What happened to Nagananda?


It was disappointing to see how Nagananda Kodituwakku, who with Rohan Pallewatte, started the campaign for an alternative government about two years back, lost the opportunity of handing over of his nomination for the upcoming presidential election.

NK could not properly understand the country’s political cesspool and the deceitful characters of some persons. Honest people are easily deceived by the tricksters, and also if bags of money are involved, so-called intellectuals would not say ‘No’ to any third-grade mission. NK has been very badly let down by a person who earlier agreed to permit him (NK) to send his nomination through his (former’s) political party. He betrayed not only NK, but millions of people who were eager to see a dawn of a new era. Whatever it is, I salute Nagananda Kodituwakku for what he has already done to stop corruption in the state sector, and coming forward to change a corrupt and autocratic ruling system, sacrificing his personal wealth and British citizenship. If the country’s destiny is towards extinction, how can a few people stop it? Thank you, Naga! Carry on with your good work and wish you would not be discouraged by selfish and disgraceful conduct of certain persons.   



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