VW's Hold Beetle Pageant 2019


Sunday the 18" of August was a day to recon to most Volkswagen Beetle Owners who flocked their way to the Excel World to be greeted to a Grand facade depicting the Wolfsburg Emblem welcoming the participants and well-wishers to the Volkswagen Beetle Pageant 2019.

The event was organized by the Volkswagen Beetle Owners’ Club who put together a fabulous event which involved a display of the entire range of Volkswagen Beetles that represented the early "Split Screen" Imports with a new entry of EL534 which was brought back to life after a ground-up restoration. This was followed by the early oval Beetles which was the much-favored car to the young civil servant and professionals in the fifties. Most of them adorned in the original Black and added color to the event whilst being given the allocated parking alongside the early Splits. This was followed with the post 1957 Sloping Lamp Beetle with the introduction of the larger rear screen which was followed by the robust post 1967 VW1300 model which was unrivaled in its class at the time of its introduction. The next allocated parking was reserved for the VW1302 and 1303 Superbugs that was the most luxurious of the kind and was well represented by their proud owners.

To add color to the event, an allocated space was given to the sporty Karman Ghias and Variants along with the much sought-after VW Vans that made the event a resounding success. In keeping to many international events such as this, members had the opportunity to bring along with them any VW related spares that could be sold to fellow members which was of great values as some hard to find spares found their way to the much-needed owners of Beetles.

Moving into Mid-day prompted the President of the Club Peter Jasinghe who invited two well known personalities who had over forty years in servicing the VW Beetle who was invited to conduct a seminar on the basic aspects of keeping the Bug on the Road. This was none other than Kumar Samarasinghe and Indrajith Munasinghe who are considered Maestros in VW’s in Sri Lanka who gave an invaluable advice on the general maintenance of the Bug and answered many queries that was presented to them. This was of immense value to the members as most did learn a thing or two in keeping their Beetles on the roads without having to frequent garages that have the experience in servicing the car which is becoming far and few.

Carrico and Omar of Excel World had put together a fabulous spread at the Marco Polo Room of the Excel World which was enjoyed by all and was followed by the Grand Finale that was conducted by Ruwan Punchihewa – Vice President of the Club. All participants were awarded a unique club trophy that was personally designed by the Club Patron Kapila Jayawardena along with a certificate of participation. This was followed by an emotional address by Ms. Manel Fonseka who had come along to find out more details of their VW Beetle which she and her husband Mr. Senaka Bandaranayke drove overland from UK in 1974 which took over six months to arrive at their destination. This was somewhat alike to finding out details of a los child which proved of the love and devotion that is shared amongst the owners of this little Gem of a car.

The vote of thanks was conducted by Ruwan Punchihewa who went on to thank the Main Sponsor of the Event the LOLL Group of companies and very specially the Club Patron Kapila Jayawardena for his initiation and unstinted support that made the event a resounding success. He went on to thank the Club Treasurer Mr. Lasath Pathirennehe and his team for an excellent job done in ensuring the financial assistance of the event, and also to Amanda Gooneratne for informing the members of the club of the event and his colleagues Jaliya Jayasuriya, David Jansze, Mahesh Mallawaratchi and Mayur Varia whose assistance contributed to the success of the Event.

The next was a large VW Pageant Cake that was rolled in and was cut by the Club Patron Mr. Kapila Jayawardena and Mrs. Jayawardena and a Three Hearty Cheers and awaiting the next event organized by the Volkswagen Beetle Owners’ Club.

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