Let’s salute our brave cricket heroes!


Our young cricket team deserves all praise for braving the threats to undertake the highly successful tour of Pakistan. Even our Prime Minister’s office released a statement saying it has credible information of an attack on our team while on tour. Pakistan on its part, accorded unprecedented security to our boys, more than it has given for any world leader visiting that country. A close Pakistani friend in Riyadh told me even if the US President were to visit Pakistan he wouldn’t have got such protection from their forces.

We stand to salute our brave boys who not only fulfilled their commitment by their motherland, but brought fame by winning the T/20 series beating the world champions Pakistan in this format. The outstanding match winning innings of 77 runs in just 48 balls by Rajapaksa helped to trounce the opponents, which consisted of 4 fours and 6 sixes scored at a strike rate of staggering 160. We cannot forget those batsmen who supported this young man to achieve this, and at the same time our bowlers who did well in both T/20 matches played so far. We request Sri Lanka Cricket and our fans to accord a fitting welcome on our team’s return home on the completion of the tour. I am sure those who declined to undertake the tour must be feeling bad, but the Board should give due recognition to these young boys who braved all threats, including the message from PM’s office, to save the country’s and the board’s name. We want them to represent us in all future matches, and have no doubt they will develop into a formidable team in the near future. Let’s salute our brave cricket heroes!



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