time also, while some are hell bent on breaking their own parties into pieces.

First time in the recent history was when Ranil allowed SF to contest by stepping down, and 2nd time was when he went all out to get an outsider anti-UNPer, to contest by stepping down, which resulted in freedom of speech and freedom of writing restored.

When he was summarily dismissed from premiership recently by the president due to misinformation fed to the president by his so-called advisors, he even extended a white flag in spite of this anti-democratic act, saying he is willing to work with the president further.  This also proved that he is a true Buddhist who follows the middle path of ‘non-hate" as preached by Buddha. 

All politicians should use this middle-path in their political activities, spreading Maithreeya instead of hate, to make Sri Lanka a prosperous country.



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